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  1. Jason Avila

    Now it just needs a minifridge. Then you could be in there for DAYS...

  2. Kieran Driedger

    Everyone: YoU hAVe A GaMiNG ChaNNeL?!?!?!!?!?!!? (Exept me of course)

  3. jay rage

    all that money and rare equipment and I'll bet cyberpunk still wont run 🤣🤣

  4. Whistler

    Is it being sold? If so, Shut up and take my money.

  5. W. Drasil

    You should try a Vr booth with 360 surround sound

  6. Don’t Sub


  7. Whistler

    *gamers liked that*

  8. Emua Lt

    I want this

  9. Soham Jadav

    The crossover we need

  10. cardsfanbj

    Expected Linus to comment "Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!"

  11. ayub laribi

    i wanna slap him because he just put the graphics card in there like nothing and put not hdd drive or ssd

  12. Henri Klein

    so basically the only thing you guys did was to amount some monitors. you can do better.

  13. 23william90

    He even drops the power supply for the added effect I'm crying rn lol

  14. Water Wolf

    Does it have hologram for hatsunaye mikuooo

    1. Water Wolf

      This is a joke, to be clear

  15. The Atlas Joker

    I was hoping to get one and then I heard the price so I guess I’m sticking to my 4 year old laptop for a few more years-

  16. AntiQuity

    Next you need to shoot darth Vader with it

  17. chefbuleng corp

    10k dolars gaming pc and not activated windows

  18. Jack Shawver

    My mans gunna need blue light glasses after this

  19. Potato Man

    Ahhhh can i take this?

  20. start game


  21. gold dragon

    I want that 😮

  22. blue sqirl

    that looks sooooo sick

  23. Will Thomas

    not quite as annoying as linus

  24. The normal trailer guy


  25. Sara Brissonnette

    Could you guys make asta’s first sword from black clover it’s huge and heavy so I wanna see it

  26. Wide Putin Is Jesus

    At least he used it to play a good game...

  27. Daphoid

    Was not expecting this at all. Fantastic.

  28. Elmeri Putkonen

    lol activate windows

  29. Brandon Ranallo

    What the _fuck_ kind of games are you planning on playing to use 2 3090s?

  30. The Evil Ninja

    Your beard has been crazy!

  31. Vik Gaming

    We made the ULTIMATE GAMING POD, translation: we make fun of linus

  32. mine TM0.2

    Can you make a Full Drive Gaming Pack

  33. Abdul K

    Video #2 of telling the Hacksmith that he should do a collab with Mark Rober

  34. Dave - TechX

    Smooth Sponsor Segway, drops a piece of equipment, miss-announces one of the parts, doesn't activate windows, socks and sandals, the intro Wait, what channel am I watching?!?

  35. _Shaey_

    lol the url in the beginning just redirects to the channel xD

  36. astalion

    I need one :(

  37. Noah Bishop

    "Subscribe to our second channel" 😂

  38. Jack Devitt

    All It needs is a bathroom and it will be perfect

  39. Avery Rhinerson

    Honestly kinda scary how well you captured his charm

  40. nightcore midget

    i need this

    1. Caleb Zhao

      yes me too

  41. Eppo S

    Dual 3090 Supported game list...... Really?

  42. Cole Webb

    Hacksmith it’s ok, how much did Linus pay you to do this? We can talk about it.

  43. Igor Miroshnichenko


  44. Torey Brank

    That’s not Rico its color duty call of duty

  45. CASS Designs

    The sleeping pod video amazed me when you first posted it, glad it made a comeback! I just wish the hacksmith could see what Linus did to the sleeping pod

  46. Magerquark

    Jesus loves gaming 0:37

  47. Cynical Forty

    Is this a dis to Linus 😂😂

  48. Austin Clark

    they need to do a gaming livestream in the pod.

  49. Johnny Suarez

    Looking like Captain America

  50. slayde slays

    You should make a mandalorian sniper biuld

  51. Brady Foster

    *starts to have verge flashbacks*

  52. twinkmaster2

    Went from productivity pod to procrastination pod😂

  53. Mohammed Rafay Ali

    Waw good game ING 🎮 PC 😎👌

    1. Mohammed Rafay Ali

      I am not joking

  54. Spartacus FPV

    Me @6:30 "There are no fans on cooler!!!!!"

  55. Kenny

    I literally watched the sleeping pod video last night.

  56. Adrian Müller

    No NV-Link Bridge though?

  57. Zak Srdanovich

    The Chamber of self pleasure.

  58. LitlClutch

    What arm did you use to mount the lapdesk? that thing seemed robust. Seems like a decent setup, but I think for me the Monitor would feel too close.

  59. Edward M Jean-Barre

    I keep pressing the like button every time he shows a new box 😂

  60. BDWIXX

    It hurts to see that the second 3090 isnt even connected to the other one, the second one doesnt do anything without an nvlink cable if im not mistaken

  61. TRINX’s gaming

    gamers dream

  62. Adrian’s Animations 20

    James is starting to look more like a caveman everyday

  63. Sebastian Rogers

    I love how the child really comes out In him when he starts to game

  64. ƤRɆĐĂŤØR 512

    Hey hacksmith make one next where u like adjust the screen

  65. Jack Myers

    Jeez that motherboard is the size of my laptop

  66. Platinum BACON

    I’m scared

  67. pijus turleckas

    I culdint tell if this was the haksmith or linus literaly

  68. It is just I Luca

    Pls my man can you tell me your workout plan ?

  69. Tik-Tac-Toe

    How lazy of absetbup.. ya let's help people be lazy and gain unmentionable amounts of weight.. 2021 is looking real bright.

  70. Zageron

    As a regular lmg viewer this is amazing

  71. A53N510N

    Hacksmith, You've Inspired Me So Much That I'm Planning To Run My Own Industry In A Couple Years. I Wanted To Say Thank You For Doing What You Do. And To Keep Up The Good Work.

  72. Rather Relatable Mantis Shrimp

    Love the cad section of the video - i do a lot of work in cad myself, so its cool to get to see how you guys design things!

  73. [L4E] LAR

    Which software do you use to design it?

  74. Marek Zítka

    Nice work! Looks exactly like LTT. Even with not activated licence of Windows. Nice detail. :)

  75. Lee Ball

    I really hope linus sees this

  76. Leo The Gamer Lin

    He needs a better cpu

  77. Ryann thecat

    i am french

  78. Dylan Schmitz

    Do you think you could make Kratos’ Leviathan Axe from the 2018 (I think) God of War? You could maybe put small tubes on it to shoot out cold substances. Just a thought. I don’t know if it would work.

  79. Alter Toko

    What if it catches on fire tho?

  80. SUPERMONKEY2111 SM2111

    Is this ksi with the inactivated windows