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  1. 「 •PetaliaDraws• 」


  2. Arkskie

    0:35 khaenri’ah

  3. Prueba si

    after playing the dainsleif quest, i need more, thanks mihoyo for do this game

  4. 火色Scaramouche

    here I am again after the new story quest, ima cry again 😭😭😭

  5. Daniel Ulanday

    You guys are talking about Katheryne or something.. while im here wondering how our stamina bar will look like after we level up either the Electro/Dendro etc. Statues 😭 And how the Oculi’s would look like

  6. zero Infinius

    Now that act iv chapter 2 is over, we can understand everything dainsleif says

    1. zero Infinius

      Btw for those who didnt understand, dainsleif is a royal guard (Twilight sword) of khanriah but was cursed with immortality(by whom tho?) to eternally suffer from watching his people turn into monsters.lumine also menttions that he failed to protect his ppl.

  7. Gabriel Coelho

    Please dendro

  8. Jerome McGee

    1:25 damn diluc💔

  9. Ridho Cadell

    Mihoyo i love u

  10. Abigail M.


  11. natsu igneel

    That's it. Mihoyo, give us an anime

  12. WenKang Lee

    Coming back after the latest chapter just ... boom!

  13. septian

    Yeah thats Khaenri'ah destroyed by the seven

  14. Gyu Bear


  15. Ashley Callista

    Who come here after the new archon quest? Best boi Venti... so sus

  16. KONICHIWA 0_o

    what's the title of the 1st Part

  17. Natalia Dybel

    Her voice kinda ruins her character for me. Idk it feels sooo over the top and distracting, plus completely out of place. And istg if I hear another rock and roll reference- 😩

  18. Carl Jayson Logenio

    This just happened

  19. カイデン

    I still miss the old beta idle of amber that dance was so cute man- WAIT THE OLD BETA IDLE IS IN THIS VIDEO FOR AFEW SECONDS WHAT-?

  20. Venti

    **i demand a rerun**

  21. Richie Mendoza

    amazing ! ! ! more amazing than any japanese songs~!

  22. Riel Art


  23. Mikasa Ackermann

    0:40 i love how genshin said “farewell”

  24. Arianna Chavez


  25. Mikasa Ackermann

    0:47 klee’s life there is about to end

  26. taehynngs

    anyone else here bc of that new archon quest

  27. Alfons Altero

    Here after the new archon quest

  28. Viole

    Just here after I finished the new Archon Quest

  29. PinkGirlMorgan

    I just got her and she's really strong

  30. Joseph Argel Katipunan

    This trailer is slowly starting to make more sense after Khaenri'ah's lore was revealed.

  31. TNTippytops -.-

    I came here after getting kicked out for playing as Amber 🙃

  32. Ashmita Sarker

    omgomg the new archon quest is coming!!

  33. iiVxiiPlxys

    I'm surprised even has the patience to wait

  34. Odious Chimera


  35. RCHShadow

    I feel that this is 100 percent cancelled considering that ps5 is getting a release this spring while the switch has a trailer That's been out for almost a year and a half with no news just a fake tweet saying it's still in development I bet they haven't even started on it 🙄

  36. inamo

    it all makes sense now

  37. Lanjin 1

    well done, new archon quest is a big thumbs up, now i'm so tempted by how the story will develop into.

  38. Rudolph Demeritte

    I wish they would increase her draw rate

  39. 1keyko

    so now i get it..

  40. TaloHawkX111

    I am surprised not enough people are asking for a Lisa version of this. You disappointment me KGup Genshin Impact Comment section.

  41. Khalid Ali Macarambon

    After watching the Among Us stream... I can't look at Albedo the same... ever.

  42. katyany gommes


  43. Karna

    I rewatched this again because of Archon Quest IV

  44. itz_xdalilyx

    Is that Gabriel agreste voice??

  45. Radhit Adh


  46. Munir Nircholaz

    When Klee Re run Agan?

  47. Remi

    Everyone: Mona Me: Hydro Lisa?

  48. One Flare

    Bigger question - When is Nintendo Switch version coming out?

  49. Zhongli

    I don't have words anymore, at least I want to say I love you mihoyo❤

  50. Zhongli

    I don't have words anymore, at least I want to say I love you mihoyo (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

    1. Enma 93

      nice pfp

  51. Faras Wahyu

    Just finished new Archon Quest (We will be reunited) I just realized Lumine was escaping from destruction of Khaenri'ah in this scene The story has just begun..

  52. grapejuice

    Dains line makes me think that we have to fight him at least once to prove our worthy if we're actually capable of saving lumine rather than him

  53. Sebas :3

    si le sacan provecho a esas bendiciones lunares

  54. EJ Frias

    Waiting for his banner announcement 🥲

  55. Cravee

    Came after I finished the archon quest and damn I have soooooo many questions

  56. RollinIt

    guys wtf is my luck *i got rosaria and childe on my first 10 pull* *AND IM A F2P PLAYER*

  57. Angelo Delacruz

    To me in the future where all chapters were unlocked, I hope you got Dainsleif.

  58. zapp

    SPOILERS AHEAD The Anemo Archon: The God of freedom. One of the original seven Archons that's still alive. Has descended down to Teyvat (presumably retired) and became an alcoholic bard. The Geo Archon: The God of contracts. The oldest God (6000+ years) and the ruler of Liyue. Beat everyone's asses during the Archon war and after seeing presumably everything, he decided to retire and fake his death after confirming his adeptis can defend Liyue on their own. The Electro Archon: The God of Eternity. A god that wishes for equality among their people in Inazuma. A world without visions, where no one is superior other than them. The Dendro Archon: The God of Wisdom. Youngest of the seven. Not much is known other than they use a male vessel, and rule Sumeru which is influenced by dessert-like environment. The Hydro Archon: The God of Justice. A God that resides in Fontaine, and chooses to judge all other Gods. People of Fontaine presumably hate their God. The Pyro Archon: The God of War. Seemingly laid back, yet powerful God. Rules over Natlan, not much else known. The Cryo Archon: The God of ???. Resides in Snezhnaya, commands the Fatui and the Harbingers. Presumably the most powerful God and the end-game boss (if not for the unknown God). Her own people despise her, only obeying her out of fear for their life. Khaenri'ah: The land with no God. Only known people that were native here were Kaeya and Dainslief. Since there is no God to rule Khaenri'ah, people there have no visions, except some of them use the "power from beyond".

  59. Naomi Karuri

    Genshin make the mobs in the world just as difficult as the bosses just like the hypostatic symphony the event challenges where too easy it was like the cubes where harder than this wow. Make every enemy in game difficult .

  60. C a r a m e l

    Based on a true story: I put the Rosaria lucky dance while wishing for a single pull because I really wanted her, then got Childe, and now I’m doubting my whole existence .

  61. Naomi Karuri

    Genshin Impact is their a reason why the weekly bosses never reach lvl 100 if they get even harder a have new moves ,why haven't you released the extreme difficulty so can die faster and not one shot all the bosses we need mobs and bosses the make us try a lot.

  62. Gael Palisuan

    Me after played archon quest and choosed Sora at the beginning of the game: "Hotaru's banner when?"

  63. Fritzmartin Jayag

    Guys I know why you came back here

  64. Spark Knight Klee

    see, this is why we need a reroll

  65. nocturnal

    this cutscene really makes me want a genshin anime lol

  66. nocturnal

    the windblume festival is when these characters really started to feel, like... real to me

  67. Dionza Marcel

    based on the latest Archon quest, we can conclude that: -Abyss Order and Archon are just like Eldia and Marley, both parties are doing evil to each other. want to determine who is right and wrong? It depends on your perspective. (maybe this is the reason why Lumine/Aether is on the side of the Abyss)

  68. RaNdOmIzEd

    Cool, now can you release inazuma

  69. sami

    ayo when???

  70. Persona

    The porting team are probably burning their head right now.

  71. iDann

    after the archon quest and Dain's world quest, this is making much and i mean MUCH more sense now

  72. SukiTheCasserole

    I feel the need to cry every time I listen to this

  73. yamaguchi!!

    xiaoven (**REAL**)

  74. Gamer Gaming

    Fun fact: this trailer is the most viewed on the channel. I think 🤔

  75. miuzqt

    no because whoever made the rules of the spiral abyss needs to be fired

  76. Dionza Marcel

    After completing the newest archon quest I started to lose my faith in archons. wow miHoYo you did it again, first you did it in HI3 and GGZ and now in GI. "I've been working for bad guy all this time".

  77. iiPxtricia

    Me: 👁👄👁 💧 💧

  78. August


  79. nocturnal

    i just know these osts are going to make me so nostalgic in the future...

  80. Analice Schroder

    Genshin on Xbox pls