The sequel you didn't need and also didn't deserve

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  1. Aquastar the Hybrid

    When he didn't say Hey Greg in the first 10 seconds I gagged

  2. Galaxygaurd

    Wait, im gen z and I use 🤣😂 quite often... And I grew up with VHS tapes, am I technically a Zillennial???

  3. Sajida Adnan

    I love this song

  4. NuzzyShock

    i found this channel listening to lofi music...

  5. Robyn Wasserman

    I'm gen z but KID PIX

  6. harper shaniqua

    They should have had kurtis jump in at the end “and I am kurtis.”

  7. Pizza Hut Hot Wing’s Man

    Idk i only see 1 person

  8. CC Love&Happiness

    Hi Laura, nice to meet the lady, who gets to have this handsome, funny & intelligent man 😍💪🏾

  9. Violet Woodley

    alright controversial opinion but la croix at any normal time of the day tastes like spicy sour bathtub water *but like early in the morning though-*

  10. Olivia Pletkin

    kid pix unlocked some old memories

  11. Tubbo innit

    after gen z is gen alpha for anyone who didn't know

  12. justicelimited -

    ur dream

  13. Molly Polly

    He should do an answering questions in a ✨trashcan✨

  14. riceycake.mp4

    The 2nd quiz called me gen z but imma just say I'm a cusper cause I smh at both millennial and gen z sometimes

  15. Hali Flintrop

    Dranken 😬😬😬

  16. Elise Patton

    Danny: (describes what he thinks would look like a grandpa decorated it) Me: That sounds like my therapist's office...

  17. Bloodysugar 18

    Get the head get the bed and leave

  18. The Trojan Web

    Why do george Washington?

  19. DrizzyNationHD

    Brooo how have you never seen friday🤦🏽‍♂️😭😭

  20. Filtheild

    I love giving candies for cuties

  21. Lemon Tables

    *easy to overcome problem appears* Danny:*Intense music intensifies*

  22. Ace Xane

    I sure hope it does

  23. asmodeus

    Can't believe you don't know who JoJo is, Danny.

  24. EM Ily

    Zillenials: 1993-2003 let’s break away and make our own generation because we’re elite 😌

  25. Alesa DelSignore

    I got Gen Z, too. I'm almost 38. 🤷‍♀️

  26. Bri Agreste

    I know he did not just slam harry

  27. Brenda Wollenzien

    I still see the similarity

  28. andy

    woah this man has really "dranken" every lacroix flavour there is

  29. Ren

    " getall the white men off of the internet." I mean-

  30. TheGreatCrusade

    I am a gen z but I still used kid pix when I was in elementary So I don’t really think that’s a millennial thing

  31. CoraKolourAC

    Motorola Razors were boppin! And this is coming from a Gen Z'er. A zalpha?? Idk, I'm a cusper.

  32. Addison Camphouse

    the next hipsters are gonna listen to one direction change my mind

  33. Jenna Blackmore

    "Your emo phase happened in middle school, not high school" you underestimate how long my emo phase lasted, buzzfeed. Neither middle school nor high school could fully contain it.

  34. Nico di Angelo

    Someone posted one of the digging ticktoks with your face on it😂

  35. i wouldn't know

    this story treats youtubing like its coming out as trans

  36. Odoy Jhon nino c macion

    Danny your cool your dream

  37. Masha

    oh my god yeah i was sure hoping I wasn't the only one who was thinking "danny do you KNOW what you look like???"

  38. abdelrahman hammad

    I can't believe drew carried a mirror for the whole video

  39. I Am Person Light

    2:10 make a remark to 11:13 guesses the future. Is there something you are not telling us Danny?

  40. Theresa Jenny

    Ah yes, Spider-Man, The Hulk, and....The Ocean

  41. DarkNite TGN

    He looks like that popular kid from cliché movies

  42. bear

    At 11:56 I don't think that's you's looks more like drew but you two are the same person so it all checks lut

  43. Sydney Schultz

    that picture of gene wilder looks low key exactly like jeremy allen white

  44. heyho Im a degenerate :D

    11:13 Thats what she said

  45. Gabriel Beck

    I love how he just has 4 nutcrackers in his basement

  46. Julia Luster

    whos here after he killed the enderdragon???

  47. inkyvoid

    danny plus minecraft equals my happiness omg I'm so glad to binge-watch this :D

  48. Arnav Chaturvedi

    I wish I had the same problems as these people that are fighting this "war"

  49. Katherine Chapman

    I liked this video for his shirt and I want one

  50. TheOrnithorhynchidae

    There's actually a name for people who are born in between millenials gen and gen z: they're zennials, like they used to call ppl between gen x and millenials xennials

  51. Theresa Jenny

    Danny: 2020, I don’t think many of us thought we would get here. Me: And now we wish we hadn’t

  52. Beans

    My grandma would love this

  53. ova

    danny i got a transphobic ad on this video :(

  54. DioTheMeanie

    Hearing him say London Subway is so triggering to me lmao

  55. Josuke Higashikata

    It tastes like someone ate a fruit salad and burped in your water bottle

  56. Josuke Higashikata

    A LaCroix drinker told me “It tastes like someone ate a fruit salad and burped in your water bottle”

  57. Josuke Higashikata

    “It tastes like someone ate a fruit salad and burped in your water bottle”

  58. psychosparten049 .Esquire

    Don’t worry, Jarvis Johnson suffers the same fate and he is blacks. As they say, “death doesn’t discriminate”

  59. SourPatchSquid

    Squeet don’t eat

  60. A M


  61. محمود رجب

    Hi dream

  62. Scaled Icy

    If you like trashy reality TV, you should watch Hoarders. It is *literally* trashy reality TV.

  63. R a s b e r r y T e a r s

    "I remember when I was in a boy scout" HELP I CAN'T STOP WHEEZING AT THAT

  64. Scaled Icy

    Sing! is a movie.

  65. Scaled Icy

    Plot twist: the reason we didn’t see them kiss is because she’s lying and making it up cause she’s sad and lonely.

  66. Scaled Icy

    1:14 long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away

  67. Nicholas Navarro

    He is dream but a noob!!!! Lol 😝 😂 😆

  68. lacener

    why when u sayd jo jo i thought of jojos bizarre adventures

  69. Scaled Icy

    “I don’t CARE what she thinks” meanwhile: *crying because her KGup videos that have probably already been seen by the kids in school are gonna be seen AGAIN by the kids in school*

  70. Scaled Icy

    Does this girl not have any other clothes? She’s wearing the same dress.

  71. Visions And lights

    Im part of gen z but i had a flip-phone and we vhs tapes in the basement so now i feel old

  72. Leonardo Paez

    I know your dream man your not fooling anyone

  73. Scaled Icy

    Lol “I am Danny, I am Danny”

    1. Scaled Icy

      1:41 😂

  74. kynimite

    either Danny looks like a women, or all these women look like one specific man.

  75. Dylic Animation

    I'm pretty sure this is a cover up of the fact that drew is obviously one of Danny's social experiments

  76. aileen

    i was born in 2002 but kid pix unlocked a hidden memory

  77. Megan Hanson

    bro i've been trying to remember what kidpix was called for AGES

  78. Someone

    This song is turning 2 years old in 2 days 👀 that's how fast time files

  79. Mizuki101Ikuto

    how every white person look like to me

  80. Mazia Johar

    Is it just me or he looks a little bit like Jeremy Renner too...