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  1. Tim Roberts

    Emu = Eeemyou. The dingo fence isn't even the only crazy fence. The rabbit fence is also pretty crazy.

  2. Anumesh Dahal

    Yay for Emu war!!

  3. Unlucky

    6:11 You must to do that

  4. Shivam Badoni

    man his videos editing skills are nuts

  5. Nithin Krishna

    We want more about Emu wars.

  6. Harry Gusto

    Please make a video on emu wars

  7. Miranda Turner

    LGBTIFJFNWDJFNWJDICGJWNDJFITJSNABEIDJFJWRNYOHISJDJRN+ COMMUNITY. The only community that will discriminate against you are if you discriminate against them in any way shape or form or say anything negative or that they find hurtful about their sexual fetishes they want the world to know they are into. yep totally not a cult........ nope....not....at.....all.....

  8. Auveren

    Please do a video on the emu war!!

  9. Robert

    Johnny: "It's a country, but it's basically its own continent" Me, a New Zealander, along with all the other Oceanic nations: 🥲

  10. Lucca Barbosa

    Yes please Emu wars

  11. Scyzah

    do emu war plzz

  12. Pen Pith Mind

    The great Emu war. They were really brave fighter.

  13. Nir Givon

    Take this from the macro to the micro. humans interfere with nature. causing a chain reaction that we can't see. I see this video and I can't help but thing about rushing in vaccine without full scale testing. balance disruption. we just don't know it yet.

  14. siren synapse

    Good job, johnny. Mother Earth is indeed about to kick some serious ass.

  15. Gurucharan G

    Emu wars! Definitely need a video about this

  16. R Daysh

    Just learn to say Emu before you make the video. Emu, E as in E, and Mu as in muse. ;) ...not moo

  17. Hellious

    I think it'll be good idea to made some Economic related stuffs

  18. Aditya Tiwari

    Within Johnny Harris’s reach 😄

  19. VOLightPortal

    Human ignorance and stupidity knows no bounds.

  20. FunkyHigh

    Please do ‘The Great Emu War’ video please!!

  21. R Daysh

    Says he loves how Aussies say Beer.... shows clip of American carton saying beer in bad Aussie accent.

  22. Alexander Paramonov

    Emu, pronounced “Eee-myou”

  23. Filip

    Dingos are not native to Australia... Look it up, small mistake you made

  24. nichole pacle

    Something so absurd but absolutely hilarious happened to me while watching this video. I got an ad from McDonald's. Hahaha. Not a perfect timing to advertise to me, I guess. Hahaha

  25. Prasanth Mandava

    vedio on emu wars plzzz

  26. Alexander Paramonov


  27. Katarína Vrbičanová

    Hello :-) You are doing amazing job, me and my husband love to watch your videos. Usually, I dont write comments, but I would really love to hear about Emu war.... so please, please, cover it. ;-)

  28. Biggest brain Uni

    Make a video on the emu war!!

  29. Richard Haskins

    Please do the emu War

  30. tnightwolf

    Has an European i feel kinda insulted, because the truth is that we just wanted to share our culture... and we managed to do it with only"90-99% of the world! You're making it seem like we just wanted to rob everyone else!... What about all the good stuff that we did for everyone else, like: introducing new exciting flavors, of Nature, into perfectly balanced environments with new exotic species? Help developing the immune system of other cultures, worldwide since 1600? And what about upgrading from affordable regional traveling to worldwide affordable travelling, for everyone, also back in 1600?! Yeah, people tend to forget about these small things that really helped Humanity to develop and advance as one... XD

  31. Highnoonshred

    All living and connected!!! Wake upppp!

  32. JD Z

    For a hot sec, i thought this was going on a lindy chamberlain/dingo tangent due to #DragRaceDownUnder

  33. shazi hassan

    Correct me if Im wrong but I feel it was Johnny who brought the editing style thats now a staple of Vox. If thats indeed the case then they took his style and he left.

  34. J. Blanchard

    Emu war

  35. William Harris

    In Australia emu is pronounced emmmm-u. just sounds better lol :))

  36. Ark Rules

    Emus war

  37. Elon Approves

    The main argument here that indiginous people lived in balance with nature but western culture does not is false. The aboriginals arrival on the Australian continent directly caused the megafauna present there to go extinct. They were either hunted to death or had to compete with the new native peoples there. Humans across cultures have always been a dominant force. The west is just better at it because we have the technology. I dont disagree that its bad news though, we should work on it. but I dont buy the argument that its specifically the west who does this, its just not true. (Read Sapiens, its more described there)

  38. Ally Crawford

    Ah, the emu war. You do need to make that vid

  39. Cult

    But that happens only on franchiserestaurents at compenyrestaurants the icecreammachine always works :)

  40. Rebecca Anderson

    US literal has the same thing . You guys forget about Guam in the hundreds of other islands which are under us control ?

  41. John

    Emu war video plz. Also fantastic video. I grew up obsessed with Australia as a kid. Something about an entire continent out on it's lonesome in the middle of the ocean really struck a nerve with me and because of that I always said I'd move there one day. So I'll gladly take more Australia videos bc it's super interesting.

  42. IcedFate

    or. . .just stop drinking soda altogether , you'll live longer .

  43. Michael McKenzie

    Yes to the Emu War video, but Palestine first please!

  44. siamsurf

    Question about dingos... if all dogs come from wolfs, then how did an ancient *dog* get to Australia, where there are no wolfs? Instead of the Emu Wars, make a video on how Dingos came to Australia...

  45. Dean Lovell

    I live in TAS (Tasmania), love watching your vids. PLEASE 🙏🙏 make the emu war video!

  46. Sam Toohey

    if you make a video about the emu war you'll have to pronounce emu like an Aussie! Less "eemoo" and more "eemyoo"

  47. Arvind Singh

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  48. Glockiana17

    I'm addicted to this man's channel 😩

  49. Markie Misslane

    Yeah well tell the whole world will ya!?

  50. Quentin Watt Tutorials

    African Wild Dogs are endangered for the same reason as the Dingo. . . Livestock hunting. African Wild dogs are awesome though. Google them.

  51. siamsurf

    Just seen a video on the Emu War recently, so not... oh, you really want to make a video about it? OK, fine, I am interested.

  52. AFKARAK - أفكارك

    Emu war please.

  53. Ffrozen12


  54. dalandan jan

    uuuggghhhh.... the europeans again.

  55. Twince McGrien

    Losing a war to emus is a point of national pride for us! Please do that video! Also, the relationship of Aboriginal peoples and the management of the land is super fascinating, especially in things like the use of controlled fire. Australia is only just starting to realise that the thousands and thousands of years of experience may have some value in preventing catastrophic fires like we saw last year.

  56. aufaarfn

    I love the way Johnny's getting funnier 😂waiting for the Emu war cover story!

  57. Pradyumn Gupta 56

    Are the wildfires in Australia a direct product of this fence?as you said that it changes the weather patterns

  58. crazyblake Shenanigans

    Do the emu war my fam

  59. Matt Glynne

    Recently came across your channel and I love it. Everything you do is amazing, the pacing, the animation, the music, all of it is awesome. Would love to see a video from you on the Great Emu War

  60. Andrés Seijas

    Please do the emu wars

  61. BaLlZKiCK Gaming

    It’s manifest destiny but Russian style and it’s fueled by fur and vodka

  62. Ivancito Valdes


  63. Benson Mark

    Emu pronounced EymYou (kinda)

  64. Joshua Stein

    emu wars plz

  65. jillmatic

    My succulent lambchops!

  66. Dawn Drew

    Nice report! $$$

  67. Cyfa Retro

    US is the villain that thinks they're the main character

  68. jeremi gan

    emu war please 🥺🥺

  69. Umer Asad

    R u seriously gonna ignore Palestine genocide???

  70. tnightwolf

    Mate, i understand that is a video about border fences and stuff... but there was no need for you to rock your Guantanamo Bay outfit!

  71. J

    Its always "these guys" showing up "from Europe" because you aren't aware of a lot of world and regional history...you'll find many 'other guys' showed up too ;)

  72. Yokesh S


  73. Aminuddin Shroff

    Emu Wars. Bring it on, yeah!!!!!!

  74. billo boo

    Yes, please! emu wars video!

  75. WindowsSchmindows

    2:59 oooh un papillon (butterfly :D)

  76. Dawn Drew

    Down with TAYLOR franchisees need to sue TAYLOR/MCDONALD'S

  77. Uhohhotdog Gaming

    Why not just fence in the sheep to keep out the dingo while allowing them to eat the Roos ?

  78. Rihad Alif

    "We should try to share this world instead of dominating it" Boomers: *Share* !!!! what kind of socialist, communist propaganda is that. 😱 we need oil, guns, trophy hunting, and all the bad shit for the Earth No wonder Elon wants to frick all of this and go leave in Mars

  79. Mana Crystal

    Yes, please do the emu war.

  80. antgray Grant

    What is the service I consent to use for billboards. Who owns outside? Wouldn't that technically be the united states government and therefore in an ideal world the people? I hate billboards and I think you put them in the wrong column.

    1. antgray Grant

      Seriously though your criteria include the fact that you can opt-out of using Instagram or KGup. Can you opt out of going outside? Can you opt out of driving? Should I just close my eyes when I walk around in a city?