This video channel, by Brian Shaw, 4 time World's Strongest Man (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016) is dedicated to entertaining viewers with world-class feats of strength while humbly teaching others to become stronger in body and mind so that they can achieve whatever they believe in.

We will visit popular topics like strongman diet and nutrition, strongman workouts and routines and go thoroughly into proper form, technique equipment.

We'll talk about professional and amateur strongmen coaching and instruction. Brian Shaw prepares year-round for strongman competitions in the USA and around the world. Brian is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is dedicated to be an ambassador of the strongman sport.

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  1. Nico G

    Very nice

  2. Marlon Jormungand

    such a cool colab.

  3. Saad Shoaib

    khabib would put him to sleep

  4. Blaze High

    these collabs with dustin is really cool, it’s not just that you’re the strongest and he’s the best lightweight. there’s just some solid chemistry, little to no banter but just seems like yalll are a vibe.

  5. Saurav Roy

    Dustin 2 - 1 Conor

  6. Stephen Henderson

    Bro, your diet is working great. You are looking wicked fit Brian.

  7. T D

    Brian seems like a gentle giant. I am liking these videos very much. Keep the amazing content coming.

  8. Gui Moore

    156 Conor fans just hit dislikes

  9. T D

    “This is what I do, this is how I eat”. Dustin is a true champ in every sense of the word.

  10. toni va

    Brian wants to eat the other guys food lol

  11. McSpanky 69

    This is like watching two children do a good challenge they saw online 😭

  12. Joni Ireng

    Brian should take some mma class, then he would be a complete monster!

  13. Bigcoochieboi

    Big man in cold tub: cold tub good mental training Navy seal: probably got dropped 5000 yards off shore in some of the coldest waters

  14. Bigcoochieboi

    Big man: Kipping allowed? Also big man: CrossFit pull ups

  15. rory creane

    Fun fact 1 of dustin is only 15.2kg/33.7lbs heavier than one of brians legs based on dustins 155lb fight weight not his walk around weight and a video where brian got a dexa scan pretty sure they said his leg was 55kg/121.2lbs

  16. DopeGames_YT

    Louis if you see this hi🥺😂

    1. Louisiana Duenas

      You watched it ☺️

    2. Louisiana Duenas


  17. Vedant Vishwanath

    how heavy are those plates??

  18. joshua allinson

    nearly turned into Thanos lol

  19. Mustafa T

    Okay, so the first 2 challenges were fair because they adjusted the weight/resistance of the exercises based on the significant weight differences between Brian and Dustin, but the last one seemed like they were both doing 45s on both sides which would be way easier for Brian lol.

  20. Alfredo Manccini

    This is one of best colabs ever

  21. Long Johnny

    Try this with Francis

  22. A King

    Cool video.

  23. Paul Gourley

    Brian: “19.49” Dustin: “It was a great year”

  24. Thomas Greek

    Brian didn’t want to hit the bag at all kept talking and making excuses 😂get involved mate like he did with you...

  25. Ben C

    their arm size difference when they were on the ground was crazy

  26. Nick A.

    After eating the chip: All vowels, no consonants for Brian lol.

  27. Luis Dawnfinder

    I wanna see how Khabib does with Shaw honestly.....

  28. OH YUH

    Those wrist wraps are fire 😂😂


    she calls him honey.. look the guy who is the honey xd

  30. Brandon Tavano

    1000 calories of syrup? No fuckin way. Is he drenching them? Oh, I just saw the plate of syrup soup.... got it.

  31. Free Mar

    Faster b faster


    In all honesty I thought strongman naturally would peak at 50,000 calories as a norm but after seeing thor and Brian attempting I now think otherwise

  33. David Edwards

    New record until Julius Maddox goes there.

  34. DuhBooSack

    I love the shit talking banter 😂


    Olha o peso do soco desse cara kkk


    Ahahaha Start Dancing will make you stop beating.

  37. Roscoe p Coltrane

    The reaper sucks. So intense.

  38. Guillaume Thrashmatic

    Id love to see you guys vs matt stonie

  39. DMax M249

    How does Eddie have more subscribers already?! Those Brits better recognize

  40. T3KNEEK

    I see them ass superheroes 😂

  41. gnperdue

    Yo she is really, really strong.

  42. MrSwjebsus

    Probably my favorite shaw strength video ! Great collab, love the attitude all around, very fun to watch!

  43. Un-Peteable

    Of course they had the skinniest waiter too 😂

  44. Colin Leddy

    Definition of a gentle giant.

  45. Jack Emmett

    Nick best is an amazing human being.

  46. Isaac Remington

    Random content but Test drive a Corolla

  47. diego juarez

    I'd consider Brian the number one strong man over pudz if he gets that 5th title

  48. Hunter Feustel

    Lol it’s like kicking a brick wall

  49. Shady Gaming

    imagine brian shaw going into ufc, All UFC fighters left the chat.

  50. Hunter Feustel

    What a fucking beast

  51. Shady Gaming

    i love how brian is merely touching the bag yet it's swinging, damn imagine a full power technique punch from brian, i'm certain it'd send someone to mars

  52. Hunter Feustel


  53. MuhLogan

    11:31 Brian's friggin quads are absolutely MASSIVE

  54. Alex Smith

    I think the Smith machines suck and wish they would remove my name as I receive so much slander about this, but the people complaining about Planet Fitness generally are guys that can lift like this or well, less of course. Lmao

  55. Operation 3Sixty

    If i worked there I would be PISSED if someone came in and ordered the entire menu to make a KGup video and money off of my minimum wage labor. Let alone the extreme inconvenience it is to other customers. I hope these type of videos fade away soon.

  56. Knut

    after seeing the first meal and how many kcal you say it is... i think you need to buy a kitchen scale :) would probably be different numbers... :)

    1. Mr.100 rupees

      Knut if you could watch anyone of my short videos, memes some fitness related i would love you forever my favourite person in the world that eat Laitalia

    2. beaaaaaaaam

      ye bro

  57. Operation 3Sixty

    Next up 150,000 calories for hitting 1.5m subs!

  58. XanderOnCP

    To who all that reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong...❤🙏

  59. Cole James

    13:39 - someone should have told Tony Ferguson

  60. Aaditya chourasia

    You should one more chip until anyone loose

  61. panos kevre

    My dear lord,do you people who write the comments are zombies?You literally write the same thing,''Brian is huge,etc.'' These people are the best in the world in their craft and they want to encourage you to succeed or at least try and all you took from this is that Brian is huge?

  62. Sensible Squidward

    They weren’t asked to leave? PF must have had a change of heart.

  63. C

    Maybe strongest men now, but in history? I saw a guy squat 1000Lbs twice (two different times.) Picked up and threw a 455 old. He’s dead now RIP but he didn’t train for it and had gorilla strength.

  64. Siddharth Kumar

    He could've just transferred the protein powder in the shaker/sipper instead of first putting it in the blender and blending it for a fraction of a second.

  65. Allen Rodriguez

    Ripping the nose hair is insane. Not healthy at all. We wave hair in our nose to protect against infections and inhalation of dust particles. Bleeding plus no nose hair is a double whammy.

  66. sir Atamooni

    So funny to try see Dustin keep Brian down. These videos are so great in many ways. Maybe best to me is that these actually teach ppl about different sports and also shows what is the difference between athletes. These can also be super funny :)

  67. OldSlowGamer

    Reading the rules I'm wondering why everything isn't painted purple and yellow. And where's that lunk alarm? This isn't the Gold's Gym of old.

  68. Mick Hack

    Brian just looks like the most lovable guy in the world.. He looks genuinely like the most friendly and happy-go-lucky guy ever..

  69. Andres Orozco

    Khabib wrestles bears, Poierer wrestles Brian Shaws lmao

  70. neil hogarth

    Two awesome guys you’d never ever expect to bounce off each other like they do,gotta love Dustin what a really nice guy

  71. CrazyhorseDK

    brian would punt him to the moon haha

  72. Dan Ress

    These 2 are really great together!

  73. Vu Nguyen

    Dustin training to attain that Khabib level strength

  74. mule man

    This is hard to watch

  75. Mike Ywakiem


  76. Luke D

    Fish and a rice cake...

  77. Abdul Raheem Saeedy

    Please do more ufc fights its fun... Its totally balanced

  78. Avery

    Those poor people behind him in line😂😂

  79. Muruk Braunauge

    That intro made me full flash

  80. Blankity Blank

    Brian after having his arm broken - "Good job buddy, that was awesome"