Hi! I'm Shiloh with my brothers Judah and Elijah and this is our KGup channel! We had some viral videos on Tik Tok so we made this KGup channel together! Our channel is clean family fun where we hope to make you laugh! Our videos are full of humor and heart and we love to show the bond of siblings and the brother sister relationship. Also that girls rule and can be strong! We love doing skits but also vlogs showing our life. And we have our celebrity friends guest star, so keep an eye out for that!
Join us every Friday for new videos! Our Tik Tok page is ShilohAndBros Our old KGup name was Shiloh To Judah. My brother Judah and I are tweens :D :D :D

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  1. adriauna mccreath

    I can totally relate

  2. adriauna mccreath

    XD cool

  3. El mundo de emi emi


  4. Cookie Adventures

    They do where pants there called “booty shorts”

  5. Sema Nur

    Wow its so funny

  6. Tuğra Tekin

    Ha ha hay çok komik

  7. Eve Grigsby-Smith

    Same 😢

  8. Maria de Lourdes Freitas

    I no like i'ts stuped

  9. Nick&Zach Hines

    i love it👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕👌

  10. Sarah O leary

    So true Though

  11. Sara Ahmed


  12. Jana Rei L.

    Goodness you just had to report the unwashed dish 😂 😂

  13. Artjoms Lemza

    Чооолооо яа руски ааааа

  14. ZorLoX 09

    Among us?

  15. Julien Reynal


  16. watermoonbear

    Im gonna cry the shower curtian is what i always do I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS OMG!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Nancy Hernández


  18. Miriam Van Ausdall

    This is so relatable

  19. Sway Trey

    They need 1m subs

  20. levi Ackerman

    That 2 inch purple girl was trying really hard to show of her phone

  21. Anonymous Guest

    Is not like among us

  22. Pedro Augusto

    I have the map of among us in Minecraft

    1. Shiloh & Bros

      Omg that’s amazing😂

  23. Yara Hesham Omar Zaki

    I am aLso

  24. Luis Angel Brockman Gutierrez


  25. Husaina Cassimjee

    Please make more videos about among us

    1. Shiloh & Bros

      Part 2 comes out today!

    2. Husaina Cassimjee


  26. Sayed Idrees Hashemi

    Omg that so me and my brother

  27. Dragon Rider


  28. Impostor

    Hilarious 🤣

  29. Ethan The Man Gamer

    Runs and outside and falls to ground in space lol

  30. Pink Unicorn

    Lol 😂 😆 😝

  31. Nicole rego

    Wow that was silly and funny

  32. Im a big simp lol

    In my room I hear stuff from upstairs but in my house the upstairs aren't even done there are gonna be neighbors there so now who's upstairs? My parents say its an mouse but footsteps don't sound like an mouse

  33. Danjela Muca

    The best among us real life

    1. Shiloh & Bros

      Thank you!!

  34. Bobby Remblance

    Shilos in feel the beat

  35. ysud hshf

    what hzjd you jsid hdjf hehehe🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  36. Dino Playz

    Me: hears noise from downstairs Also me: goes downstairs *sees my dog throwing a squeaky ball everywhere*

  37. Cerberus

    now they made my favourite game like fortnite...

  38. Lili S

    Me When a Tik Tok Song Comes on: *Dances Along*☺ My Parents When Driving: What?😐

  39. Mona lakeis


  40. Fulani Young


  41. Red Ninja

    I was so scared please help me and when I saw the shadow of the girl I was super scared

  42. IAN Y


  43. MrduckYT Leftwich

    Renegade sux

  44. IAN Y

    shiloh looks like katara

  45. Rachel Zachariah

    This was in 2019 the good old days

  46. Johnne Vculek


  47. Mirta Gilić

    This is not true

  48. Courtney Flockerzie


  49. Minty Side

    TRUE on PERIOD!!!!

  50. Moon light 999

    Mika I hope ur gonna get better

  51. Nechifor Branca


  52. Eli Torres

    wtf 0:21

  53. Cheeky snowdrop

    My sibling is the worrst.... I have a little bro...

  54. Nathanael Rutz

    This is the best one

  55. Booswifey85

    That is not how the game works you haven’t to find dead bodies no phones and no throwing people out the doors ok you guys are stupid in a different way

    1. Booswifey85

      Fgteev is better than you

  56. Ellie Lubuw

    What’s up buddy? Watz ya doing

  57. Minty Side

    This . Is . Me . Period

  58. Tina Kuzmicz

    that is really sad I am sorry that you got hurt😭

  59. park china


  60. All Knowing

    Me my sleep schedule is gone forever

  61. AnimatedGaming

    2:20 it do be like dat though

  62. Jonathan Kavner

    Like seriously imagine this was real

  63. Orsolya Bogdan

    Why are boys lucky!!??

  64. Andres Quezada

    Me when I think somebody's in the bathroom 1:38

  65. Hello Beautiful human

    The Disliked were the people who died laughing at the video tears came out and pressed the wrong button

  66. Nasima Farissi


  67. Sans Monica


  68. Hello Beautiful human

    2:01 when I get to wake up (more like scare) my brothers

  69. Red Ninja

    Renegade is my friend

  70. valentina maggiore

    Pls more

  71. Wind Walker

    Haha its funy xD

  72. Damaris Castro


  73. Marin Petkovski

    Thats not how u play among us u need to report bodys not reporting dishes candys or break of glass

    1. Marin Petkovski


  74. valentina maggiore

    Pls more

  75. Beyond The light

    Plz Guys check out Beyond my channel it will have this same symbol that I am using to write.

  76. I'm confused fuck

    im a hacker i can ban the host or anyone

  77. •pink Wolf•

    Download Likee it’s just like Tirol there’s short videos and you can make an account for free!!

  78. Czech Shity content

    This is actually original

  79. Devil Boy Ad

    Omg after seeing thi I think I am water bender 😂😂😂😂😂

  80. Micheli Viviani Leonardi Astolfi