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  1. Jason Habuda

    Me when he says Mario maker...maker: Joe mama dab dab dab

  2. Kristy Doucette

    im not scared of death i never was..... but that doesnt mean i want to die <3

  3. LyingDetective Mira

    I listened to this while playing splatoon 2 cause I just got back into it and s p l a t o o n 3

  4. Polierno yes

    I got scammed

  5. Cool playlist


  6. Damiano Marasciuolo

    Please search on youtube “lol tv fnaf theory vengeful spirit " he it's italian but I think he have the subtitles english and I am italian and I'm sorry if my english is not correct

  7. PHIZZ_ radiation

    And why would you call out Conner mcgregor

  8. Emile Thing

    As a fanfic writer this makes me really happy for those developers. I mean, I know what it's like to build on something you love. Having it supported from the creator like that must be amazing.

  9. Jake Is cool Ferreira

    Thanks for playing games and Game theory,,,!

  10. Tony Starowicki

    the dislikes are dumb kids who didnt see the word 'theory' in the title

  11. Toni Perez

    *Meaning of the name EVAN* : EVAN is a welsh masculine name. It's the wish form of the name *John* The meaning of the name John is Hebrew for, "Yahweh has been gracious." *Yahweh* means, *He who makes that which has been made of* or, *He brings existence whatever exists*

  12. Paint Slash

    Dear Evan Afton

  13. imthedie bg

    The crying child name is chirs afton .__.

  14. Parker Johnson

    the crying child name is chris afton

  15. UnPrankAble 666

    Fun time Chica is personally my favorite version of her.

  16. SaruCookie _

    can we just talk about the fact that this video is considered to be about fnaf by yt

  17. green dragon vigil

    This is one of my favorite theories!

  18. Xavier Sandlos (STUDENT)

    I think that’s the first time Aphrodite has worn clothes

  19. x2_tony

    Its crazy how i was so scared of fnaf and now i watch every fnsf theory because i wanted to see what has bein going on whit fnaf which the last time i heard about fnaf was when i was 5 when fnaf 2 game out.

  20. Matt

    So you’re saying the crying child died then Years later had a child?

  21. Amberspark z

    I'll believe it's real and scare my friend named Evan

  22. Melissa Cavallo


  23. Geeky Girl Girl

    The cover on the first book has black tears coming out of the animatronic. I'm pretty sure it's not important but that caught my eye🤔

  24. Ahvra

    It's been years, but Ronnie will always be missed

  25. Ricky Pee pee

    Dr. FALSEY

  26. SeaskiPhantom

    Who else thought Mickey mouse was the one in the closet?😂

  27. Ahvra

    This is the first episode of Game Theory I ever watched. I remember watching Did you Know Gaming with my brother YEARS ago, back when I thought you could only get on KGup via an Xbox 360 (I was little, and that's the only way I had ever seen KGup played at that time) and we watch an episode about Super Mario Bros that was narrated by MatPat, were he mentioned this video in it. At the end of it, my brother (who was in charge of the TV at the time, I was just to stubborn to leave the room) then put on this episode, and subbed shortly after watch part 2 as well. Somehow this was before 1 mil. I only remember this because I remember seeing the million subscriber special in the feed when my brother was checking to see if anyone he was subbed to was uploaded. I didn't sub myself until a few years later (I didn't have my own KGup account yet, I had been sharing one with my brother) but this channel has been such a huge part of my life. You're awesome MatPat

  28. X LionStorm X

    I know I’m 2 years late but I had to comment. No amount of words can express the pain of losing someone close to you. Especially to something as horrible as suicide. I can hear the emotion in Mat’s voice. This hit him hard. Not only will we remember Ronnie as the brave soul that he was but we must also be here for Mat. Even though 2 years have gone by I’m sure he still struggles with this awful experience. If you or someone you know is struggling with severe depression. PLEASE GET HELP. You are loved and valued, not only by people but by God. Talk to someone. Reply to this comment if you have too. You aren’t weak for reaching out. Reaching out for help is the strongest thing you can do. Get help because you DESERVE it.

  29. Noriaki Kakyoin

    I remember when me and my friends got the disc 13 and we tried burning it and all of our wifi cut out, the weird thing is that they live in Texas and we're in California

  30. The Imagineer

    I don’t think that Scott meant to put lire in the first game... but after may pay out lite in the first game Scott just randomly puts lite in his books and his games.

  31. safiya

    to be honest i don't know why these theories get hate. obviously they're not all gonna be right, that's why they're called THEORIES. and every fnaf video is so interesting because of how much lore there is to decipher ✌

  32. Theo Baer

    Don’t go to newest comments first you’ll loose faith in humanity

  33. Lajbartek 360

    *Becuse i have accout i have more let's plays and memes and your videos and Star Wars/Marvel videos then Music and Movie trailers (only Star Wars and Marvel but i subscribe to that chanels).*

  34. Araya Valois

    noice intro

  35. Da-Xia Gustave

    I thought the crying childs name was Chris Afton..

  36. ghosty games

    I never wished any hate upon peopole

  37. tyler v

    damn dis nigga still making fnaf vids?

  38. Bill Shields

    Its ironic that in a way matt is trapped in the game and more so the series just as is portrayed in this game. Unable to stop making these theory videos which in a way suck us (the audience) into the FNAF series to take his place. This VR game is a metaphor for the FNAF series and TGT FNAF videos as a whole.

  39. Charlotte Gunn

    wait what if the crying child's name is Eva?

  40. Curtis Wade Stafford


  41. dasdad waswad

    You forgot that there is mortar in between bricks

  42. Reg Joe


  43. Ernest E

    Bruh the only reason why the Wii U failed was due to MARKETING people werent sure it it was an overpriced controller or a new console. It had an AMAZING Launch library with games like Nintendo Land and New Super mario U an most importantly it is my favorite Game console above the 2019 HAC 001 (-01) switch

  44. S.Mahdi Alavi

    There is an Error! Actually.

  45. Aakash Haque

    This my favorite episode opening by MatPat I have ever seen

  46. Aidin Nikezi

    When your binging the whole series but get lost on episode 2

  47. Amy Roberts

    Oh his name is chris afton scott said it and its in the game when Chris speaks to michle afton

  48. Joe P

    Fnaf can never be solved it just it getting bigger

  49. Derpoise

    Being named Evan, my name spelled out in front of me actually terrified me

  50. TheSquidMafia


  51. Over Kill

    I think crying child's name may be Chris Afton

  52. Evan Rechberger

    In the beggining I was like laughing sooo hard cuz of the thought of a Jake watching, but later on he said my name and I got scared AF so I guess Im crying child aswell now

  53. Nathaniel Clarke

    ok kids what do you want for dinner "chicken" starts up COD "coming up"

  54. Crystal Lawn

    "Too straight" *Font goes rainbow* no- wait- not that way

  55. Parker Irwin

    Matpat *thinks the crying child is michaels afton *exists* about 5 episodes later says Michael afton is foxy bro

  56. Oureous

    I forgot that fnaf had a pizzeria

  57. vanessa orozco

    Hai everyone this theory I came up with has something to do with Little Nightmares 2. So if you havent played, then Spolier alert. Ok so in LN2 everytime the teacher stretches her neck it sounds like her breath hits something, presumably a mask. And another piece of evidence is that when she sees you she can scream different voices like one of her screams sounds like a bullie and the other like a monster I feel like the transmission turned her into that monster hiding behind that forever smiling face mask.

  58. Bri

    His name is Chris

  59. Rio Garcia

    *coughs in fnaf 9*

  60. Demonalex2009

    Bro it is NOT Williams fault he was the business man HENRIS was the one who made the blueprints you even SAID that in your past theory (and you say that you haven’t overlooked anything here)

  61. LastGuyOnTheLeft

    You guys remember when the deepest parts of these games were the parallels to a real world Chuck e cheese murder. That's what the whole first game theory video about fnaf was. Now there's ghost kids and multiple purple persons and an activity book made for kids that has blood on almost every page

  62. Christian Carrillo

    The crying child is Michael afton after the bit of 83 William promised to put him back to get her Evan as a robot that’s why he can’t die

  63. ZeldaSam1

    You shout too much!!!

  64. Cookies

    Conspiracy theory: The Agony is from FNAF theorists

  65. The Hentai King

    Finished playing the game so now i can watch

  66. Mister Mine

    Jaja o MR.leo vai copia

  67. Notafratdude

    Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven, Like so more people can see this.

  68. Rolan Bo

    me: oh wow! this makes sense. looks at the playlist: ....or not....

  69. Puppypaws Gacha

    Gt 5yrs ago: Its Done... We have solved fanaf: Gt today: Hah... Hahaha... Hahaha... ARE WE DONE YET!?

  70. qtcroc

    You have to solve little nightmares please, your so smart:)

  71. pyro plays

    man, these old episodes are nice.

  72. bandite_thedog

    not my first thought being “Dear Evan Afton”

  73. Stim_

    should i have brought my shotgun?

  74. Springtrap 179


  75. ghazi245


  76. bean the queen 123

    Hello fellow youtube people! im looking for voice actors for an animated series im making here on youtube, go to my channel then click on the newest video, only if your intrested! lines for the characters are in the description! thank you! have a wonderfull day!

  77. The Dum Dum Show

    so i would like to say that this, is what keeps me sane, thank you, also i know this is off subject but if you search up matpat on google you get his bio, then people to also search for in this order, Stephanie, Markiplier, Scott Cawthon, Jacksepticeye. mind blower

  78. francisco reyes


  79. gavin god