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  1. L.A HIP HOP

    Yeahh kgup.info/get/e7Fmp6TYeJGinWY/video 🔥🔥

  2. steph robertson

    the ending is good, where he un-ties himself. Gotta set your self freee from that

  3. Alex Torres

    When is he’s concert

  4. Alison Matias

    Vim pelo Letodie !!!

  5. Anna Liebert

    i became a big fun for this man

  6. Montrisha Bethea

    Groovy& jazzee...AF

  7. Bonito Flakes

    yeah i love meeeee

  8. Marivi Tamayo Jaramillo

    The best

  9. Pickle Rick

    Best thing about liking Russ is his back catalogue. So many songs. Fuck the haters. Self made



  11. deepak

    it sucks that it ends too fast!!!

  12. identity SG

    Renejay vibe😁

  13. Gotachi LegendarySSJ

    This was one of the best interviewers who’s interviews Russ . This guy and the old guy were the best interviewers

  14. Chandrakant Harijan



    I'm watching this while I'm downloading Zoo😂...yes I said it I'm downloading

  16. Marii Herrera


  17. IN-DEO

    How the fuck do I buy sum tho.

  18. ismail Bayir


  19. Julen Fernández

    📌Keep it up brother, keep making good music💯

  20. Thundernixx 2017

    amazing effects and a lovely liric ! I just love all your Songs - Please came to Brasil !

  21. violeta Widera

    I really feel this Song i feel the Same like russ in the Song when my grandfather diet i was really sad about that three weeks russ really speaks for my and I loved Him so much but i got to let Him Go😿

  22. Patrick Keys

    I was waiting for Soul the whole time worth the wait

  23. dcinhere

    That background chorus sounds so familiar. Like from a 90s r&b song. I swear Ive heard it before. Anyone know? Im scrolling through the comments.

  24. Pickle Rick

    Russ got so many radio hits that don't get the airtime it should