A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island in Creative, or quest in Save the World.

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  1. セバスチャン-_-love

    This season I started playing and now I'm a tremendous vice

  2. Riiu Snow

    get rid of cross play its ridiculous

  3. Yasin Belaouane

    Gg's only

  4. alxvet

    2021 and today i still want travis

  5. Axoz

    Look at the names! Mommakitten1978 lmao and shakeynbakey wtf

  6. SpaceWolf 723

    Its kinda crazy that stw really has stayed pretty much the same since the start

  7. kinghypeboy lmao

    0:51 midas touch meowsucles does he have golden touch

  8. Ashi

    There are some real origami’s burgers there

  9. David Caballero

    Fortnite please make a bulldog skin I always wanted there to be a skin of it.

  10. Alma Contreras

    Hope did not delete on season 6

  11. MemerManStan

    Trailer: So many possibilities, deathruns, adventure maps Actual Creative: BHE 1v1 BUILD FIGHTS 社㐪子𥮴火山金大難戈大弓日戈難大弓山尸弓山難山

  12. Lxzo

    Just let us play this game for 1 day pls @Fortnite

  13. legoeurget

    Fortnite pls can you link ur Fortnite moble so i can play un game pls and thank u! Im Legourgent in fornite

  14. Lamb

    Can we just bring it back to season 1 I hate fortnite this would bring me back to the game none of my friends play this game Cause the lobby’s are just sweats and try hard @Fortinte

  15. swixfc

    Who else misses old Fortnite ❤️ well we can’t expect epic games to keep the game the same same for 4 years they have done an amazing jobs this game changed millions of lives these will always bring memories Thank you epic games ❤️

  16. TX MichaelDaGoat

    I can do the spire challenges anymore . Do you know any way to fix that.

  17. Lisa Wilson

    Excited. I won a brand new Ps5 ❤️

  18. [Official CorgiOutlaw yt]

    OG days were amazing :C Common epic bring them back....pls?

  19. Atomikpool 777


  20. The Critic

    Still waiting for this to Come back year 4 in a half now

  21. clips de twich

    And travis ?

  22. Pump

    How kids see nerf wars: 0:47

  23. dark reaper

    this is why fortnite is dying cause of sweats welp i can already see 9 year olds saying UWU ur dumb ur capping and do i care?????

  24. Alexie Pineda

    When Fortnite used to be good...

  25. Oliver Kling

    Make it so save the world is on Nintendo talk to se if they are going to add it

  26. Pablo Villalobos

    Pido colaboracion con attack on titan

  27. Hotdog Dragun

    Ahhhhh the first season I've ever played in, i was such a noob, good times


    Rip vending machines P.s BRING THEM BACK and make season 6 better

  29. henrique


  30. Bob from Animal Crossing

    It’s when the Justin skin was added

  31. henrique

    indiana jones skin next collab?

  32. Connor The gamer

    Bring back the marvel sinks back

  33. Nocturno Ablaze


  34. AA - 03SP 960609 Countryside Village PS

    I miss Midas from fortnight season two season six

  35. Sabrewulf

    I can't play because I don't have 2fa

  36. Bread

    When Fortnite was Fortnite. A funny simple game, not a competitive kids game

  37. Vic-Om Players

    Y el canal de latam bien gracias xd

  38. So8r

    You should have a option for console saying that you can have 80 fps or 120

  39. Shamoux


  40. Shamoux


  41. Fortnite Leaks And News

    The good old days

  42. Hank J Wimbleton

    POV: there is one more toilet paper in the store and its 2020

  43. Turbo

    when is the world cup

  44. Jacob Torres

    Bring back Fortnite mobile to Apple and Aim assist

  45. Jacob Torres

    Bring back Apple mode and a aim assist back to all devices

  46. Beefy Stew

    Good luck!

  47. Adnan Lukman

    Old days when noone knew how to build 😢

  48. Talon Mix-elkins

    I have something for creative mode the all stages of the orb ive been wanting it for a longggg time



  50. lonly psycho

    Bruh you just got me soooo hyped yeeeeeeeaaaaaaa

  51. miles_yk_

    7:53 psalm eating a single sprout

  52. Hussain Elguindy

    recommended 2 years later anyone?

  53. ツTito

    Wtf 2017 Fornite

  54. Matheo Savedra

    haha tashmë e kam atë lojë të neveritshme për të cilën është e padobishme

  55. Boiii Yeet

    When the game was not full of sweaty nerds

    1. Boiii Yeet

      I miss the old days

  56. Damien Byrne

    who here in 2021? lmao

  57. Aarón Agüero


  58. Owen Casebolt

    You Should talk to apple to get Fortnite Mobile on apple

  59. Wyatt’s Wonderful world



    Epic I want to play fortnite again can you unband fortnite from the apple store

  61. David C

    Fortnight can we please get a Male Turok skin ?

  62. This is fine

    *RAY* Joins the battle!

  63. Montage Maker

    27 body shot

  64. Daniel orzil

    de vuelvan a travis a la tienda de fortniteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  65. S A

    Please Travis come out today or Tmrw 😭😭

  66. Keegan the HI guy

    fortnite it is so unfair that the people like me buys the 1st Batman comic book online and does not even get the codes for the fortnite item can you give the the online comic book people codes to becasue that is so unfair

    1. Keegan the HI guy

      PLEASE PLEASE give everyone who bought a online book gets a code with it

  67. Montage Maker

    Guys never use the default skin if you bad RNG in bed shock and

  68. Montage Maker

    No you’re not here to break all that you do the stink eye fanciest gonna be easy for me if you don’t give me a bone arrows in bad or NG so fortnight give me a good orangey and give me a bottle

  69. Montage Maker

    Fortnite why don’t you shut up My opponent movie got a shotgun and all I get is a bone arrow to bone arrows from two chest fixes orangey like why don’t you remove bows

  70. Dikeledi Kganyago

    Fortnite plz bring back recon specialist

  71. عبدالله النسي

    ههههه انا هههههه. فله نعم 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤝🤝🤝💯🥳

  72. shellyv85

    I need a trio I play na west and I have 6.1k areana points I'm more of a support

  73. Lamiss Aloush

    Good luck to everyone thats trying to get the picaxe.

  74. Montage Maker

    Fortnite you really stink my teammates shotgun didn’t shoot and he hit him for 21 headshot

  75. Montage Maker

    Fortnite please fix this glitch why are you too lazy to fix go speaking so why aren’t you fixing shotguns I really hit somebody for 39 headshot with a green makeshift and then 51 headshot with green makeshift I should’ve hit them for 112 and 112 what’s wrong with you being so lazy

  76. Gazma父

    Crazy how FNCS is already coming back this season's hype has been dead tho ngl 🤣🤣

  77. Arcelia Zamora

    Is the baby snowmando backing like a pet?

  78. StorminStefano

    No way

  79. bobo baggin

    Your game made me get kicked off the game fuuuuuuuu