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  1. Joseph

    the purge movie i am excited for


    I'm asking myself how would it be if we could still have that Ghost Raider series , how much good could it been if it wasn't cancelled.

  3. • Valerie Bean •

    YEEEEEEEES!!!!! Go Mike!!!!!!!! And FINALLY the FNAF movie!! I am SO excited!!

  4. Edwin Galeas

    Bro am I the only one who thinks he looks exactly like a judge off of master chef😭😂😂

  5. Hunter Locklair

    Who wants it chapter 3

  6. Christian Rosario

    You know, I get it, but it will be a little sad if the Star Trek reboot leaves the Kelvin Timeline entirely. I know a lot of people aren't fans of it, but it's still a little sad to see it end especially since the ideas for the fourth one sounded cool.

  7. Darth xoxo

    how could u miss drogon from game of thrones

  8. Aggravated Toast

    Lil nas x as him is perfect casting

  9. The VNCNY

    "When his son is more interested in things lie codeine." 😆

  10. Christopher Murray

    I can’t say whether or not the Powerpuff Girls series will be good, but one this is for sure CW is really trying to make it look good. It looks a bit weird and wacky but it’s coming from a weird and wacky cartoon so I’m totally gonna be sitting in for the pilot. I have faith it’ll be fun

  11. Golden King

    I never heard of this now 8 really wanna watch it

  12. gabe mcintosh

    I realized like weeks ago that in child's play 3..the red head girl was gonna tell a story about a mental institution and it occurred to me of cult of chucky 😳🤯

  13. Cosmic Gaming

    Godzilla vs Kong isn’t only about who wins in a fight and who I stronger. Godzilla vs Kong is Godzilla vs Kong in fighting, respect, nobility and forgiveness. I was Godzilla side, but after watching the movie many times, I realized this. It is draw. Godzilla was Stronge and won in fight. Kong had more respect, nobility and forgiveness and leadership. So it was draw.

  14. u sus bruh

    Is that dr manhattan next to the mask on the thumbnail?

  15. Keegan Rogers

    9:28 what did he say

  16. Chuck Knapp

    Keanu reeves is gonna be playing in justice league dark live action as constantine, that might be a new vid????!???

  17. loli

    professor x from logan should play utonium also wtf why is he black

  18. Rehan's Freak96

    Kong destroyed mecha bcs godzilla charged his axe up...and some systems of mecha were shutting down bcs team godzilla was doing about turn to mecha off..... Otherwise mecha could kill kong with drill his head or hits his red atomic breath

  19. Beau Walker

    Chili dogs! I still hope Metal Sonic appears at the climax.

  20. Sans The skeleton

    Now we know that this theory is wrong

  21. Alec Horowitz

    Wait...I was an original bronie? Learn something new everday

  22. Nix

    I have a theory that "Powerpuff" is going to have flashbacks to the girls childhood every other episode. If so, they need some kid actors on standby.

  23. ZenoScott

    Godzilla vs Kong, the movie does show that Godzilla could have killed Kong, and the only reason Kong lived was bc the humans charged his heart back on. And Kong needed the axe to get the upper hand but Kong was able to get the upper hand in the first ocean fight without the axe. But we can all admit that Mechagodzilla was the strongest threat that Kong and Godzilla ever faced and Mechagodzilla could have killed Godzilla if Kong was not there. And Mechagodzilla could have killed Kong if Godzilla was not there.

  24. Rehan's Freak96

    The result is godzilla beats kong's ass both times... There wasnt round 3

  25. knockout

    What about the rooster singing i wish I was in dixie, in the original space jam .... guess their not bring him back lolol

  26. Rashed Alblooshi


  27. Assassin Ted

    G.O. Sounds like my zoom teacher

  28. BLM_multifandomgurl


  29. Andrea Sellery

    9:28 what did he say!?!?

  30. Syphon 2k

    I saw chucky

  31. Jayden Reed

    Baron Zemo: 61 72 longing rusted Bucky: Ahhhhhhhh my head please stop! Zemo: Yes it worked Bucky: Sochi bitch

  32. Brandon T

    QUALITY FACTOR?! 🤣😂🤣 THE SAW MOVIES HAVENT BEEN GOOD SINCE SAW 3! lol that franchise needs to die.

  33. Brandon T

    Wait wait wait. You can't say JACKASS when it's the title of a movie? If that's not the dumbest shit I've heard lol

  34. Victor Unbea

    I prefer the Powerpuff Girls Re-imagined from Imgur. They should've used that for the plot.

  35. nihilistic adventure

    There is absolutely nothing appealing about this movie.

  36. o MoonFace o

    It’s going to flop. Just like the Tom and Jerry live action.

  37. Brantley Madden

    I think I see a storm chip in there

  38. Sha Fakiri

    I’m guessing Yosemite is in Disney word

  39. Dante Solablood

    Tom Kenny was also The Mayor, in PPG as well. Would make him an ideal casring despite him being way too tall in real life. Would, you know.. sound like him. ;)

  40. Tu Papi

    U think I’m too late to ask for a t shirt ☹️😢🤷‍♂️ cuz I would love one😩

  41. Ismael Rivera

    I’m really looking for the new saw movie

  42. Jack Wywrot


  43. jblue88 hood gamer

    Well Iron Giant was made by Warner Brothers after all.

  44. Lamar Brown

    Saw and spiral

  45. Tre' Lavon

    8:30 called sam bucky buddy didn’t think i’d notice ?

  46. Lamar Brown

    NASA and star trek

  47. the all-new classic metal Steve!

    Oh my god! My ROFLcopter goes SOI SOI SOI hahahahahaha axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI lololololll ROFL ROFL ROFL SOI SOI SOI SOI

  48. Adam Films

    They should move spider-man no way home back from December to September,just my opinion

  49. NINDIE

    Why am I getting Ready Player One vibes?

  50. Zach Rainbow Boi

    Star wars

  51. August Greco

    Spider man 4 no way tobey maguire no 2025 no

  52. Gavinbro

    my Sonic movie 2 wish list is I want Green Hill Zone I want Emerald Hill Zone I want Knuckles and I want tails and I want more of the mushroom planet and I want Shadow and we cannot forget Metal Sonic

  53. NoodleArmy

    Let's hope Adam(Director) announces the winner

  54. Linda Martinez

    The Chucky TV Series So Excited🧟‍♂️🩸💚

  55. David Ferguson

    Hey kids do you like clockwork orange?

  56. Spongeboi Sus Pants

    Rated R Captain America

  57. Lisa Reece

    I want the sonic movie

  58. Gr Lo

    Whatever they're thinking...it's a bad idea.

  59. David Maldonado

    I hope this movie reveals what happened to Hoffman and Dr Gordan

  60. tim matthews

    Glad purge moved up bummed about mission impossible though

  61. Brandon Heffron

    I never liked the power puff girls sorry Chris but I would love to see a live action code name kids next door or the Grim adventures of billy and Mandy!

  62. TheDankBoi 69

    Space Jam is probably an illegal crossover.

  63. Linda Martinez

    I Have The Same Shirt He Has Of Chucky One Of My Friends Gave That Shirt For My Birthday😆😆❤

  64. Cinamatic playz

    Weren’t you gonna were a costume of the winner

  65. Gavin Pereira

    thank you buddy for the details

  66. Samuel Robillard

    I don’t see why everyone hates John walker so much I personally think he’s awesome...he’s no Steve Rodgers but damn he is really good

  67. Frayhua

    They should not do a Star Trek reboot it will be an epic failure it best to watch the original with William Shatner and Leonard Limoy and it became a sci-fi franchise doing a reboot will kill it.

  68. Freaks Of Wrestling Podcast

    i think saw 10 will have nothing to do with saw 9 at all and saw 10 will go back to the original story for first 8 movies


    I loved goosebumps 2 😢 I wish we gotten goosebumps 3 because I hate when they have cliffhanger and then they reboot wtf was Sony thinking

  70. Bibbus 06

    I love this it reminds me of the library scene from ghostbusters 1 it already feels like a true successor to the original more than the 2016 movie

  71. Alex Mizyris

    Screw it, I'm watching Powerpuff.

  72. happuguava 2

    I hope that they make the new star trek as good as the old one's

  73. William Afton

    Can we play a game pls

  74. duckyzzz

    Actually that Ryan Reynold's movie seems more like Disney Channel's "Don't Look Under The Bed".

  75. Rebeca Fernandez Rivera

    OMG IT's so cut


    My dad works for Sony he says thers a roblox movie coming out

  77. Jayden Lawrence

    I think saw x is mark huffman gets his revenge on Dr.Gordon

  78. Peter Walt [Student]

    Please Make More Trailer Reactions Chris.

  79. ZERØ

    I hope we get bat duck

  80. justinn bucano

    I'm going to watch atleast the first episode of the Power Puff Girls. Gee I hope it's decent