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  1. Pip-Tizzle

    AH! I never even knew this existed and I now absolutely adore his art style. Hes so unique, you two are just so creative and obvious dragon admirers! this collab was just perfect!!!

  2. Fátima Ramos

    Sylveon my favorite

  3. -*-Husky Lights-*-

    I thought this was a kids channel-

  4. 《 ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ ʙᴏʏ 》

    Hey Dollightful, quick question! I got fabric tac and was wondering if I should beware of using it with hobby lobby doll hair. Also I love your designs and doll making videos! Your my idol ♥️✨

  5. Hmm yes I weeb

    Why does her head remind me of Rumi Usagiyama from Boku no hero? (aka mirko the rabbit hero)

  6. irenesart 10

    Ooh can you do a non-binary/ genderfluid character bc I have a sibling that’s non-binary and will be happy if you do it!

  7. Emma Illar

    1:34 what my mom thinks I watch

  8. Olivia Newell

    Can you make more dragon costumes copy and paste if you agree. Edit let’s bomb all her video.😂🤣

  9. Foxes Are Weird

    I just want to say that the subtitles are amazing lol

  10. Kaia Nuttall

    Dollightful -''and gently tug off the head" Also her- *proceeds to struggle with the head*

  11. Raven Dragoneel

    As a member of the lgbtq+ community, I thank you for this😌👑

  12. xXyurø sukigirlXx

    Fuck.... You kicked ass

  13. Linnea Clifton

    I feel like she should do the zodiac signs as dolls ^w^

  14. xXyurø sukigirlXx

    This is so cute

  15. Elliot Burr

    hey you referred to her hair as dreadlocks and it's better to refer to that hair type as locs/locks!

  16. Squishy Omega

    I love your content you’re amazing ♥️

  17. Donna Lowe

    The whole wendigo situation reminds me of how jenna marbles got cancelled, people are seriously wasting so much time trying to take down others when we should all be focused on bringing eachother up and appreciating cultures and saving the f*cking planet which we are burning down.. idk makes me sad

  18. dolita windo

    seems to be good

  19. RainbowWarriors 360

    Me: Watches video in waiting room* My theripast: What ya watchin? Me: *Shows screen* Theripast: Oh god...

  20. Mayano Nir

    wut about the thing that covers the u know brests

  21. Abbys Random

    Someday I wanna see a tour of the doll room

  22. In 99

    I think Justine and Mai Tai are the two best faceups she's ever done! So pretty

  23. potato fam

    On my bday last year i got jacy masters and I still have her tho she is flexible just like a monster high doll

  24. Mayano Nir

    hi dollight full can u make a fairy doll please cuz I want to see a fairy one

  25. Mackenzie Anderson

    Anyone else want to see all these characters animated with voices? I feel like it would be so cool!!

  26. Kirsten Houseknecht

    as a note for anyone watching this and trying to get in there with pliers? JEWELRY long nose pliers (available in michaels and sometimes joann fabrics, are much much thinner and will get into a neck more easily

  27. mabel wolf

    she kinda looks like meru from the anime. LOL

  28. Cheetos

    While I'm very sad to see Wendy go, I do respect your decision and my respect for you has gone up because it shows you care a lot about your audience and their cultures.

  29. Elenaverse

    lol i almost have no words for this the doll is very nice at first i thought you where sawing the WHOLE doll for fun and start the doll with a new doll but then i realized that u were just making the doll bigger XD

  30. Autumn Jewell

    Those wings are sold on Amazon under harajuku pastel rainbow skirt ☺️

  31. Lumpy

    Mai Tai is sooooo cute!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍 you are sooo good at these dolls HOW DO YOU DO IT!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔 I got it YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  32. • Nitaly_c •

    Ahh the doll is so adorable! And you probably had a hard time making all those accessories i think- xD

  33. Jenasis Martinez

    hi I love you. Be you

  34. Gachagurl Yeetanddeleat

    I know crosha and I am 12

  35. Jenasis Martinez

    I love you

  36. Sofia AG vlogZ

    Katherine could literally make a doll from scratch out of wire and apoxie sculpt

  37. Sofia AG vlogZ

    I like taking photos of my dolls a little but I take photos of 18 inch dolls they’re called American Girl dolls

  38. Orchid Alien

    People: dolls are for kids! Me, a wholeass 18 yr old: 👁️👄👁️

  39. Sofia AG vlogZ

    Wait is Justine’s last name dancer or

  40. arantxa

    I used to watch these type of videos years ago lmao

  41. Mayano Nir

    hello I am from japan

  42. Mayano Nir

    i love this , my fav pokeymon (i am bad at spellling =_=)


    I Used That "Unicorn Skin" As fairy wings i was tinkerbelles sister for halloween probaly the same year you meade this and my cousin was the accual tinkerbelle and my mom used wires and used like a wrapping paper sized roll and she made fairy wings and they were sooo cool but i had to watch out for people arond me cause i would end up hitting them with my wings. But that was all i had to say! Love your channel keep it up!!!😘😘😘

  44. Itz gacha lemon

    this reminds me of something, just her skin color by the face , IM MISTER WHITE CHRISTMAS IM MISTER SNOW IM MISTER ICE IM MISTER

  45. annika Theron

    Ahh my eyse😄🤣

    1. annika Theron

      Soo pink

  46. Nadia Wierzbowski

    next time you air brush a doll you can put the watered down varnish in the air brush and spray it on

  47. gurpreet kaur

    Hi dollightful can you make a video on a doll with no nose because my doll have no nose please. And my doll have short hair she is a barbie. Please make a video of a doll with no nose.

    1. dolita windo

      loose it! Lol.

  48. XOXheartAmy

    Space-themed dolls for the new sparkly chiffon backdrop! They can hang out with Nova and Nyx (when she needs a break from her siblings)

  49. Marissa

    Hi I love your vidos can you do a doll for me.... like a gacha life doll

  50. pelin yilmaz

    your dolls very curfelly

  51. XOXheartAmy

    I can't remember if I commented this before but you should check out EvanAndKatelyn here on youtube. They do _tons_ of resin projects and you'll absolutely pick up some great tips from them. Also, if you try out using the slow cure resin (requires patience which I know is in short supply for you XD), invest in a pressure pot for bubble-free resin

  52. red Leaf

    Are your dolls for sale-

  53. Romi

    Me... wait king and life on the Fingers? IT'S JAY PARK

  54. bilij pdan

    For the Chiffon: I think it would be PERFECT as a cape for Nyx or Nova!

  55. Jonna Heijke

    I already commented on this video but ill say it again: SHE IS SO PRETTY!

  56. Rebecca Trindall

    No one is going to talk about how the pin and her makeup matches 😲😂

  57. Elizabeth Sharp

    I know this will never get seen but it doesn't hurt to ask so I have a cousin who really loves dolls and I do too it's kind of a thing we bond over anyway since we were little she's hated our dimples and thinks she's ugly because there's no dolls we know of that have dimples I was just wondering if you'd show how to give a doll dimples so maybe I can surprise her with a mini us

  58. Jana Ali

    i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it i need it 👁❤👁

  59. • Itz Sarah! •


  60. Yuuki :p

    woah i never thought id find a pokemon THIS pretty lol

  61. Ruby fun

    Me: car keys? Her:it's a joke Me: oh umm.....

  62. Tiz S

    You should do dolls as the zodiac signs

  63. Hannah Peek

    The tail is the same as aurora

  64. empress qiyana

    Omg i got pure monarch butterfly goddess realness from her🦋🦋

  65. Tsuyu Asui for now

    ‘Why did they just make her a fluffy Pokémon..?Cuz the cold never bothered her anyway??’ 👏😌 amazing

  66. Fish Cakes

    i see you Katherine, sneaking Leafeon behind Ty

  67. Dean McSmith


  68. Dean McSmith

    So the doll before customising looked like me and I got the doll right next to me and delightful is da best

  69. Hannah Peek

    She's the same doll as the second doll in this series

  70. Demongirl 16

    the pink and white socks are slipper socks they are very comfy i wear mine all the time around the house

    1. bilij pdan

      She received Canadian snacks... I am silently nodding, approving in Canadian. Our maple Syrup is amazing. And ketchup chips taste good.

  71. corrina mclaughlon

    When 2020 was a full moom

  72. bretni spradlin

    how about after you use msc you use mate varnish on the joints after you stop blushing the body just a Suggestion

  73. Shiny Star rose

    Love it have a good day and love your vid so much

  74. Nateli Fabre

    Looks like a native girl 😆

  75. snail

    I wanna hug her she looks so cuddly 🥺❤️❤️

  76. Hannah Peek

    Who else is watching this video in 2021

  77. wolf girl

    and can send them to me pls

  78. wolf girl

    can you make angle dust from hanbin holtel and can you make my wolf form she is a Whit wolf whith a red hoddie pls

  79. Aly Isen Dronning

    I just got into doll repainting. And this is probably the doll I like most from everything I’ve seen in the past six months. This video is inspiring, because mistakes can also make a work beautiful.

  80. Stop saying potato. Please

    (About the wendigo doll because you turned the comments off on that video for obvious reasons) I know what your thought process was making this video and taking down the wendigo’s video, but this was 4 years ago. She is in 3 Halloween videos, your doll tour video, and tatsuo even has a tattoo on his arm of your wendigo! I don’t think that this was an issue anymore after 4 whole years. if she was only 1 year old that would be understandable but this doll is a part of your channel and she has always been one of the fan favorites This your channel so you decide but I just hope that I have made you reconsider (and don’t delete my comment 😓)💕💕💕