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  1. Ben S

    Most underrated country singer. He Should have like 5 million subscribers.

  2. Devyn Brinsfield

    She wears short skirts I wear tee shirts.

  3. charlene revell

    ❤ this song!

  4. Christian Hurlburt

    Please put on Spotify


  6. KillerTrap

    I wanna kill country so bad 😠I hate the rhythm into it-KT #ItSucks

  7. Brittany Nicole

    The best thing in the world is driving a Jeep Wrangler with the windows down and blasting this music in the country😍!

  8. Karthik Nair

    hook is so fire

  9. Karthik Nair

    straight pressure

  10. alyssa spahr

    My . Favorite . Song . Ever .

  11. Sunny Dighe

    Hate country but this is a great song

  12. Amy Smith

    Anyone thinking summer 2020 fucking flew by... and we needed more of this! Come on 2021, cause I will still be listening!

  13. Bergwijn

    Underrated song

  14. Ayam Bakar


  15. Maniac fan of NFL

    Lauren Alaina gets paid for posting hate comments on country singers' music videos, so watch out! Bully and Troll. Maddie Poppe was the the winner of American Idol in 2018, why we never hear from her again? She's been bullied by Lauren Alaina. Lauren Alaina should be jailed. She is an online bully and has a stalking issue! She stalked and bullied the previous American Idol winners for the last 7 years that's why we never heard from them again:( Laine Hardy, Maddie Poppe, Trent Harmon, Caleb Johnson, Candice Glover, and Angie Miller)? Lauren Alaina bullied them by posting hate comments on their music videos! My worst fear is that she's gonna do the same thing to this year's AI winner Sam and Arthur Gunn with her thousands of accounts! She needs to be jailed

  16. Matt Jones

    Moral of the story is listen to your father because he's already been through heart ache and financial loss because of a women and he's only trying to make it so you don't have to go through that and not repeat his mistakes.

  17. Inirio bcd

    tarik sist semongko ...

  18. Gary Winthorpe

    Everybody knows Ernest gots the big arm...gang gang

  19. Matt Jones

    It was actually 8 summers ago I fell in love with the girl I thought I was gonna marry but that didn't happen, now I'm with a woman I'm about to divorce and all I can think about is the one that got away

  20. ibcleve

    I love this song more than my hometown!

  21. Gary Winthorpe

    Gang gang

  22. Alan Hickman

    Came to listen to this song because my ex said it makes her think of me. Hmm maybe should been thinking of me when you cheated 🤷‍♂️

  23. terri bloodworth

    I love every song he has! Love you Morgan Wallen.

  24. Gary Winthorpe

    Gang gang

  25. Cat363 OK

    Lol, My great granddaughter sings this song with her Pa Pa, Shes 4 years old,

  26. MR Demon#1

  27. Fun Guy

    Morgan wallen is one of the only country song writers that is making real country music. I love it!!!

  28. Andrea West

    Love Morgan!!!!

  29. Ben6017

    Here from Theon. Great song!

  30. James Carson Glass

    “Ain’t that a map dot shame just to think that” damn bro.

  31. Kelly Hendrickson

    Too bad

  32. GZ

    This is his best song.

  33. Shayley Landfried

    They’ll end up together when the times right, timing gotta be right..

    1. Michael Elliott

      It does, but sometimes we open our eyes too late.

  34. Leonardo Gaspar

    Me lo recomendó una amiga hace como dos días y hoy apenas lo he comenzado a escuchar con esta canción... Me ha encantado<3. Gracias a mi querida amiga Paulina<3.

  35. Lisa Parrish

    Mr. Morgan Wallen, you write awesome music and your mullet reminds me of someone in my past and he made his own way just like you. I enjoy your music so much! Keep it up and make your son proud!!!

  36. Lance

    anyone watching this vote for biden?

  37. It's A Cardboard World With Shane Adams

    I'm medically retired now after 14 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. So yes this song in this video kind of hit home I think I've been through all of the stages of PTSD and I'm still struggling with it I've been through drug addiction thank the good Lord no alcohol it just made me throw up but I feel a lot stronger now so I'm offering my phone number my personal phone number to any vet out there who just wants to talk you don't have to talk about the war you don't have to talk about anything you're not comfortable talking about but if you need to talk this is my phone number 661-432-03 65 I'm available 24/7 if you need me God bless all of you please take care and thank you for those that are sensitive to what's going on and sensitive to watch this videos about God bless you all also.

  38. MeanMadMonkey

    im new and this is amazing, i hate country!!!!!

  39. Lydia Harris

    Who plays the girl?

  40. Adrianna Young

    This song is amazing (I keep playing it)

  41. Michael Walker

    I'm convinced he can't write a bad song and he has a way of making the lyrics hit home for alot of folks

  42. Jeremy Lambert

    This is viral

  43. Sharon Nuchols

    Wow that would be magic thank you

  44. Matteo Siefert

    This is a great song.

  45. achilles gargaryen

    Amen mate. I think you may have made artist of a lifetime. (In mine anyway)

  46. the forlanjoker

    you what a hook

  47. elchiponr1

    Now, This is a modern classic. I need to be covered up again

  48. mora tallant

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  49. Landons Tiny cult

    Yo you need the talk man you good

  50. Merlyn Sy

    Whiskey glasses! The heartbreak brew!

  51. Traffic Control

    Jeez, love this man.

  52. mike coxsmull

    0:43 it sounds like he sound that would be playin when ur trapped in tyhe middle of the ocean trapped by sharks

  53. Lisa Thoss

    Random fact - one of my cousins goes to a school where his mom works and I’m pretty sure Morgan Wallen knows what my cousin, Eli looks like- he also was the one who got me listening to him 🙃

  54. Nicolas Woodhouse

    What a talent.. Love this guys music, makes me want to live in this world...

  55. Tammy Christine Rager

    Look at you cutie patootie all grown up!

  56. Rootbeer Float

    I love this songgggg

  57. doire aintu

    “So if you think I’m full of it, ain’t done it, check the resume” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Riley Martin

    he has not mad one bad song

  59. Riley Martin

    your going someweare

  60. Tammy Christine Rager

    Okay, Saturday night live funny. I shall watch the show when it is available to see! They'd be lucky to have you. Their invitation shall come with an apology. Omnia vincit amor.

  61. Tammy Christine Rager


  62. Kimberly Wagoner

    I really like this song, but i would love it, if he slowed it down into more of a ballad. I feel like it's being rushed.

  63. K Pohaku

    Morgan Wallen will be a Super Star just give him time...I can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

  64. TOZINK beats

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  65. Brylee Comfort

    BEST SONG EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. a cardinaI

    Fun fact no one cares is you're watching in 2020

    1. Amy Smith

      But.... you are!!!!!

  67. Brandon Denton

    Every Morgan Wallen touches my heart and it literally feels like he is singing my life Story. And this bar. I sang this karaoke last nite and had the whole bar get emotional. This bar is my bar. I love Cooters Bar. And kissing Chloe when we trade spots on that mic.

  68. Michael Walker

    New favorite song

    1. Michael Walker

      @doire aintu yeah it is

    2. doire aintu

      Great song



  70. Slam Production

    white peoples version of rap music I love it so much


  72. Alexis Reyes

    Can’t believe he’s going to be performing on Saturday night live next week

  73. Stanley Hanks

    This song makes me cry for sheer joy.

  74. zakir alii

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  75. Mandy G

    If you don't understand the metaphor of this video then I feel sorry for you

  76. TWICE - MinaChaeyoung

    I hope this song becomes famous in Korea, too. I really like this song. Koreans listen to artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, but I hope they listen to this song, too.

  77. menal

    Im from Oz & never heard of this guy til the cma was aired on TV today. Heard this song and loved it! Had to google it & find it. Beautiful song from Australia 🇭🇲❤

  78. Oshet ItzMinh

    As I was waiting for this video to load. I saw a video of a lady rolling her eyes as she looked upon a snowman that I assumed represented Christmas.... This is where We're at... My family fled communist rule to appreciate freedom and now children of those who risked their lives to provide for them are now begging for communism in America. Like my father and his brothers.... I will die defending FREEDOM.

  79. Rob b. 269

    been waiting for this to drop holy fuck

  80. B. B.

    This is like part 2 of my hometown.