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  1. Joey Blair

    The vulpix is so cute

  2. Liberty Mortier

    damn girl- she really said makeover like i could never

  3. Wolfe Quest

    I need to see a video of you makeing a doll but with out your voice over the video!

  4. rainby27 blaze UwU

    Did you watch training dragon or training dragon 2 or training dragon 3 sorry if I spell it wrong

  5. XenøphiåPlåyz

    what can you say for doll customization but not to a police officer? "*parts of the arm pieces may be loose in the body cavity*"

  6. ABitchOnYT

    Kathy: "ugh... Her paint is already chipping.. let's set aside that hot mess and work on the clothes." Me: oh.. I get it now...

  7. Emma Coulson

    We need more Pokemon dolls

  8. Corey Craig

    Sylvester is Sanna's child

  9. Luna Moonie

    Omg this is my favorite thing you've done!!! Please create more dolls from scratch ;-; it's so cuteee!

  10. J _k1d

    Oh my God, where does she get her mechanical pencils?? I want some!

  11. Emily Myles

    Twizzler fingers Yummy?😅😂🤨😏

  12. Nada Lexova

    Iam gonna ne So much happy

  13. Nada Lexova

    I know you Are not gonna see this but if you can you make deer pleseeee♥️♥️❗

  14. ABitchOnYT

    Kathy: I hope they sell these where you live! Me: *laughs in untalented*

  15. Testing Crafts

    You should but fake eyelashes on a doll

  16. luuk bach

    BOL.COM DOOS, BOL.COM DOOS. dutchies know

  17. Abbie Cruz

    I can just imagine Juwon using his "scary dog privileges" to walk alone at night lmao

  18. Kadence Brown

    I love it

  19. Hanna Thompson

    I want her to make more characters until that onsie manages to fit a doll

  20. ABitchOnYT

    Kath: this doll really took a life of its own. Earlier.. Ty: *running away while screaming* Kath: Hey, get back here!! I need to paint your nipples!!

  21. Strawberry


  22. ABitchOnYT

    Someone: hey glaceon, why are you always struggling to take off your boots? Glaceon: *big sister Flareon said that someone had to do surgery on my legs..* Person: *gulp*

  23. Baneen Al Hilfi

    Hi can you do a doll stop motion plzzzz

  24. Xuxa Hernandez

    Have y'all been seeing the subtitles? Because whoever did the subtitles for this is a comedy legend lol

  25. Yorkie The dork


  26. Xuxa Hernandez

    "Then I realized he was the colour of delicious buttery popcorn! He just made me hungry" 0.o Girl I-

  27. Corn soup

    The fact she can draw so c r i s p and create dolls into beautiful creatures scares me

  28. Sapna Manoj

    can you make a nezuko doll ? im a big fan by the way

  29. Sapna Manoj

    can make a yoriichi and michikatsu doll . if you don't know them their from demon slayer manga not anime . only if possible and btw im a huge fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  30. Hawks The Toad

    Wouldn't it be a Moondress?!

  31. ABitchOnYT

    Little backstory for kami: she used to get bullied for being (idk her sexuality) and then juwon (her brother) comforted her and told her don't let anyone stop you from being you and she started to take juwons advice and started to get into harajuku fashion! And ever since that she always hangs out with juwon, ayako, and tatsuo and when there are bullies around they stand up for eachother! Ik my story is cringe and trash but it's what I think alright? Deal with it👌

  32. Nina's TV


  33. Violet Sundaram


  34. Bonnie The Dinosaur

    When his hair was sticking up I couldn’t help but think of present mic from MHA 😂

  35. Pradipta Batrinova

    My audio glitched at 8:54 Edit : the word more is what glitched

  36. branfeather

    I want to do a DnD Character that looks like her. I almost never play female characters.

  37. Bonnie The Dinosaur


  38. Cori Coin

    Its Meevee

  39. {chiara.muenyi}


  40. nearly899

    i think it would look great with 1 more puff ball on the back of the onesie to mimic the bunny's tail

    1. Dollightful

      Aw I should have put one there! I don't know why I didn't. :O

  41. {chiara.muenyi}

    Wait you have scripts wow I totally knew that 😂

  42. Nightlady70

    I wanna join that doll crew!!

  43. Savannah Spence


  44. Sxgarcxbe

    Aw the cat was laying down while she was blushing the doll! So cute🥰

  45. Aislinn Riley

    I just love how passionate she is for the environment!! I mean, she always gives tips on how to reuse trash, like the straw curlers!! Not only that, but she’s a vegetarian!! (Ofc her dolls are absolutely beautiful as well)

  46. Eris Vurek

    i want to eat the ears

  47. Bunny Lord

    14:36 it's a telitubby

  48. Jazzy G

    You inspire me sooo much to create my own doll! My family is low on money so this video is a life saver!!! Your the best Dollightful :D

  49. Xuxa Hernandez

    I love how the dolls look like they're going to the salon when she puts the hair wrap on lol

  50. Xuxa Hernandez


  51. Britt Heijnen

    Me: is a dutchy Me: *sees my fav Tony’s* IM SO JEALOUS

  52. Xuxa Hernandez

    This is the most amazing doll I've ever seen I'm watching more of your vids for sure

  53. Jay _The Fur

    Ha...ha... I live in Texas 0.0

  54. Jay _The Fur

    Her making a amazing doll Me: nice ocean music

  55. moonlarkarts

    imagine someone overheard her recording and just hear; *I start by whacking off the shins*

  56. Thora G

    I think you should make Ulia the rain deer a boyfriend rouldoph

  57. Judith Schneider


  58. Hayley Daffurn

    Avatar the last Airbender

  59. Miel

    I Really Like To See Prince Adams Or He-Man, The Brother of Princess Adora or She-Ra.

  60. Claire

    * heavy breathing * where’s that app wHERES THAT APP-

  61. Tim Stoffers

    Katherine: Say hello to Mai Tai! Me: Hi Mai Tai

  62. mooxgirr

    This should be sold in a store for 80! That’s would be so worth it <3

  63. antoinette byrne

    Sooooo adorable!

  64. Rhain Stritar

    I shall call this doll... Patty Paws

  65. Lena T


  66. Linsey Roblox

    This is one of my fav I love harajuku and fairykey fashion

  67. Jada Lee

    Can you do like a doll movie?

  68. HoneyDew 228

    If someone asked me the best tool created it would be tweezers LOL

  69. Peyton Troin


  70. itz isabelle belle

    I am also from the Netherlands 😁

  71. Delilah Belle


  72. daemon2426

    I really like how respectful you are when you make characters with visible disabilities. There's never any condescension or anything. They're just another interesting character that you put time and effort into creating. Thank you.

  73. Caitlin Romeyn

    this was soooo fun to recreate

  74. Ashish Rai

    Me be like bruh you have made so many and here I am watching this vid and saying to myself WHY lol

  75. Delilah Belle

    I. Love your. cat doll

  76. Dianna Tagaban

    Awwwwww too bad the original onesie was too big! xD But your first ever made from scratch doll turned out SO good! I hope to see more in the future! If your husband has time to work on it. :3 I think you should keep "Repaint" for the usual repaint of old/new dolls you buy or have on hand. But if you plan to make more custom dolls like this from scratch, name these video something different.

  77. kvrqmiii

    well....it’s just a theory...A DOLL THEORY! THANKS FOR WATCHING 😩

  78. xXChxrii_BubblzXx


  79. Dianna Tagaban

    The doll, colors, clothes, EVERYTHING are just so darn cute! ❤ Also, I think the sculpted and faux fur looks really great on these dolls.