This channel is dedicated to the crazy pursuit of slimy fish of all kinds. From Monster Tuna, Giant Largemouth Bass, Huge Snook and all types of wild fishing adventures and fishing tips. Each week we will post a video showcasing the Scott Martin Challenge Episodes, Scott Martin Web-Series videos and tons of hi-quality fishing tips. Hopefully this channel will help you catch more fish and learn new techniques along the way. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Joshua Hettich

    This guy sounds like Theo von

  2. Trey Payne

    lol I know Bill personally he’s just an amazing person he never turns down a fan 🎣😀 god bless Bill the world loves ya

  3. skullcrusher 5594

    Ay Ima be down at lake Okeechobee this weekend you trying to meet up to give me pointers on fishing I’m an amateur fisher who wants to get good at it

  4. Brayden Ray

    I love pops

  5. TAJ 103

    Go Billy!

  6. Adam Smith

    Upper niagara is still fishing good for slob smallies. Trophy season. 1 fish over 20 inches. I wouldn't keep any bass when the river is full of nice walleye to eat. A white bass and a sand bass are the same fish.

  7. Adam Smith

    Tomorrow is NOT gone billy !

  8. Brent Hull

    "Illegal, But im with it"... hahahahaha

  9. Jeffery Roblow

    Keep the Beatdowns coming, as long as Billy will do a different dance each episode.

  10. jdogg661420

    i just want to catch fish!> i feel that.. my motorcycle was having electrical issues for the past few months.. finally got it fixed now.. and of course.. its tough fishing now.. skunked the past few times out on shore.. but hey cant get em if we aint trying.. i just been slow dragging or weightless but no luck.. usually thats all i do from the banks anyways.. gl out there. the worst part of fall winter.. its dark by time i get off work so just getting to lake is a pain sometimes during the week. one bonus though.. its colder so the lake is less packed on weekends usually especially if it isnt the nicest weather out. nice ones.

  11. Jeffrey Schoolcraft

    Lake Lewisville. baitfish will be jumpin and swirlin, bass be jumping out of the water like dang great white sharks, and you'll still catch NOTHING. I kayak fish Lewisville a lot and it's TOUGH. but that much better when you do catch one

  12. spunkmeyer k

    Hey Scott I’m sorry but I don’t think jimmy gives one single shit about your video game.

  13. Lendol Dodd

    Im round Davenport What is the best Lake around this area

  14. jasontheryan

    I feel like the cat is out of the bag now. The secret to Billy being Billy is 12oz cans of Mountain Dew.

  15. Stephen Jumps

    The Cayman Islands is easy to catch fish

  16. Te'Shawn Crenshaw

    James is such a good sport

  17. Steve Dykstra

    Mine is a 7.4 pounder I caught it in kalmazoo MI. on a strike king spinner bait

  18. Te'Shawn Crenshaw

    This kid is gonna be somebody special! Lol

  19. Te'Shawn Crenshaw

    Somebody’s gotta sponsor James, this kid is hilarious and he’s slayin em!

  20. TAJ 103

    LOVED this video... Go Billy!

  21. Steven Maness

    125th? May want to start focusing more on fishing than videos.

  22. T L

    Pretty confident my man Billy is the brains of this whole operation and pays all the love it

    1. Clinton M

      Billy is the man. After they swapped spinnerworm for Macoys lame ass, Billy is what kept me watching.

  23. John White

    That's the Justin Rackley white bass

  24. Mark Webb

    Billy is the coolest ever..

  25. JNB Grading & Gravel

    Even the pond fishing has been off here in North Texas this fall...but the turtle bite is ON!

  26. Rob B.

    Should have gone to sheels instead of bass pro.

  27. Eren Kandogan

    krackin craw is my favorite tralier.

  28. Eren Kandogan

    my buzzbait always go on its side. is it because the line floats.

  29. ThrillerBassing LMB

    I'm 15 and I recognized all of those songs

  30. Brian Clark

    Please do not take a fish tank around with you. A 50 gallon tank would barely be large enough for him. It would cause the fish so much stress in moving and then putting them back. You greatly increase the chance of the fish dying for no reason. If fish are going to die it should be for lunch or bait.

    1. Brian Clark

      @Scott Martin I like the idea of you guys having it in the tour house. At least it wouldn’t go to waste. I think Billy would eat it without being told it was chicken.

    2. Bradley Hallman

      @Scott Martin Southern Fried

    3. Scott Martin

      “For no reason”...that fish could have the time of his life hanging with us...

    4. Scott Martin

      We could just eat him

  31. Alejandro Suarez

    Martin I caught alot under the bridge 423 in the colony but weather seems tough and now we got rain

  32. Will Grant

    I want to meet Scott so badly

  33. The real thing Xd


  34. The real thing Xd


  35. luke stalnaker

    Hey Billy not sure how I feel about the stash

  36. Chris Anderson

    Looked up the results from the tournament. Wow. That’s a tough one

  37. Andrew Flanders

    That’s so funny. I know your second spot well. Over there at the end of the dam by pier 121

  38. Mark McDonald

    Did you ever find the drone ?

  39. Jason Riddle

    Your personal little pet for the trip, that's funny. Goodluck out there

  40. bent rodguy

    im still shocked at the catastrophic beatdown this lake gave you after this practice, you have caught more in your practice than i have in 2 weeks on lay lake , although i did have one epic day , but beside that you easily caught way more for the last 2 weeks, so bad i dont think im going to fish the open as it stands now, i will not make my final decision until the last minute

  41. Justin Dowis

    That was a white bass the sand bass have a yellow belly but look the same white bass get bigger than sand bass and hybrid bass look the same as white bass but they get bigger. Good luck also love the videos and congrats for Jacob on the monster buck.

  42. bent rodguy

    love the way billy used the sofia to keep his portable bed closed,,,,,we need more footage of him,,,,,,he is truly a naturally gifted comedian!

  43. Gavin Rome

    Well you had the waypoints to at least cash a check!!

  44. TheBlindkiller85407

    Don’t keep an aquarium for bass, the ammonia cycle will not work and you’ll be harming the fish. None the less it’s never advised to release a kept bass.

  45. Brett Morgan


  46. Mitchell Traxler

    When we started fishing it was all about having fun. We tend to forget that. I really think we catch more fish when we fish for fun. Keep it up Scott, nice work

  47. Danny Drummond

    On your last video when I made the comment “good luck with Lewisville” it was not an expression, I know that lake. It can be brutal.

  48. Byron Hendrix Fishing

    Will you do a tutorial on how to get the colorized depth lines on your Garmins. I can’t figure it out

  49. Jeremy Newhouse

    Congratulations to your son, that was a awesome animal

    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you

  50. J Tee

    Scott swiped somebody's lure!

    1. Scott Martin


  51. J Tee

    Billy Gotta Bass, even bigger than Scott's on the first day, and Scott put it in the video! Will wonders never cease?

    1. Scott Martin


  52. iPsychlops

    FREAKING AWESOME VIDEO! And you catching a fish while just demonstrating was really entertaining. Very helpful!

  53. Mark Krone

    3:25 is the time to start watching 👍🤜🤛

  54. tanglediver

    The fish is driving that truck, no question.

  55. K.C.

    It's great to see you come to the greatest state, my home... Texas!!!

    1. Scott Martin

      I actually like it in Texas..just not Lewisville lol

  56. Lewis Marshall

    White bass

    1. Scott Martin


  57. C&A Slots

    Ray Roberts is tougher

    1. C&A Slots

      @Scott Martin Roberts fishes good from mid February through May, there should be some huge sacks in the classic, I think we will see several 30 lb sacks

    2. Scott Martin


  58. bcamcam2

    It was a white bass, which is also a sand bass, LFG catches tons of them there...

  59. CGreat Things

    I’m so curious to see what happened day 1! I assume the fact that it was cloudy and windy kept you from fishing the brush piles effectively. Those almost always play.

    1. Scott Martin

      Correct..the clouds and wind after sunny slick hurt it bad..but still thought it would be ok

  60. Todd Cooper

    Lake Whitney is has and alway's been hard since that allege.

  61. Matthew Riddle

    Lol I was going to say something about billy mustache but I am going to keep it to myself lol 😂 😂😂😂

    1. Scott Martin


  62. Colby Bryan

    we call it lovely lake lewisville for a reason

    1. Scott Martin

      Lake Humble

  63. JaySoos O

    Pretty sure that was a Striped Bass @ 25:00, they get pretty big too, that one was a small guy.

  64. allen jogerst

    I have followed you for a long time and this is my favorite. I remember watching Jimmy Houston with my dad when I was a little boy. He was my dads favorite and you are mine. This video really brought me back. Thank you and God bless. Great video.

  65. Sol1dus2

    so we are not going to talk about the green pickle rick lure?

    1. Scott Martin

      What green lure..🤫

  66. Josh Keith

    Hey you know it’s a good meal when there’s a roll of TP on the kitchen table!!! 😂😂

    1. Scott Martin


  67. Alex I

    That was definitely a sand bass which is a white bass

  68. Warren Whitaker

    Welcome to our world fellows. Nice to see ya’ll here

  69. J B

    i so hope you get to the classic... BASS needs you... wishing you the best of luck... go get em Scott... from New Hampshire

  70. Ayson

    out here in az we call those stripers aka the bass you caught with the stripe pattern

  71. Chris D

    10:10 that is a chartreuse pepper bubble fry. That is money in Texas.

  72. Michael Cobb

    Hickory creek side is good fishing

  73. Jolly Giant

    How's that Yamaha working out so so far this year?

    1. Scott Martin

      Its working great

  74. Landon Johnson

    “That’s not from Walmart?” 😂😂 who are u ppl.

  75. Bassing jig Carter

    I love jimmy in your father I grew up watching them guys Taught me a lot

  76. Tim Phillips

    Listening to Scott's excitement on day one of practice is a gut blow to me knowing how his day 1 of the tournament went. :(

    1. Scott Martin


  77. Joe Baker

    It was the water management of the lake that help create the tough fishing ! They should of left the rain we received in October rise and then stabilize the water level instead of dumping it. Lake would of opened up much more . Not sure why they dumped that water before a BASS event...made no sense. I emailed a complaint to them

    1. Scott Martin

      Most water management organizations seem to do the opposite of what would be good for a fishery

  78. Big Chad

    I swear I always do good at lakes people say suck. But I suck at lakes that are supposed to be real good. I catch good fish every time at lewisville.

  79. Action Jackson 618

    I thought lake fork was the toughest lake in Texas?

    1. Scott Martin

      No way

  80. Jake Porter

    Bring back the UFC fighter!