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  1. Kai Bulosan

    today is my moms birthday oh ya happy late birthday :)

  2. Bentley McGraw


  3. oofy doofy

    Happy birthday!!!

  4. I&K productions

    That is so cool your birghtay was yestarday mine is todayy( happy birghtay

  5. Nesquick 2490


  6. Matthew Belmonte


  7. Myhammybarked 00

    You are honestly the most wholesome person I’ve ever met. Happy related bday!🥳

  8. max schuit

    you are polish? didnt know

  9. PMS Pg3d

    Him voice is claming

  10. AWNA

    Hii guys my channel contains funny videos if you would like to come over 👉👈

  11. Legitimate_ XD

    Daily dose, sounds like the nicest person ever..

  12. Harley John Galvez

    Happy birthday =D

  13. TotallyTerribleContent

    Happy birthday!!!

  14. Robbin Šimko

    Happy Birthday Daily Dose wish you good luck

  15. Mr.Liminastic

    Happy birthday 😃

  16. Daniel Johnson

    Purple card 😂😂🤣🤣

  17. Electro

    NEXT UP: Cat doesn't care that someone is chopping him with a diamond sword /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

  18. Daniel Johnson

    Hey guys welcome Here is rare footage of daily dose playing Minecraft

  19. Logan the weeb

    Hope you Achieve Your dream and get invited there soon enough! :D

  20. Ryan Flores

    Get this man on the DREAM SMP

  21. Mythical Gamer

    Happy birthday sorry im late :d

  22. Footastiquer

    Happy Bday

  23. Tyler Harris

    So sorry Im late just found this channel, happy (late) birthday 🎉

  24. domine 11

    Happy birthday

  25. domine 11


  26. Pickle Pewds

    My birthday is today 🥳(don’t know why I’m commenting this because I’m not good enough to be noticed by someone as good as Daily dose of internet🤦🏼‍♂️😪)

  27. William Kulpa

    That jump tho 6:50

  28. SarcasticRevenge

    nux was the last person i'd expect to be in this live stream lmfao. happy birthday!!!! <3

  29. Game Geek

    Happy birthday

  30. Googs C

    Happy Birthday from Google!

  31. sonic is epic


  32. Adarsh Singh

    yo what is this crossover

  33. Cadyn Shanahan

    Oh, happy birthday!!!

  34. Ian Magann

    Happy birthday! Your dope!

  35. r҈a҈m҈p҈a҈g҈e҈ p҈g҈3d҈

    What do y’all wish for Christmas

  36. Aryan Khanderia

    Happy bday did u know my bro bday today

  37. Narcissus

    When you and DDOI have the same birthday: *:D* *Happiness noise*

  38. 3D Games

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ° • ☆ • ° ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Happy Birthday ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ••••••••♡♡•••••••• ☆ ☆

  39. Maybe: Animations

    Happy birthday 🎉

  40. Vanessa Gutierrez

    Happy birthday 🎂🎉

  41. punnable

    Happy birthday, man!

  42. Fer demoi

    OMG just 655 coments

  43. Fer demoi

    Happy birthday again LOL

  44. Andrew Lin

    Happy birthday:) :)

  45. Windows XP memes and stuff lol

    Daily Dose of Birthdays

  46. Mashmaking

    this is cringy/heartwarming at the same time

  47. ryan zheng


  48. Xochilt Alvarado

    What is you favorite color

  49. Henrique PK

    Happy Birthday

  50. HunterB playz

    This could be asmr

  51. Lasean Wrld

    Happy late birthday just found you channel today

  52. Vortigan 73

    Happy birthday dude

  53. Edria Catangui

    Happy birthday sos I’m laye late

  54. Pawel Gurlo

    Omfg my birthday is on December 3rd 4:18pm. We have birthday at the same day!!!

  55. parmigiano reggiano

    Ah yes birthday Epic

  56. Eenergy

    Happy Birthday!

  57. Penguin Gamer


  58. 《YOVANY 》

    Show your face

  59. Nic A

    Happy birthday

  60. BerriSeed

    Sorry im late, Happy birthday!

  61. spy gamer

    Why so many people have birthday this month???😂😂😂

  62. Uthaya Uthayakumar

    Happy birthday

  63. Not that gamer

    Happy bday your a legend!

  64. TTV Dy

    Is it me or them three are the calmest Minecraft players ever?

  65. Jaysunisdumb

    Happy late birthday

  66. Pierson Daugherty

    Axes do more damage than swords, but have a slightly longer cooldown!

  67. Hybrid

    Happy Birthday!

  68. Mr._2

    Don’t get COVID 19

  69. Connor Jacobsen


  70. Bhcfnm xd

    Happy birthday!

  71. grey smith

    Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  72. Matthew Manzano

    That birthday song was so cursed

  73. RemDog Use Code Litty

    Yesterday was my Bday too! Happy birthday to us! 🎉🎂🥳

  74. Joshua Creasey

    "Hey kid get out of my Disney World"

  75. JoJo Sobjack

    Dream team

  76. Chongo

    Uhhhh uh uh berfdae

  77. connie ramson

    happy birthday!!!

  78. Anamarija Andrić

    Happy birthday brother

  79. Stephanie Stendbergh

    Happy Birthday! :)