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  1. Kara Hancock

    I know the answer to the last question. Who is Ash Ketchum?

  2. Sonic Ranger

    And this is where Mr.74's journey began

  3. Peter Westerman

    Girls how could guys not cry during Titanic. Do they even have feelings. Guys:

  4. luke johnson

    That was a really great tribute to one of the best ever..:)

  5. Giovani Luera

    ngl, they had me on the "too many men on the field"

  6. Money Man

    What is a foul 🥴

  7. gioyu comi

    “The compliment you give a man who made every television viewer and contestant feel a little bit smarter, or dumber, for over thirty years.” “What is ‘Thank you Alex Trebek?’”

  8. Joris Kylie

    So it's Ken?

  9. jamesha175

    i'll take "things that only i know" for $1000, Alex

  10. Paul F.

    Ken is a great guy... There are a lot of people in this country that are supposed to look out for the well being of their constituents that should take a good lesson on how to be a good human being from Ken Jennings... Well Done Ken!!!!!!!...R.I.P. Alex...

  11. Renee Collin

    There's something "sneaky" about him?? Those beady eyes are a clue?!

  12. 11bravo1789

    Give ken the full time job. Period

  13. Innertuber40

    I got them all, but pretty much all of them as the buzzer was being pushed. Pretty sure that still works for Jeopardy though?

  14. Mikael pérusse

    eh bien Elmo adore les kiwis dit Elmo.

  15. Goodest Cat

    i got swordplay, aspiring, and conifer i couldnt get denature and deified to save my life lol

  16. Blackfang08

    I feel like people were picking that topic just because it's fun.

  17. j 209


  18. Shaun Patrick

    1:50 this should be a real show!😂🤣

  19. Aiman

    Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

  20. leonard brinkman

    I agree with you Ken I think it is about time that basically now that you were a guest host on that show for a week I think it is imperative that basically they take you as permanent host. Because you fit right in with the rest of them. I know it's kind of hard not having Alex trebek at that liquor but what I see is basically the rebranding of Jeopardy and with you at the lecture one day soon to be permanent that would be a lot better. But I do agree one thing that although you're such a nice person and you may have 174 games in the early 2000s just shows me right there that you got knowledge of the game and the show itself. And one day you could go very far at that. And basically you could end up being the Jeopardy king of game show hosts.

  21. Zachary Hall

    Are you trying to give me an aneurysm?

  22. mlouis035

    The slimy river routinely dance because fedelini lovely press after a friendly chess. grumpy, efficacious morocco

  23. Knute

    Dude wtf kinds of questions are these

  24. Eric Harenchar

    Miss You Alex Rest Easy

  25. sweiland75

    A strange gamble she made by assuming she would beat him by one dollar.

  26. tohopes

    Dragon Age are you KIDDING ME?

  27. MilchaelJoeJackson

    Now Larry, Cindy, and Alex is Now in heaven

  28. Louis L.

    Got all of them but I had to pause it and think, these contestants are quick.

  29. Bruce Ludlow

    super quiet upload

  30. DannyB Plays

    I think that was actually asking who SLJ is

  31. chattaboxxxx07

    God I missed Alex’s voice.

  32. Jacob Hawes

    Soon #9 Drew Brees will

  33. Taz

    Why would Pat Sajak be close to the GHOST? Hosts like Bill Cullen and Dick Clark hosted the pants off of Pat

  34. Clarence Gutsy

    Ken Jennings seems like the most qualified host and has a very subdued, respectable presence that Jeopardy requires. I enjoy the backstory of how he was the most dominant contestant in the history of the show. Like he was so good he became the game itself, lol.

  35. Justin Goldberg

    Knew all of them but the Jets question, but excuse me for not knowing a question about the Jets.

  36. Alex Shmalex3


  37. GSM shew

    I got all of them, thanks Mouse of Games

  38. greeneking77

    1:07 genre

  39. toijg avnnr

    same love, care, respect, and appreciation as did Alex Trebek. I even hope one day I get to go on Jeopardy myself, lol.

  40. Joshua 윤호 Han

    James is actually a good sport.

  41. BLUE VIP

    Update: Alex Trebek passed away at the age of 80.

  42. sam powell

    This stuff makes me cry

  43. william edwards

    Ken would be an outstanding successor to Trebek

  44. aromaticchicken

    wait, 0:10 how is Ghandi (India) the same part of the world as Mandela (South Africa)? lol India and South Africa are 5,000 miles apart, farther than New York and Moscow...

  45. Jonny B

    Ughh i fucking hated arthur.

  46. revin hatol

    _Dedicated to_ *Alex Trebek* _Forever in our Hearts_ _Always our Inspiration_

  47. Trevor Noble

    The only one I didn't get was the 200 question lmao

  48. Redsfaithful


  49. ecoterrorism_liker

    this section should be an entire game

  50. FuzzBeed

    R.I.P. to our man Alex. You will never be forgotten

  51. Kicked Back Kizaru

    i got all these right, get me on jeopardy...but first, rip alex trebek

  52. Otaking Mikohani

    How is it that the only one I was able to answer was the only one none of the contestants knew? I don't even like Witcher!

  53. Ellie Sherrod

    You were so amazing Alex, me and my family will never forget you, such an icon has passed away :(

  54. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    the book is called Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

  55. Loco Madman

    Touching, well said; ‘nuff said, even. What finer words can be spoken? Thank you for stepping up to the challenge Mr Jennings, their mighty big shoes, but you’re wearing them well.

  56. Jane Burton

    We miss you Alex! We do appreciate Ken’s kind remarks about him as they did have a special friendship. Hoping that Ken will become the new Jeopardy host and as well as being the current guest emcee.

    1. toijg avnnr

      Ken, you’re a true class act of a gentleman. Alex would say his show is in great hands.

  57. Mark Rodriguez


  58. Joseph Bennett

    If the producer of Jeopardy makes Ken Jennings the next permanent host of the game show then that will be the last i will EVER watch Jeopardy because Ken is such a disgrace because he makes fun of individuals with disabilities and that it totally wrong , there is no amount of apologies that will make me forgive the things he has said on social media. If the Jeopardy producer picks ken as the next host then it just shows that the producer likes how disabled people get joked about and made fun of. Think twice before picking Ken Jennings for anything because he'll just wreck everything.

  59. 1950dallas

    Bill St. James: Tomorrow at 10:00 Eastern 9:00 Central only on the Discovery Channel.

  60. Lawrence Brass

    Great tribute to Alex Trebeck. I was fortunate to meet him once.

  61. MisterVercetti

    Aced it!

  62. Allie Blake

    I’d be okay with him hosting permanently. 💖

  63. Jack K

    Wait why did he buy two cards the... what

  64. Jack Jones

    I’d like to see Kens five minutes of airline food

  65. Rachel Bezerra

    I hate West Side Story.

  66. Rachel Bezerra

    I hate Les Miserables.

  67. Earl Gray

    That's a shitty list. Millennials seem to think there were no good movies until the 1980s.

  68. KyleJBAwesomess 2001

    And that's it the Final Jeopardy for this unforgettable man RIP Trebek's time on Jeopardy 1984-2021 Farewell forever Alex Trebek we will never forget you :(

  69. KyleJBAwesomess 2001

    I thought the new host was gonna be Betty White. Trebek said so in one of his speeches before he passed away

  70. KyleJBAwesomess 2001

    I agree with Kenny Nobody, I do mean NOBODY will ever replace the legend that is Alex Trebek on Jeopardy.

  71. Uomo Americano

    I guessed Smokey the bear.

  72. ドキドキ文芸部!

    Ken as permanent host pleeeeeease

  73. Roy Garcia

    Thank You for everything Alex Trebek❤️😭

  74. Ethan Menzel

    The part where the intro says Ken Jennings isn't as loud and pronounced as Alex Trebek from what I compared it to. He basically screams ALEX TREBEK with all his heart and now it dosen't sound there same

  75. Duc Dan

    Actually that was a pretty accurate description of what memes are.

  76. Crash McCloud

    If you want to get technical. It was done as a joke wager but on Celebrity Rock n Roll Jeopardy Brad Garrett wagered 48,000 in his Final Jeopardy round despite only having $500 going into final. It's also the only time a player ended in the negative at the end of Final Jeopardy.

  77. George Master

    Very cool that Harry got his star.

  78. Nicolas Bravo

    Bruh, let me do this and I’m walking away with 1 million dollars, too easy

  79. drttyu liqm

    all said and done, Ken will be the new host. Again, I was very impressed, good job!

  80. Kidcrumpet3

    Ez 5/5