1. TheChickenGamer

    Pokemon: Chansey, the healing Pokemon. Ty: Chansey, the one that eats people 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Eli Rodriguez


  3. John McSorley

    Do a death metal music video

  4. Linda mcphee

    This is something we all needed but did not deserve

  5. Danielle Milligan

    I want this for my ringtone, it's so catchy!!

  6. Ericka Riemenschneider


  7. Time Bong

    What a bunch of freaking IDIOTS

  8. KayBelle Jones

    I LOVED the music video! Great idea!

  9. Cpl Ryan Huang

    oooh, try Kpop LMAO

  10. Supa_Skillz

    do a rap song

  11. Trey Hilton

    Country would be funny

  12. Michael Sebastian

    You guys look more like a rock genre group.

  13. Proverbs One-Seven

    Hair Metal Band. 80's. Flying V guitars. Numerous crash cymbals. Think Stryper.

  14. Quincy Reber

    Do a country song next!

  15. Braeden Oneida

    i think they should try a rap song lol

  16. Hunter Bonnette

    Plz do a form of rock

  17. G- SC

    Heavy metal obviously

    1. G- SC

      I mean you should do heavy metal because its the best

  18. Thomas Mattingly

    Imagine dude perfect making mumble rap

  19. ACE Productions

    Best Dude Perfect Music Video ever made! 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻 Y'all should try a Rock genre for your next video! Hold on... - - - It's the ONLY Dude Perfect Music Video Ever made (so far)

  20. Brierton Sharp

    Dude indie rock haha

  21. Nathan Elias

    can yall make a rap about panda

  22. 4WheelDriving

    I reckon next one do a complete 180 on this style and give us some good old rock🤙

  23. Kaden Menasco

    We had one of those rain machines in the parking lot of our church when they filmed “home sweet home.” Ive never seen it, but it has really good ratings.

  24. loaf cat

    try 80's music

  25. Tina K.

    It's a really catchy song! Well filmed and choreographed! You should make a funny song about covid life the past year! We all need a laugh about it! Keep up the great work! 🤙

  26. Kwezy

    Chansey is eating people now????/

  27. Nichole Robinette

    TY I FEEL YOU!!! I SPELLED SPORT WRONG IN 2ND GRADE!!! same back story too!! lol

  28. Ben Eckler Jr


  29. Maviolli

    I wonder how much time they put in these trick shots

  30. Zach Tone

    Did anyone else see this early?

  31. Owen Drake

    If harry Potter shat a blast at a Jedi he could just stop the blast then choke him

  32. Mythical Films


  33. Reverse Legend


  34. Liam Thorpe


  35. Kenadi Llama

    Omg that was so funny great job!😝🤓

  36. Aarnav K


  37. Diegouski Barrio

    Do a song with different types of music (put reggae pls :)

  38. Coultes0423

    I vote for punk rock.

  39. Aaron Dennie

    Heavy Metal or nothing.

  40. Jackson Vance

    Death metal

  41. CJ Fernandes

    Hip Hop Rap

  42. Neelam Obhan

    i like how the bloopers are longer than the actual song!

  43. True Cru

    Ty: Clefairy eats people right? Me a Pokémon fan: Uhhh surrreeee

  44. The Greck


  45. Jessica Haigh

    Rock and roll for the next vid

  46. Jacob Dutton

    If this gets pinned coby will win

  47. SparkAblaze

    my worst pet peeve is when you pour milk before the cereal

  48. Jason Collins

    This is better than the song XD

  49. Logan Slatzer

    I think you guys should do is make a dp editor battle


    u surely did takin a lot of dirt with that GoPro..!! xD

  51. jay rube

    Do metal or christian rock I'd laugh my head of

  52. plants vs zombie 2 234

    Ty had is ruff Durning this

  53. Naamiq Akmal

    Ayyyyy the long awaited video

  54. Green potatoe Guy

    Dp Rap battle

  55. Prosper Tayebwa


  56. Mars Salvador

    4:42 ty looks like on the back street boys XD

  57. Lukáš Vejsy

    Love you guys but please never sing again😂❤❤

  58. Linda mcphee

    This is something we all needed but did not deserve

  59. ivi ng

    I was going to sign up for replacement from ty :(

  60. Manan Phulfagar


  61. Jude Dueman

    Fast rap would be knarly az bro. Surley give us a shout out

  62. IantheIrish


  63. Nick

    Do a rock song next! That can be amazing!

  64. Brett K


  65. p_tricky ROBLOX Obby Adventures and Other Games!


  66. Girls Perfect

    Chad- " You're really good at it" Ty- "We're filming a movie,uh,scene, uh,music video at a ,resaurant, uh, coffee shop,,," XD

  67. dog boi

    If ty stole ur job steal his

  68. WrangWrang is me


  69. positivevibes613

    How about Dude Perfect creates intro Music video or Dude Perfect creates Overtime Music Video

  70. Prof. Sir

    “Chansey...the one that eats people.” Is my new favorite Dude Perfect Quote

  71. Theron Trickshots

    Do Jazz!

  72. Ben webb

    Country music

  73. Pushkal Vashist

    Imagine the amount of cereal they wasted

  74. Toby Groom

    I would love dude perfect to do heavy metal

  75. TimeBucks

    The music video was one of my favorites

    1. Katy Hahn

      Yeah, same! That song is still stuck in my head!

    2. Sugan Govender


  76. OLIKEY

    If you’re under 20 I wish you all the happiness you deserve in this world of negativity 💯🤍

  77. FMCubing

    3:34 bro did ty say no no word

  78. Blair Cornwell

    surely they do a full on rap

  79. Sahana Deshpande

    This is a very good song but unfortunately according to the views it has got... its kinda flop

  80. WildxOP Gaming

    The Bucket List Video is gonna be soooo Epic