I am a self taught nail enthusiast that love all things nails. No design is outside the box for me. I enjoy working with acrylics. I do fun and challenging acrylic nails tutorials. I also love the world of beauty. So you'll find occasional hair and makeup videos as well. If you love nails as much as me definitely stick around. Check out my videos and subscribe to stay on top of my latest content.

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  1. True Light

    I know thats right Goddess!! You did your thing🦋🌻😊 I just ordered my self sone poly nail gel from Amazon last night, im about to get myself right😂 thank you for the inspiration💯💃🏽

  2. Tiktok EDM


  3. Cindy Playing Roblox

    I am so excited for you

  4. Jessica Martin

    Me wanting a girl but getting a boy 👁👄👁 she’s so luckily

  5. alba caballero

    i knew that she was having a babygirl and have a safe and healthy birth

  6. Zaza Lin

    Maybe it’s a boy since the printer is blue

  7. alba caballero

    my guess is that she is having a girl idk

  8. Khlo Dean

    Your daughter must love free nail doo's

  9. Juliet seitz

    Trust in God he has a plant pick up your cross and follow Jesus

  10. moongacha

    that’s as short as her nails are gonna get lol

  11. Isabella Harris

    Is the baby a boy or a girl

  12. Chelsey Curtis

    Yeah just do what the other girl said, call them "lava lamp" nails and get it patented and tell her to suck it lol

  13. LemonsXXXCherrys

    I love these I watch at least one a day

  14. Moon Fluff

    *SPOILER* *ALERT* She’s having a girl! 💞

  15. Loafy_ Sophie

    Lmao I was laughing when you were reviling well about to tell the gender and two unskipable adds come up lmao

  16. Scarlett Martinez

    Her : I’m having a Ad: whiting toothpaste

  17. Elizabeth Sanchez

    Hi 😍😍

  18. Reese Green

    I watched her for a week like 4 months ago, I’m am so happy for you. I love tour intro😘😘😘.

  19. Maggie Playz

    It’s a girl I’m so happy for u

  20. Breann Myers

    Every time you do you’re nails pls pls !!!! Do both hands cause it is starting to get me mad and triggering me

  21. Modus Pwnens

    Gosh even your natural nails are so pretty, its good you're doing this channel bcs you're a great hand model 😁

  22. Selina Sisic

    you have to nail fillo the straw

  23. Fatimata Dia


  24. Elle p

    You know, putting a few drops of food color in a glass with a bit of water whould make your green less dark and draw in the seringe easier

  25. Courtney McAfee

    Hey !!!

  26. Luke Hammond

    who else was kinda sad after all those months of growing her nails they all broke- just me ok

  27. Fatimata Dia


  28. Courtney McAfee


  29. 11EllaPlayz11

    Her: I’m having a... Ad: KeLlOgS NuTrIgRaIn, ReAl FrUiT KiDs WiLl AcTuAlLy EaT! Me: really bish

    1. Sunny Rxses


  30. Anika Lhora A. Intal


  31. Evee Bee


  32. Bella bird

    Uhhh i think i did something wong like there sticky 😐

  33. Spamachu Chan

    I....but.....SimplyNailLogical..... I guess Cristine only escaped the attack because she's Canadian.....im still... confused I will go with.

  34. UNICORN Rainbows


  35. UNICORN Rainbows


  36. Faithlynn06

    I haven’t watched you in a while and you’re PEGO

  37. I’m a doggo

    These are Christmas nail 0-0 They look good!

  38. Erica McQueen

    I like this glue dot hack... With smaller glue dots, LOL. I can only wear longer nails on the weekends d/t my job. So this will be nice to have. I may even be able to reuse the fancier nails.

  39. M Mckenzie

    The rap was lit

  40. I’m a doggo

    SO! I was wondering how much your Kieara Sky nail drill was and I went to their site and saw that the drill was 357 dollars- HOW

  41. Twilight Cutie

    She’s a QUEEN 👑 PERIOD❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Addalyn Anderson

    How does she do both hand Bc I can’t even do one

  43. Addalyn Anderson

    Me: OMG THIS IS SO CUTE I BET THERE ARE A BUNCH OF SIZES YAYYY Her: So there are forty nails twenty white twenty clear Me: okay okay tho wait Her: great these are my size I will use clear.... Me: CRAP CRAP CRAP I EANTED THEM

  44. Nicole Mcmillan

    There are 2 of these kits! The other one has the rest of the zodiac signs/ colors.. Sold on Amazon.

  45. Carol Fowler9


  46. Tiny Togaru

    Guys she’s having a target sale ☺️❤️

  47. Danielle Carlisle

    Omg! Amazing 😍😍😍

  48. Lynette Torgler

    Omg I neeeeeed one

  49. Addy Tribon

    Love the intro😂

  50. Raya C

    you are so funny, you seem like such a kind soul and your voice is very soothing! thank you so much for your content :)

  51. mikoiria

    So im having a.... W H A T I F O N E S T A L K O F B R O C C O L I C O U L D P R E V E N T C A N C E R?

  52. Nunya 1133

    she using holo taco!!! Menchie look!

  53. Zara Ash


    1. Zara Ash


  54. jazmina villareal

    yasss its a baby girl

  55. Emily Buczek

    I'm a bit confused how she can enforce her patent (No. 7856993) on a video. I would definitely look into the legal side of this. It seems weird that glitter (a really common product) is in the patent.

  56. Shawna Coopman

    aw i wanna baby girl now only because she is having a girl 🤣

  57. Emily Buczek

    If you're using a nail design for your personal use, I don't see how you can be sued. It's like doing a video on a DIY of a product that's already out there. If you're not selling the product I don't see the issue.

  58. Sxpreme Sara


  59. Misty Allison

    So I'm having a Ad longer lasting hydrogen 😬

  60. lucid Dreams

    “Little chocolate baby”

  61. Lilo and Stitch

    I love how you speak your mind about the kits

  62. Dakota 2020

    I have longgg nails

  63. Y’all Not

    How long do those nails stay on for!?!?! Because it depends if I get it or not

  64. Orsolya Sas


  65. Avery Shanyia Harris

    Hey girl

  66. maradababy _

    $800 for thatttt 😂😕

  67. Vicky Barker


  68. melody manupassa

    this vid was posted on my bday

  69. Vicky Barker


  70. Imani Morgan

    omg join the mom gang yas girl

  71. Kambry Emmons


  72. Topanga Wolf

    Wait WHO? Tryna sue our Sis tho? Where she at ? I just wanna talk.