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  1. Nehal Patel

    Your Indians were working throwing the ball (cricket)

  2. bUrB bRaiN

    Not “Beauty Guru”, it’s “Beauty Guwu”

  3. sarah kenney

    three times I thought David vomited!

  4. ummm o_o

    They will always be my favorite

  5. Angry Bee

    Am I a womf !? Am I a wolm !? What am I

  6. sarah kenney

    i wish i new about this sooner i have been looking for her address forever!!!!!!!!!! P.S. i am watching this in 2020

  7. Eri Guads

    God aren’t they the OTP? Me likey a lot 😍

  8. Simply_Gabbi

    Tf why u sound like cardi b

  9. JS - 04LW 833832 Edenrose PS

    she watched the vines the ones she watched in part 1

  10. WolfLarissaHoyle

    I LIKE YOUR CUT G..:Me: IF Valtimore had a nose!?: Lia:HELLO!! Me: (●~●) ok Now i NOSE! haha! Ha! Ha...haa hm *coughs * im sorry XD

  11. R0ckstar f0xxy

    Kristan: oh my god it tastes like fish food! Me: how do you know what fish food tastes like??

  12. Zainab Shamsi


  13. yasmin

    okay i love liza now but where's jet!

  14. Genesis soto

    Her reaction to the ghost killed me

  15. Lizbeth Carrillo

    This made me cry honestly. Her speech is reached out to me. I have been going through a lot of things too, and I noticed that I need to practice self-love and self-forgiveness.

  16. beauty girl


  17. Sydney bragg

    Do a really really hard makeup tutorial please

  18. •CreamyMochii•

    Rip liza's face from the pens she be waking up with pores or maybe no if she has great skin-

  19. mary blues

    She like being spank we have a lot in common 😂

  20. mary blues

    i have so much potential thankss lizaaa

  21. mary blues

    Im wearing towel pants but thats tight 😂

  22. sarah kenney

    who is watching this in 2020 the day before Halloween?

  23. sarah kenney

    love those boots girl!!!


    I literally laugh at every of your videos. Your so talented+Plus a very good editor =awesome.

  25. Harell Ramiscal

    i like your hair

  26. Harell Ramiscal

    hello liza your so beutiful

  27. Lashell Davis

    That is so amazing to see Liza preparing 4 Christmas yay

  28. Jennifer Won

    5:53 🥰

  29. Hannah Howard

    I wish you could like a video more than once. This video is awesome and is really funny and I want to like it a million times!!!! (Same with all your videos)

  30. Ashaan Maha

    The clothes could of been way better, the dresses were lovely on Liza

  31. Janine Moran

    Why is no one talking about the puppy he or she is so cute

  32. Crystal Hendricks

    I love her pants

  33. Binod Tharu

    What a fucking disrespect to Gandhi 🙂

  34. Bestie_gaming 123

    Pls don’t quit

  35. Noxie Nay

    Me thinking there was covid 3 years ago👁👄👁

  36. Asmaa Salik

    "Stay inside b*tch" -right HAHA She's SOOOOO CUTE!

  37. Mayer’s max Movies

    I can’t belive you wasted all those fake tattoos kids in Africa could have eaten them

  38. Mylce Micah

    October 2020 and I’m still waiting for the we are back together video

  39. Mylce Micah

    still waiting

  40. Stephanie De La Torre

    Queen ! 😍

  41. Lia Johnson

    Liza you cray cray

  42. Viola vlogs

    I love mayonaise to

  43. Alina Hersi

    manger: hi what size are you me: size 24 months manger: what the hell is wrong with you me ok *baby voice*

  44. Autumn Spence

    I think you were trying to make the dancing bad but funny and that looked so good like wtf

  45. Xiomara Jimenez

    This video did not age well sadly

  46. Tamira Kuhn

    Them looks were cute💕💕

  47. Tamira Kuhn

    Damn she didn’t have to come for sister James like that

  48. Katherine Lugo

    2020 goals though👍😂

  49. LittleFishFun Fry

    Her earrings tho..

  50. Felicia Brown

    the person responding to Liza after she asked “If she looked at peace” Sound A lot like David- I’m just saying

  51. Tylena Anderson

    Liza ur my idol😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😀😀😀😄😁😆

  52. Nya Pooh

    Hey can you add the close capitinons

  53. Quincy Johnson

    when she made a handshake with herself i was like omg twins

  54. Niko Olafsson

    I just saw the airat box... the boots that must have been in there omg I know how expensive those are

  55. Galaxy Wolf

    1:20 when you have a really bad period

  56. Raiiinbow X

    4:31 Either sounds like a demon is trying to come out of her or an anime battle scene

  57. GM

    I really resonated with this! Glad your doing better!

  58. Raiiinbow X

    I luv how she sounds like a different person when she says "I cant see toronto from the Eiffel Tower

  59. Mia Vetere

    Kristin put a number 3 when Liza said that that was her second channel

  60. FREAKZZ !!!

    her brows annoy me im srry luv

  61. ساره النجار Sara El Naggar

    I’m so happy for liza i feel like she’s getting better as time goes

  62. Emma Walton

    As someone who's felt emotionally stuck and stuff, this made me cry. I'm proud of myself for coming so far, and even though I've come a long way, I'm working on it and I'm proud of myself

  63. ساره النجار Sara El Naggar

    Love this woman so fucking much

  64. Jaysen Otero

    dang liza was doing the wap before it was even a thing

  65. Jim Hamberg

    Dam. Liza’s a pretty good dramatic actress. Lol

  66. grace bohanan

    All the jokes aside these look really really good

  67. Martha Hughes

    She needs to do more of these

  68. Tricia Davies

    Great, now she can hit Donald trump without going to jail! 👍

  69. Prides Nation

    bro i missed her!!! i haven’t watched her in so long. she’s gotten so much prettier 😭😭😭

  70. Sophia Hubert


  71. Shaunna Maxwell

    Liza is pretty good at aggressive singing

  72. {Chicken&Toast }

    Can we all take minute of silence to appreciate Lizas singing and dancing.❤️

  73. Alisha


  74. Emily Niu

    Who's here watching this in 2020 laughing and crying I miss them together

  75. Morgan Hardy

    6 month year old😂😂😂 how can you be 6 months old AND a year old at the same time🤯🤯

  76. Kennedy Lucky

    U match my energy so much

  77. Denisa Alexia

    I still can t believe that he didn t know her parent s names

  78. price less

    Am I the only one who heard 3-6 month year old!! 😂 1:23

  79. price less

    1:23 a 3-6 year old baby!! 🤣

  80. Teresa Russell

    This video helped me so much. Love you Liza❤️. Glad you’re better