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  1. Harry Parry

    All the people in the comments in denial that they were abused . They have 100% protection against assault as adults . And now they probably beat their own kids . The cycle continues

  2. Swishy

    Interviewer: “This is amazing.” Mike Tyson: “I won but at what cost....?”

  3. Iggy Brunow

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  4. U smile is infectious

    he was just a winner in boxing, but now he's a winner in life...

  5. Donat Suntsev

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  6. Duxio Productions

    for some reason every word that comes out of this man's mouth is inspirational

  7. Daifilo Mahadew

    It must be hard and painfulm from palace luxury in dirt hole. He must have nightmares when sleep.

  8. hourglass44

    Why do the juice keep making commercials, TV, and movies with blacks men and white women? Maybe it’s a deliberate propaganda campaign...

  9. Katia Blanco

    You are so right. They are milking Medicare with unnecessary test.

  10. The smoking Gamer

    This was when he started experimenting with mushrooms and lsd and turned his life around

  11. Ray hack

    Maybe playing with pidgeons ain't such a bad idea.

  12. ChristianOnyeike2020

    He wants his old job back, that’s a dark ass pun😂

  13. AKRAM dissis

    I was looking for a song when I found this

  14. phoebe farrell

    bruh look how hes got a little smile on his fac the entire time

  15. Teri Smith

    Noooo Carter and Quinn is stupid why is you calling Carter

  16. Big C Straight outta Chi

    We all know this big secret will be revealed soon. It is a soap opera. There's no such thing as secrets. The only question is who will open their big mouth at the wrong time?

  17. WhatsThisHuh

    Hmmm nothing huh?

  18. Gimme Them Cheeks

    "This is garbage, I could say I bled for garbage" Damn...that hit right in the feels.

  19. Nominique

    And she’s not getting paid for that

  20. LaMario

    Zoe didn't lose anything, she tossed it so she could crawling after Zende

  21. CAM BONE

    Fuck I love mike dude. He really knows what is real to him.

  22. Felicia Brown

    I love Shuana because she's a true friend. That's the friend we all need to have. I like Carter and Quinn hopefully he'll still be around when the truth comes out.

  23. Da fruit

    ✝️Im not trying to be a spammer or force my religion,✝️but we are in the end times right now✝️you see all over social media its a trend to worship the devil✝️and people think its a party in hell✝️ but its not you will be in unbearable pain for all of eternity✝️please before its to late turn to God build a relationship with him repent from your sins✝️ask God for forgiveness✝️Jesus loves you he died for you accept him into your heart✝️and as your lord and savior✝️and you will have eternal life with him✝️Thank you for reading.✝️

  24. LaMario

    Zoe is fuckin nuts

  25. Heino Du Plooy

    Just like that woman would blame it on the knite🤣😂

  26. helloasroma

    Did she win a million bucks? I didn't catch that.

  27. James Jackson

    Pawn bowls is better

  28. Haw Santiago

    Reminds me of Nick Fury's ambush.

  29. Gun

    I mean I can’t blame him with how low quality the craftsman ship is of the belts

  30. FaZe bills Drift On bike

    That was funny as hell

  31. FaZe bills Drift On bike

    That is funny as fuck

  32. Paige Harper

    am i the only one who was obsessed with Tom Hanks and that's how i got here-

  33. Hope King


  34. cthulhouette

    *now that he's almost bankrupt* the 'garbage' championship belts: "who's laughing now?"

  35. Tonya Lytle

    If you love Eric like you say you do no way you should be in another Man bed period

  36. ꧁Hyper Da Avøcadø꧂

    *sad twerking*

  37. Дамјан Симић

    Wise man, you can be rich and have all those belts, but if you don’t have friends and family you are nothing.

  38. S B

    “No good deed goes unpunished” - PS burn in hell boss lady

  39. Francis Sabado

    KGup algorithm: I’d watch anything less than a minute

  40. Steve cocran

    That black guy the attorney is a piece of crap

  41. justin fleming


  42. sierra 117

    He just wants more ear!

  43. Tremendous Yeet

    I thought it meant he found an image of himself as a grown man on a site for missing children.

  44. Joe Yabuki

    Why is she always wearing a night gown?

  45. Ava_ XD

    MY FAVOURITE IDOL!!! NOOOOOO HE DIED😭😭😭 , You are in Heaven Mr. Micheal Jackson, you're in Peace now. rest in peace..

  46. Blue hinojosa

    I thought zoe was leaving to do a movie

  47. INSOMNIA32 !

    Na meddl ihr kagghaider

  48. Alex Alex

    Oh Johnny oh how they failed you

  49. Kal-El

    This was around 2004

  50. Ralphio Strooker

    Journalist - “this is history” Mike Tyson flips belt - “this is garbage” Journalist shitting himself - okay Mike, it’s garbage. Always has been.

  51. majid jafari

    But this garbage got you everything you have now. No one should disgrace what's done in the past. It's all you did in the past that made you who you are now.

  52. Urania Jackson

    Carter is a grown man he can be with whoever he wants sleep with whoever he wants Zoe should mind her own damn business

  53. Urania Jackson

    Zoe no good and damn well she is not with Carter Carter broke it off with her because she flirted with Zende

  54. Neutercane

    The first time I watched it, I didn't notice his mom limping out of the room but when I did, it made it that much more funny!

  55. Echo_melon12

    Who wants him to Rome the streets after that. The person who said good behaviour from that murderer is a dumbass

  56. Laza

    Didn't he once say he wanted to eat children???

  57. Madison Scott

    Family is the priority

  58. Linda Merchant

    Hes either unconscious or demented

  59. Linda Merchant

    Vulcan pinch the cop

  60. Adam Jones

    Thhhhhis is Garr bitg

  61. Shino

    missing part 31: kgup.info/get/nKuhY4Wtm6uCmHs/video&ab_channel=CBS

  62. Ta_1639

    Welcome to the gulag

  63. malik jordan

    Man it’s a nice day Tyson: no it’s garbage Me: ya it’s a garbage day out today

  64. Kannan Nair

    Excellent man hole

  65. Sujata 73

    Miss this show

  66. POW AEI 18 IT CV 030


  67. Abhishek ghosh

    When he flipped that belt Reporter: sun's getting really low, sun's getting really low...

  68. Timothy Wepuhulu

    I swear I thought the door behind Quinn was slowly gonna open😅 and someone was going to be eavesdropping on their conversation like the way Katie did when she over heard Shauna and Quinn talking.

  69. Steven Swan

    I wonder where are his original belts from the 80's ? I know Holyfield sold his in auction and later really regretted it.

  70. Amy Elam

    That's all well in good to forgive but the truth always comes out " and Quinn is gonna end up pregnant and that's when the truth is slowly coming out"

  71. Kameron Jones

    you have not had a comment for 12 years, so, i thought i'd congratulate you on this amazing vid. well done

  72. Hamza Saleem

    Think, what will happen when your perspective will change on the day of judgement. All of your worldly efforts will seems like a bad mistake 💔

  73. Walkersclan

    The Shauna was pushing out her chest was making my chest hurt

  74. taunt

    I wonder what happened to her

  75. Jennifer

    I liked the together. I mean sure she drugged him against his will and all but she was cool outside of that.

  76. OhHelloThere...

    Life’s kind of funny like that. Almost everyone is so materialistic nowadays and has a big ego and wants to impress or into their money or fame. But in the end it’s garbage lol. Good stuff Mike. Not even that. Your morals and soul is what’s important your inner spirit and connection to the bigger picture, God. Don’t put money above everything.

  77. ACK The Great

    Nigga in poland we have candies that look indistinguishable from cigarettes and even make smoke and smarties are a problem 😂

  78. Many Blessings

    Best sitcom ever. Makes me laugh. Tichina and Johnson are hilarious. There’s great chemistry between them and the Johnsons.

  79. DwiRindha Mardika

    The troubles is american goverment and american soldiers always touch the domestic things of other country in asia to get the power and oil in thats country.the real destroyer