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  1. Zir0_ZoneZ


  2. Robert Martin JR.

    The big bad for Dr Strange 2 is Shuma Gorath.

  3. EnderGuy Productions

    w e a r W O L F

  4. Matad0rr


  5. Reaperz

    You forgot to mention that Tobey's girlfriend followed the cast of NWH I think she unfollowed them once people found out but not sure it was around the time of that crew merch leak

  6. Deion Levins

    They could make Eddie Brock part of Garfields Universe..I dig that next Venom movie Maximum Carnage brings Spidey in

  7. Nathan Jackson

    WOLF!!! PLEASE!!!!

  8. Chocolate ice21

    From all these signs its happening even Alfred confirmed that's his Doc Ock there's no hiding it anymore I can't wait to hear Tobey's theme when he returns on the big screen😀😀👌

  9. The Bandit

    What if they retcon the ending part of tasm 2 like they pick up electro right when hes getting zapped and about to overload but they pick him up from their and he forms into a new comic book accurate electro and ye the same thing for andrew they pick him up from their too leaving gwen stacy alive and dane dehaan as the green goblin lookin for spider man. Which basically sets up a new timeline

  10. Greg Valen

    Are you saying warewuff????

  11. Martyn Pereira

    If Tobey & Andrew appear, they need to make Spider-Man 4 & TASM 3

  12. Dylan Brozyna

    Can’t get over the weird ass way this guy pronounces “werewolf”

  13. Keith Downing

    Aunt May taken hostage by Doc Oc

  14. Keith Downing

    WHAT IF: all the info was not even for a movie... but a VR game

  15. Keith Downing

    Just Imagine: all these past removed because of contacts and the fact that they are actually going to be in Doctor Strange movie not Spiderman

  16. Jack Malugen


  17. Uncle_aughie

    I want the storm breaker so bad because at the end of the month it’s my birthday

  18. Mekhi White

    What if they switched out Spider-Man actors on PlayStation so that he appears on screen

  19. Gershon Cuizon

    post credit scene "sinister six"

  20. MK MK

    Why do they need to keep Disney so clean. Kids know everything these days anyway. All the kids I know personally, they love blood and gore. Disney don’t really care about exposing children to things that are too mature for them, they only care about the money they make from family friendly content.

  21. Theaussieraccoon

    The Spider-Man No Way Home Iceberg

  22. Theaussieraccoon

    Man this film is going to be awesome, hope there's no delays


    No way home could be a double meaning for Peter Parker being on the run and the other two Peter Parkers not being able to find their way back to their universe

  24. CreeperX _75

    As if it wasn’t enough, let’s remember that Vulture was at the very end of the Morbius trailer. I mean come on, is it’s not a Spider-verse film I’m probably gonna throw my chair off the window.

  25. Syahmi Zamri

    If Marvel Studios and Disney want to start producing R-rated movies, then what about the change of director happened to Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness?

  26. sarah elizabeth

    if this all of these rumors happen then this movie is going to be the best movie in history.

  27. William Francis

    I think 💭 it’s leading that way the spider 🕷 👨 man 3 movie 🍿 into the spider verse. In the mean time we should force the theatres 🎭 to open so we can watch the MCU movies 🎥 in a theatre 🎭. MCU rocks.

  28. Degan Baczynski

    i want storm breaker

  29. Samuel Flimel

    I got an theory. I really believe that this will be a spider-verse film. Do you remember in Raimi Spiderman 2 when JJJ was picking name for Doc Ock? There was mention of Doctor Strange. But the name was taken.. So maybe Doctor Strange multiverse of madness will take place in timeline BEFORE Raimi Spiderman 2 and the crossover will began there. That is mine theory.

  30. Tyler Worsham

    Since they're not recasting Boseman's character, I kinda hope they do a work-around, have Boseman's T'Challa die, acknowledge that death, and then have an alternate universe T'Challa played by someone eose step into the picture somehow. Thar way people don't feel Boseman's iteration is disrespected, but we still get "T'Challa" in the MCU. He's just too important to the bigger picture of things to have character completely absent with everything that's coming down the bend.

  31. James Wogan

    Watch all these rumors be false and we find out it was Agatha all along.

  32. W!llACT

    I can wait to see you guys get disappointed!🤣🤣

  33. BLINKY

    I'm sorry, did you just say "Werewoof"?

  34. Matt Beier

    What about Gen-X ? That would be a great addition .

  35. Lotsobig 1

    Random guy : Hey Warren what’s ur spirit animal Warren : woof

  36. Ty Keisel

    Where my werewoofs at?!

  37. Insane Sane

    I feel Tom Holland's spidey is gong to leave MCU after Noway Home and will be in a new world which is of Sony's Venom & Morbius. Thats how the movie is going to end. Yes it will have multiverse in it. Only then Tom Holland's spidey can reach Venom verse. If you remember what Venom's director said in his trailer break down, at this point venom or they're not aware of spiderman. Noway home ending will give us the intro to venom verse. And venom 3 would be venom vs spidey vs carnage or some other badass. Thats how they're going to patch the continuity issue. *Edit - Let me know How's my theory? I know, if this happens we'll miss spidey in the MCU. but will get him in the venom verse atleast!

  38. Nathan Perdomo

    75% says Dr strange shows up in Spider-Man 3 credit scene!

  39. Phoenix Baldwin

    Morbius comes out after Spider Man. Its a different SpiderMan on the wall. Maybe in the Spider Man Movie, Toby Kills Someone

  40. Phoenix Baldwin

    Nobody could play JJJ except JK Simmons

  41. Colin MacInnis

    I don't think Marvel's purposely making us believe this is happening so we are thrown off the scent of this movie/movies. Cuz everyone knows if that's what they're trying to do that this movie will become one of the most hated movies if u don't see any of them even make an appearance after all these "marvel leaks" and actors just randomly being on set or in the thick of things.

  42. Nathan Hedger

    Forgot Kirsten Dunst on IMBD.

  43. Tyler Ransom

    Yeah, this movie is bound to be bigger than Endgame...

  44. hk

    @3:25 I just want you to say "werewoff" xD

  45. Anthony Martinez

    Still got ptsd from form what wandavision did 😑

  46. RedBackpr

    This decade is gonna be huge

  47. Oscar穆尼兹ツ

    That honey ad be going crazyyyyyyyyyyyy

  48. mr hardy


  49. mr hardy


  50. mr hardy


  51. mr hardy


  52. Dee Nicholas

    I jus want anything Marvel right now. Doesn't matter if it's a series or movie idc.

  53. mr hardy


  54. mr hardy


  55. walter carney

    Namor would be awesome.

  56. South Texas Angler

    What ruins movies are the fan theories cause they stir up everybody and make everyone excited for something that usually doesn’t happen. It happened to me with the new Star Wars trilogy so I will not be expecting anything for Spider-Man 3.

  57. Daniel K

    For the love of god... stop saying werewoof. It's werewolf.

  58. Odwayne Williams

    What if Tom Hardy's Venom is just the Eddie Brock of Andrew Garfield spider verse?

  59. Random Fandom

    I want the no way home trailer to come so bad

    1. Manny Diaz

      We all do.

  60. hanzala enam

    Hey watch this...everyone is thinking about the " sam raimi spiderman on the wall but muderer is written over it refering to mcu spiderman " thing. In my opinion i think that as we got to know from Spiderman FFH that mysterio has a connection with the multiverse what if he spread the message of spiderman being a murderer with their own identities on all the universe ( because he just hates spidy guys no matter which universe thier from) and that's how all the people from all the universe took their spiderman as a murderer .guys if you like the theory then give it a like so i can understand if my thory works or nor

  61. Super Bright Brat

    At this point, I'll be surprised if it ISN'T a Spider-Verse film

  62. Mark Anthony Garcia

    what does some Toy Leaks say?

  63. Ben Arkham njpw

    Oh yeah it’s all coming together

  64. Outside the Box Review

    6:26 - Why did they use the same actor in wanda vision for quicksilver as in the Xmen universe?

  65. Kobizarre

    I'm fully convinced it's happening right, but part of me still thinks it's too good to be true

  66. Bobtwi Chew

    Absolutely 100% a Spiderverse movie. If it turns out not to be it would be a huge disappointment to the fans and maybe we don't go to the theater? It has to be at this point. Great video, way to break it down brother.

  67. MR AC

    If they can't get John and Emily for Reed and Sue. I want Jennifer Lawrence for Sue Storm. I really want Michael Fassbender for Dr. Doom

  68. Ben Ibarra

    Well yes of course Tobey, Andrew will be in *No Way Home* .I’m so excited to see these *3 Spider-Men* on the big screen.

  69. Marvelous Legend

    To alll who think a Spider-Verse isn't coming are also same ppl who think covid is over lol

  70. Excursion Comics

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  71. Jove$ter

    I don’t think there has to be a valid reason why those actors are reprising their roles as those characters. The MCU is its own thing from the other Spider-Man movies. I honestly think if the MCU wants to introduce the multiverse then cool, but there is such a thing as going to crazy with it. There are so many characters in the MCU they can introduce. Why throw the different Spidermen in it?

  72. professor granpa

    Wtf is a werewoof?

  73. MR AC

    If Tobey gets a Spiderman 4 Andrew should get The Amazing Spiderman 3 & 4

  74. Loutzenheiser

    Didn't we already see this on Cosmic Culture's page?

  75. professor granpa

    Dr. Strange could just be there to make spiderman and Peter appear at the same time so people don't think he's spiderman anymore.

  76. AiCDragon

    The "werewoof"?... pronunciate the "Ls" dude

  77. Zechariah Baca

    Remember when JK Simmons confirmed the existence of doctor strange in New York during Spider-Man 2

    1. Manny Diaz

      That was a fun easter egg

  78. Drip2Naz

    When is spiderman homecoming and spiderman for from home going to be on Disney Plus

  79. Ish Leask

    I seriously can't wait!

  80. The_D0C70R

    Tobey is playing “Ben Dover” and Andrew is starring as “Hugh Mungus”