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  1. DuckLord 2000

    You’re haggling for 2 dollars bud stop waisting your time

  2. Connor Brown


  3. Sean Calasara

    When the glass gives up because it doesn’t want to hear the sound anymore.

  4. Global Elite

    Amybody whos ever tried to sell stuff on facebook marketplace or craigslist can back me up when i say this series is cap. Nobody trades wetsuits for a cup of sand and nobody trades a brand new electric skateboard for a pair of headphones that aren’t even half the price.

  5. water bottle mafia

    i was groven out to mr. blue sky in the back ground the entier time.

  6. cheezman205

    KGuprs nowadays lack so much creativity. I’ve seen another guy do this a year before this guy blew up

  7. Yousef Odeh

    So who is this guy? Why should Elon waste his time giving him a Tesla that he already has?

  8. Jaron Carlson

    That was u

  9. Mosk8ers420

    Lol,that guitars stolen its my buddys,whats the serial number ,no cap...mexican made right?

  10. Narinder Kaur

    Well you just gained one subscriber :)


    Nice loop

  12. Fahad z

    still wondering

  13. Why am I still on YouTube

    Who would give someone TWO WETSUITS FOR SAND???!

  14. Rene Vlogs

    I am going to do that

  15. Jon Michael Rivera

    Why does he sound like dream

  16. blame sergio

    this was not 30 days

  17. Blantisulator Blanston

    For some reason..

  18. Aaron Jacob

    You need to talk to teslas top investors and I guarantee he will be able to trade with Elon himself

  19. MirMesh

    POV: You’re a beginner at reselling

  20. MadGlitchs

    Opening Pokémon

  21. Andrew Campbell

    "Yo guys something crazy just happened 😳😳😳, I just wen to the beach and it was crazy 🤪😜🤪 I got sum sans and put it in a jar and I drove home and this other crazy 🤤🤤🤤 thing happened, I went on Instagram and auctioned the sand for a a doolar or a tarade I hope get puhone guyyyyyyys🥺🥺🥺 then this guy gave his spensive glassz yooaoskdhisihrisodneizkzeizneudiavsehsjdjeeixhehhhehdfhdnr. Like for part two."

  22. hardino0311

    How do you know if someone owns a Tesla?: They will tell you.

  23. JADAMO

    This dude's at sports arena🤣

  24. SALEH-SA7

    “Laughs in Ramadan”

  25. jayden turek

    @ him on Twitter

  26. yoshie Vasquez

    Sand lol

  27. Peanuts

    Didn’t you get a Tesla for 20k? That’s like 8x profit

  28. Sweet Potato

    I found 2015 pirate black yeezy’s near mint condition for $40 at goodwill once

  29. Miles Pelley

    When he traded with David dobrik I feel like it was cheeting because he used his own money to buy the build board not the money or items he traded for

  30. vyan ?!

    wetsuits for a printer?

  31. Milo Boczon

    That loop though took me a moment to realise I watched the thing over again twice

  32. Reynier R.A

    The creator of porsche is also unavailable 🙈

  33. AssGoblin

    Ay this is my town

  34. Freeze_to_ death

    I commented this a while ago but this man is just straight up Bazaar/Auction Flipping for massive profits I swear

  35. firefist x

    Sure ya did

  36. Zach Grall

    You have to use Twitter to get Elon’s attention

  37. Pr0m3theus

    This man is the CEO of $3 Bucks

  38. Summer the Wølf


  39. Hugo Brett

    Dude u hella sus if ya buy people’s ’junk’ 😂

  40. FirmestCoin 9083

    When it’s just a picture

  41. Hunter Charles

    True dat

  42. BrëezyBeeż

    When you live 2 in a half hours from Atlanta: 😀 when am I invited? 🥲

  43. Devil’s Reject

    Glad to see you at least got a ride my guy. You’ll get Elon’s attention. If you haven’t already. Elon may already know and is just coming up with ways he can turn the deal into advertisement or something. Good luck! 😈😈😈

  44. inanimate animated

    It was so close to a perfect Loop noooooooooo

  45. Nolan Bolton

    It’s saitama not one punch man

  46. LaDonna Nunley

    So cute

  47. Alaya is a Random Pickle

    How do your spell that name?

  48. Bean Boi

    This is just u trying to get some views and subs by acting pathetic

  49. Meleni

    hwnahhahabahahhahahah noy me lauing at random stuff he sed lmaoo💀😂

  50. Robin Sampson

    I have a bitbull border colli mix

  51. FFX Fighter

    Thr first few sentences directly contradict the all caps clickbait title

  52. Colin McNamara

    @elon musk

  53. RemDog Litty Army

    It’s a crime that you didn’t show bear close up for longer than 1 second

  54. TacticleRose

    I know where he goes for vacation in OC MD. He invited me to his pent house when it was senior week. I didn't know who he was. He told me he invited Payx/PayPal. Looked um and it was him. Never knew he would this rich tho.

  55. Ashley's world

    Hey! Next time you go there is mexican snacks one of them is dried mango with a bit of spice

  56. Aiden Potkins

    Man I’m just waiting for Ramadan. I have it worst

  57. Ayoub Almani

    Bruh i literally thought u were the bilzerian guy.

  58. Danny 11