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  1. Lynn Moorhead

    R.I.P. Alex... you will be missed.

  2. gioyu comi

    Wow Courage nice job

  3. Lo Tra

    Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

  4. Tim D

    There were no proud boys there. They knew it was going to be bad for them if they went so they all agreed they would not attend. Good move. However FAKE NEWS reports that they were there anyway so wtf.

  5. Truckguy Truckguy

    Who are the proud boys...a bunch of middle age men drinking beer and making jokes. Who are the media...a bunch of idiots making shit up.

  6. YouTube Lover


  7. Christopher Thurman

    this doesn't even mention child support. If the person who is support to give child support is not working . There is no support coming in.

  8. Bill Hall

    Watching him on Pluto hosting show BUZZR forgot he even did it. He was a fixture and legend on American TV. He will live on in reruns

  9. mark henwood

    Cnn loves them celebrities

  10. Erica Oosterbaan

    These people aren’t terrorists...they’re just really ignorant and stupid. They’re extreme lack of intelligence is what’s dangerous.

  11. jurnagin

    There's only one Alex Trebek He cant be replaced, but I've heard that what's his nuts might get the job, the guy on Star trek and reading rainbow, He may be a good choice? But only if he be in Character with visors on!!

    1. gioyu comi

      Honestly amazing

  12. Donnie Hagy

    Sorry, but Jeopardy was around long before 1984.

  13. 009 Felix

    Bout time he retired permanently these overpaid bum's in Hollywood getting lifetime appointments in Hollywood.

  14. Tony Jefferson

    Canadian Member of Parliament Derek Sloan has a petition against mandatory untested vaccines, please consider signing it. I can't include a link because my comments get deleted whenever I do. Please google it.

  15. JustPatchy

    “Your body is imperfectly perfect” “It’s really hard for me to say just how I feel” “The boys want a taste of the strawberry shortcake”

  16. butti fdft

    “We love you Alex ❤️” him: “ah thank you” his eye:😢... WE LOVE U ALEX... R.I.P.

  17. Ward Patrick

    I grew up with Jeopardy! on the TV as a kid. It felt like losing a loved one when he passed. That's the depth of respect and admiration I had for Alex Trebek. He will be greatly missed.

  18. Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall


  19. Osmosis Jones

    No one cares, your fake virus has lost its momentum. The only thing we fear is your jab! We will continue to live our lives. We will not comply. Lockdowns are for politicians!

  20. Hill Bookman

    This gentleman brought so much joy to my life. He is irreplaceable and he will be missed. RIH Sir!

  21. King S

    Can't believe we Torontonians have to look at these faces and say "guess what the man who killed you and took your limbs away is pleading not guilty and more likely is going to walk free because he claims he is autistic, so I'm sorry to say this but apparently our justice system clearly doesn't give a shit about you but pretends it does". stop pretending his actions weren't cruel or inhumane, he's a murderer and autism has nothing absolutely NOTHING to do with this. Why don't you have the balls to say all of this to the family victims faces rather than making a pathetic video.

  22. Rens Hoving

    Gavin could be Dutch.

  23. Chava K

    She’s so awesome i swear

  24. t henderson

    I've learned everything I need to know in life from people like this. He was worth 78 million dollars. Was still working 2 weeks before he dropped dead. I will not be like this. Go to the lake, or the mountains. Buy a boat, camper, plane, fast car. Play with your kids, grandkids, especially your wife, play with her a lot. Go do something other than work! Don't die at work.

    1. butti fdft

      It breaks my heart every time I think about Alex being gone. I seriously believe he was the classiest man to ever walk this earth.

  25. Happy Go Lucky

    I hate this channel because of your dependence on clickbait. Go to hell and goodbye.

  26. Rescue694

    I remember his voice on jeopardy when I was kid it will be hard to hear the game show without him he is a legend

  27. jmleeinla

    A gentleman through and through. Exhibiting strength and kindness till the end. He and his awesome voice will be sorely missed. It’s a shame future generations won’t be able to know of him. What is: RIP Alex. Bon Voyage and good travels?

  28. robert damico

    God just welcomed one of his great works of art into his kingdom!

  29. Kenneth Rojas

    RIP Buddy.🌹

  30. 0623kaboom

    pity they ignored 90% of his speech ... waste of time watching this video

  31. Gary Wilson

    The dependent cry concurringly bore because technician ipsilaterally empty about a debonair speedboat. equable, mature mini-skirt

  32. Berta axo

    My heart breaks what a sweetheart 🥺

  33. Nuno Soares

    Rest in peace Alex. You fought a brave and hard fought battle. Condolences to the family especially wife Jean. Jeopardy won't be the same :-(

  34. Billy Martens

    Jeopardy didn't debut in 1984 it was brought back from the 1960s show with Art Fleming

  35. Rick Somers

    His last few words are needed to be heard now more than ever in America.

  36. day1971

    All proud boys are overweight, nerds and losers who never had girlfriend in their life.

  37. TJ K

    Love Alex, his message here, and I'm completely on board with creating a kinder, gentler society. I fear those who subscribe to the heartless and empathy-lacking culture that has grown over the last 4 years will dismiss this and continue to be a-holes because someone high up the ladder made them believe it's OK to be a bully. Thankfully there are more Alex's than Trump's in the world.

  38. That Guy

    Hes soooo strung out on coke damn

  39. xAtomicW0lfx

    Alex needs a movie

  40. J Rza

    Rest in peace Alex! Love you!

  41. cnmmd qiuoo

    It breaks my heart every time I think about Alex being gone. I seriously believe he was the classiest man to ever walk this earth.

  42. Billy da Baller

    liked the end message tho

  43. D2theGRecords

    Geah thanks for this

  44. J H

    “I know I wasn’t invited but I smoked mad meth and showed up so I’m telling people who ask why I’m here that I’m here for my fans. Yeah, I know none of my fans are here but it’s the only excuse I got. New album? Uh, yeah sure, yeah I’m relevant. It’s out January. Yeah, that’s it. What kind of music? Oh music to smoke meth too while DUI’ing in your car. How does it compare to the rest of the stuff on the radio? I like the deep end of the pool” as the 2 guys waiting for them have mixed looks of embarrassment and annoyance.

  45. Javier Sanders

    When I first heard of his death I cried for almost and hour and decided I would wait a little until I watch any of the news about him, I thought I was ready but now im crying all over again this man was a saint and an all around good guy.RIP

  46. Chelsea P

    I truly hope that he knew in the end, really knew, how much we all loved him.

  47. jamal anwar

    Respect and rest in peace Mr. Trebek

  48. brilliantatbreakfast

    Jeopardy has been on far longer than that. Art Fleming was the original host.

  49. OrigamiGirl95

    Anyone else trying not to cry the whole time? :'(

  50. Greg D

    Wow 2:05..........just wow.

  51. Mary Revis

    A freaking class act all the way!!!. God bless his gentle soul and may he Rest In Peace. Thank you dear Alec Tebek ❤️🙏

  52. ginantsfan5

    Our final category to day is Legendary Game Show Host hear is the clue: This man hosted Jeopardy from 1984 until his untimely death in 2020 and made each of our lives a little bit brighter and lived life to the fullest right to the end and will truly be missed and once guessed voiced on the hit Nick show Rugrats 30 seconds players.: The answer is who is Alex Trebek. Good bye Alex and thank you for The memories you were truly loved by all and will be truly missed you will live one forever in our Hearts and you will always be our inspiration!!!!!!! RIP Alex thank you and good night.1940-2020.😥👴

  53. Mike Ruddy

    Clearly not an ignorant American who cant even pronounce “Sudbury” correctly.

  54. meyersonfire

    lots of missing pieces to the story--where does she tell her story, besides the book?

  55. A servant

    Did he know Christ before he died, that's all that matters

  56. Renegade Ace

    Knives... is that you?

  57. Vincent Sgroi

    How could anyone put a thumbs down here??

  58. Mary Nexer

    His golden, soothing voice!

  59. Xmelanie_martinezX_

    SHES SO STUNNING I love her too much we don’t even deserve such an angel like Melanie 💛💛💛💛✨

  60. leah

    some songs sound very uplifting and happy but the lyrics tell a completely different story and thats why i like them. the way tyler words his lyrics are so unique and all he wants is his fans to truly listen to his songs when he performs because he wants to have a moment with them. i love tyler okay

  61. MarbleWhornets

    Real privilege is the ability to call a violent group “mostly peaceful” and have it perpetuated in the corporate media.

  62. Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

    0:55 bewundernswert

  63. Snatchedness Prevails

    yesss omg i love this compassionate side of Mariah. I've read stories of people who've been to this camp and it's really inspiring 🥺

  64. joe

    A group of rioters burn american flags and american business all summer = peaceful protests A group of people wave the flag high and drink beer = terrorism Yup deffinatly an alternate dimension. There is some serious twilight zone shit going on here.

  65. Annedolf Frankler

    The Proud Boys peaceful until provoked - as proven by their clash with Antifa years ago.

  66. Lee Sher


  67. Joanna Pizzo

    Love knitny💊💊❤️ bop


    Why isn't antfia a terrorists group then

  69. bcask61

    In one word. Grace.

  70. LaConteau

    Her response to people not believing her was amazing. I could feel the vibration she was giving off. Very powerful

  71. Robert Golden

    A true Gentleman. RIP

  72. Andrew

    Just show the monolog and shut up.

  73. Michael McKay

    Wow! I thought this would an honest news reel. Talk about speech manipulation

  74. Yj2dop3

    At least the riots didn’t trash local businesses to get attention. At least these protesters went to the ones responsible.

  75. Sean Curtis

    I miss this man so much

  76. srljedi

    No sound???

  77. Jeanetta Bartley

    My household will definitely miss him jeopardy was the way of bringing me and teenage son together if only for that moment each night RIP ALEX🙏🏽

  78. toijg avnnr

    If there was one guy I’m glad didn’t have any scandals, I’m glad it was Alex.

  79. Иван Вода

    Antifa / BLM, as you sow, so shall you reap! With only one difference: proud boys do not burn and rob cities and property and do not attack random people! The Proud Boys are not a white far-right group! 30% of its members are colored! Their job is to defend the First Amendment, that's all! What the "democrats=leftists" are doing today is reminiscent of the provocative arson of the Reichstag in Germany in 1933! The Nazis then used this formal excuse to demonize and dehumanize their political opponents and launch a brutal crackdown! In the United States comes, long predicted by analysts, left fascism, which hypocritically calls itself "anti-fascism"!!! GOD SAVE AMERICA!

  80. Teryomafumi Honada

    "Will a pretty face make it better"