This channel is dedicated to the crazy pursuit of slimy fish of all kinds. From Monster Tuna, Giant Largemouth Bass, Huge Snook and all types of wild fishing adventures and fishing tips. Each week we will post a video showcasing the Scott Martin Challenge Episodes, Scott Martin Web-Series videos and tons of hi-quality fishing tips. Hopefully this channel will help you catch more fish and learn new techniques along the way. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Ryder Tucker

    What is your middle name

  2. BH Fishin

    Thinking about getting a matanium reel. How do you like it?

  3. kaleb nicklas

    I honestly love these tournament videos! I learn a lot !! Awesome stuff you tha man!!

  4. Kentucky BassinYT

    Not sure how you couldn’t like this guy. His personality and everything is just awesome! If you’re having a bad day just watch this guy you’ll be smiling ear to ear soon.

  5. Lance Mabry

    What crankbait were u throwing on day 1? Looked like a Spro but wasn't... Only problem i have with Skeeter is the porpoising when at low speeds say under 30.. Brandon Palaniuk says that they "might" have fixed it on the 2021s

  6. Rogbass

    Excellent show. Didn’t realize it was nearly an hour long. Need another 5 hours of this. The Pinnacle of bass angling videos across the world.

  7. Hunter Patterson



    That was an epic day 2! Basically junk fishing your way into the top ten! That was awesome to watch. Scott was so excited after #5 he needed a hug!! Congratulations on making the cut!

  9. Michael Franano

    Awesome job scott!

  10. Michael Quinlan

    Those spots are great always fish there

  11. Mulldrifter Z

    46:30 2:30 "AM"? Come on McCoy, wake up. :P

  12. Derek King

    What brand of crankbait was you using?

  13. Tim W

    Canterbury has big shoulders

  14. Corey Johnson

    Scott I have been watching you for years, this video is the best video you guys have put out. McCoy dude bad ass!

  15. Jeff Parker

    Was that a "Chicken" I saw?!

  16. John Schafer

    No fish gona escape the back of ur boat nice blocker!

  17. bennie blueeyes

    I'd love to get my boots wet on a Freeman! New Sub! Nice content!

  18. Jared Mathews

    Scott when are you going to come to California so I can show you how a real Bassmaster does it?🎣

  19. Gökhan Topçu

    so you took 4 mins out of my life to even start the video. this is not right

  20. Shane Farmer

    I’ve been watching Scott’s channel for years, he is such a great guy and a great bass fisherman. Genuinely one of the absolute best guys on the planet.

  21. Blue Rivera

    That intro was fire! I’ll be following every step of the way brother!

  22. Ethan Willingham

    What rod and reel does he use?

  23. Wade Ford

    Best intro ive seen in awhile

    1. Scott Martin


  24. Mike Scott

    Go to work Scott!

  25. BigguyOO

    Feels strange to see spots I fish on the SM channel. Lol Hope you Had a good time in my Backyard.

  26. Jamie Watson

    Killing in Brandon who lol still love ya spinner worm

  27. Berks

    Awesome job!

  28. Joshua Greene

    Good job! Y'all work your tail off to get to this level and stay there. I have so much more respect for you guys.

  29. walker50aaron

    Your the best Scott keep it up!!!

  30. Jake U

    i’m so proud of you Scott your awesome god bless i hope i’m like you one day

  31. SWAG_DOCTOR_ 29

    50:56 my man Scott hit a Richard gene😂 great video man!🎣🎣

  32. milkcookie51 Elliott


  33. milkcookie51 Elliott


  34. Savioun Johnson

    A green pumpkin trick worm would’ve done the trick, I live off the Tennessee river and I fish almost every day

  35. Briggs Milner

    Lovin’ the Randy spinnerbait story 8’2” ... keep the stories coming!

    1. Scott Martin

      Crazy story huh?

  36. Johnny Fescue

    Great video!

    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you!

  37. Panda Art Studios

    scott this is the tournament you have fished your whole life for between your Dad who is a legend and Scott C. Im sure fishing is a family I sadly lost my uncle 2 years ago and he was an amazing fishermen up here in Spirit lake an the lakes area but you already have the knowledge and the ability to win these hard conditions you have it in you Scott Deep down now go take what is rightfully yours a Bass Masters title

  38. CGreat Things

    Really digging the longer format bro!!

    1. Scott Martin

      Glad you like it!

  39. MrAlsup

    Great video. Scott

  40. Jim Snyder

    Those Skeeter hats are “ SWEET “

  41. A&M Clevel

    I watch you every event these days Scott Martin! Your day is coming and I can't wait to watch it!! Hang tough buddy!

  42. Bryan Peterson

    Great vid man. From beginning to end 👍🏻🎣

    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you Bryan!!

  43. TheJtaylor000

    It’s so awesome to see you excited again. I mean you are always excited. But this tournament /video it was a different kind of excitement. Keep that momentum going bud. Can’t wait to see the next video.

  44. Jim Snyder

    “ He’s the Great American Fisherman, he’ll fish anywhere” watched your dad my whole life. Now I’m watching you both.

    1. johnny saechao

      “Anywhere there’s water he’ll be there” what an legend grew up watching Rolan and learn a lot!

  45. Christopher Behel

    That unfinished family business title and logo would make for a heck of a SMC shirt!

    1. Scott Martin

      It would!

  46. Jeffrey Murphy

    Way to go Scott. Great video!

  47. Carl Robbins

    Who else seen Jason Christie in the background at 12.37

  48. Perry Rushing

    Really enjoyed that! Thx!

  49. Kenneth Langford

    Another great quality SMC video good job Scott I like the way you problem solved your loss of fish. Lifting the stern access door Lol 😂 great ingenuity usually always an easy solution that's why you're one of the best great job

  50. Matt Orschell

    McCoy is killing it. Your videos are a step above lately.

  51. David Morey

    As for the stock hook part, I learned the hard way when a monster bent out my back hook on a red eyed shad and got off right at the bank 🤣 I used to think they put pretty decent hooks on them until that one

    1. David Morey

      @Kruss 88 big facts🤣 still hurting over that big one man. If it wasn't a double digit it had at least be 8-9lbs. I had barely got to the gills when pulling it out of the water and all it took was one more shake and it was gone forever🤣

    2. Kruss 88

      Gotta ditch those factory hooks like a bad habit!

  52. Kyle Phelps

    Go catch'em Scott!

  53. David Baker

    Really, really enjoy your stuff. Good luck!

  54. Ethan Eveler

    Awesome job Scott 5th place that's really good that 4 pounder was really nice. When you were catching the big ones I was praying that they stay on the hook and when you got them in the boat I was so happy. Lets go win this tournament Scott I know you can do it.

  55. dgriffith19

    Holy tan lines!!!

  56. Matt Judy

    Cantaberry caught his 4th fish at 2 in the morning apparently 😂 that's gotta be illegal lol

  57. Shane Hamilton

    This video is freaking awesome, I love watching the tournaments. I know your going to win one soon

  58. Jay Jay

    Proud of ya brother!

  59. David Watkins

    Great patients keep at it

  60. APOFishing

    great job, keep the great content up and your daughter is turning into Keith Poche it seems like in her latest video

  61. BMK

    Yes yes yes and yes....your gettin back in the groove!! Keep it goin

  62. 2020jd

    The quality of these videos has gotten insane! The boys are killing it when putting these together!

  63. chaz honaker

    I would've pulled the plug and let that boat sink in front of that pipe.. lol..

  64. EaRLWorld

    Love u Scott been following you for a while bring this one home for pops plz like my comment good luck and be safe

  65. DustinLaughs

    These longer videos are where it is at! Great job again! Any chance you can post the VRBO link where you stayed in Knoxville?

  66. John Fleming

    Scott, you’re just fun to watch. You’re so damn funny when you get excited..”bring it in, bring it in”. LOL!

  67. Cody Martin

    Can't wait for day 3!!!

  68. Basically Berry

    Really enjoyed watching the tournament on BASS but your videos really give you the inside details. Great video as always, Matt gets wound a little too tight a little too easy!! Scott C. is as country as ham, really cool dude!

  69. Seth Newkirk

    Love this series!! Keep em coming Scott and gang!!!

  70. Blake Herrmann

    You the man . That's all I got.

  71. Matt O.

    Ad in 3....2.....1 *scott sets hook*

  72. Coin James

    Let’s go !!

  73. archangel_88

    What size slim OG are you using

  74. Mark Fulwood


  75. James Blanton

    I would think that would be a good smallmouth fishery

  76. Daniel Grassi

    Really enjoy the videos Scott. Grassi Outdoor Adventures

  77. Noel Yates

    Great👍 job

  78. Robert Barnes

    Good luck tomorrow Scott

  79. Rod Cashman

    Great job Scott one question when I fished tournament years ago we always wet the measuring board so we didn't take off any scales why aren't you doing it ??

  80. Vern Moser

    Im pretty pissed at McCoy for the hard drive muff ups, however a few more of these sick edits and I think I will forgive him!