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  1. Katelyn Holt

    You really need to react to Selena Gomez's new Spanish album. Especially "De Una Vez" yessss!!

  2. karolineeinarsen

    Can you react to Demi Lovato’s new album?

  3. mon Ster

    I dnt like her songs tbh

  4. Aditi reddy

    petition for tristan to react to louis tomlinson

  5. Luna Episode

    Tristan can you do a reaction to the song Minefields by Faouzia and John Legend plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Emma Jarrell

    Please can you react to Demi levato dancing with the devil 👿

  7. yuna polaris

    okay but react to taylor swift’s grammys performance please King (of my heart)? ALSO WHAT YOU THINO ABT HER NEW VOCALS IN RE RECORDED FEEARLESS COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL??

  8. Martina Collu

    pls react to Rag’n’Bone Man and P!nk's new song anywhere away from here it's such a beautiful song T^T

  9. Daniel Matthews

    Rod wave tombstone reaction

  10. MalRulesAll

    This music video was amazing and still is 👏👏👏

  11. Baljoban Sidhu

    Are you roomieofficial brother?

  12. 壮大な女の子

    * insert meme* BOUUUIIIIYEEE

  13. Caroline Grønkjær

    Would you please react to Jacob Collier and YEBBA singing Bridge over troubled water? It's so beautiful - And in general, just react to YEBBA? She is absolutely amazing!!!

  14. Caryl Anne Beltran

    I swear Miley is hella underrated. This woman is miles better than any other female artist today!!

  15. Rhia Johnson

    Please react to Giveon. His voice is like BUTTER

  16. Pia Helen Varhaug

    Can you react to Justin Biebers live version of lonely??🙏🏻🙏🏻

  17. k a t h r i n

    could you do la di die by nessa barrett and jaden? i would really learn to sing more like nessa

  18. Craig Moon

    She's soooooo talented, it's unbelievable.

  19. say hi to papi

    Am i the only one attracted to his smile...

  20. A K

    Sometimes I can't tell if Tristan likes it or if he's truly disgusted by it. LOL 😅😅😅

  21. Kyrie St. John

    Tristan, please dear god do yourself a favor and react to Daniel Caesar's Tiny Desk! PLease

  22. D'NA

    Not a "sped up chipmunk" XDDDDDDD

  23. nabil bouameur

    Bts jumped a new song film out too 🥺 pls react

  24. seema yadav

    Tristan: I have not watched this movie Me: 👁️😧

  25. Dale Longmuir

    ‘I prefer the live version’ yeah don’t we all mate. Not just on peaches but on every song

  26. Alan Armando dos Santos

    Today I learned a new slang, holy quack.

  27. Little Body Big Heart

    it's kinda random but when she begins to sing "She said James get in..." the first notes sounded like "Time turns flames to embers..." from Innocent...never mind bye

  28. Vici Pospisil

    Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok! Ok😂😂👍🏻

  29. Caitlin Williams

    Jesy didn't forget the words, btw, she was laughing at Jade messing up the choreo so let the crowd sing it while they all laughed. :L

  30. Xacreasel

    honestly just react to all of the first take's videos

  31. seeni gzty

    she's with you", and she and her producer/co-songwriter Dan Nigro just built a story off that. It's mostly fictional.

  32. Aashni Pahwa

    I would love to see demi singing this song... ♥✌

  33. Miracle Possibility

    Tristan-Is that Ellie Goulding? *Then goes on to play the worst clip of her singing*

  34. Weed King

    People saying he can’t sing🤦🏻‍♂️ when literally at 12 years old his killin it🔥

  35. Lawrence Nazar


  36. Kongmeng Vang

    Isn't it ironic how she auditioned for American Idol and Simon Cowell told her her voice was annoying? Look at her now!!! She turned out to be such a huge hit!!! I like her voice! Super soothing and yet powerful at the same time!

  37. joy

    TRISTANNNN react to mamamoo on killing voice pls- i will return to everyone of your videos until you react. I WILL NOT BE IGNORED or if it’s too long and you don’t like making longer videos then can you just react to i miss you by mamamoo thanks. btw i’m only doing this because you’re one of the only vocal coach that i actually like watching because you’re really informative

  38. Romy

    Can you pleasee react to Sabrina Carpenter Skin the live version??

  39. Dani Theuerkauf

    Tristan please listen to karise eden. Its a mans world, or her duet with seal, anything shes done! Janis joplin on steroids. But has soooo much more in her voice. She can slow it down. Take it to soaring heights and everywhere in between. She just keeps surpising you. She was i think 18 went she went on australias got talent. I would love to see you react.

  40. Iheme Daphne

    It’s only right you give us a Giveon reaction.

  41. Zaey Lyn

    Stupid bruh u need to grow up Justin is great tipskin

  42. Annas Umaima

    React to Aurora It Happened Quiet

  43. Agatha Maceda

    Can you react to SHANNON WILLIAM, Why why is the title of her song please 🙏

  44. Supreme n christ

    Can you do trippie redd one day

  45. Marissa Montano

    “you just got your license and you’re driving with one hand and recording it” I’m living for it 😂🥺

  46. Heather YT

    0:21 😂lol

  47. Jay Mendez

    Tristan: here's another example Me: imma just listen to these singers

  48. beep bop



    congrats tristen your officialy a mixer I know its a little late but congrats

  50. Sultan Ali

    reputation is the best era

  51. Divva Achpilya

    Guyss can we get him to react to a 1D song??? Let’s do itttt

  52. Ana melsam

    React to giveon 🥵

  53. Julianne Go

    i think when she was doing those notes during out of the woods it’s supposed to sound like growls and very rock

  54. Danielle Marie


  55. Joel Bruck

    Skin sounds like a generic pop song perfect for the radio and middle school dances. Driver’s License is a beautiful song that triggers emotional reaction.

  56. Clent Rhanwell Giray

    Please react to her agaaaaaiiiinnnnnn

  57. Potato103

    You should do a live of reacting to Giveon’s album or someone’s album

  58. smiley joker


  59. Rosalinda Lopez

    Can you please react to ness and jaden la di die pls pls

  60. Alex

    The opening in the show is different and way better because she changes some words to rhyme

  61. 2 N O V

    Can you reaction to this is how you fall in love by Jeremy Zucker live version please.💕✨

  62. Denise Reyes

    Liv should forget the 1 dollar version of Shawn mendes that's u can buy on Walmart

  63. Monica Lange

    The string players watching this like 😢

  64. Kryptonic Blast

    6:26 Shawn Mendez is shaking

  65. Julia Fletcher

    Lmao saw this in 2021 and I thought beebo was reacting to his own song

  66. anime used to be my life.

    Can u please react to the first take yoasobi yoru ni kakeru?

  67. Kurse

    I believe he took some notes from giveon and Daniel Caesar after his song with them

  68. Vivijennai

    This is like a more of a Lana del Rey but from Disney, if you know what you mean.

    1. seeni gzty

      You neeeeed to react to laufey on tiktok!!! Seriously her voice is so classic it’s insane!

  69. Ashley Wright

    I’m sorry you slept on him too. But I’m also sorry for sleeping on you. Kloveubye

  70. Icel Ahmed

    Brooooo she only got famous from her sis who also makes useless tiktoks 😏

  71. Kiera Julian

    nah the "why are there so many dudes at the sia concert" took me out

  72. cobaltclam

    I coughed myself into vocal damage about a year and a half ago. Therapy was really interesting. Going to work without talking for three weeks was crazy difficult.

  73. Argos Lara

    Aye Tristan, I think someone in the recent comments reeaalllyy wants you to listen to Rex Orange County😂 @Tiago Teixeira is doin too much but Rex is actually pretty fire. I recommend the songs Best Friend, Pluto Projector, and Sunflower And also... listen to Daniel Caesar for God's sake. The ignorance in this vid was unacceptable. For you, I would recommend the songs A Cappella, Japanese Denim, Get You, and Take Me Away,

  74. Haset Melaku

    React to ‘Film out’ by BTS

  75. knee- HE-low

    So funny thing.. big fan btw. Theres a plug-in called “Melodine” which you can manipulate the whole audio track to have it put into any key you want it to. The difference between “autotune” and “melodine” is that in autotune you just it in one key and it does it to the whole vocal but in Melodine you can put it in multiple keys.

  76. H

    not the “who is giveon” PLEASE 😭

  77. Izzy Marie

    when the sequel is better than the original:

  78. Raphael Mendies

    Looks like Tristan is tryna pull off the Shawn Mendes hair Lol

  79. Sam Boco

    "allegedly" for may times in this sentence 4:40

  80. Lucas

    just wondering what videos you watched x2 speed