Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

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  1. Red X Nyan Cat

    When you hit 10mil subs. Could you do a 10mil special and do discounts on the shop.

  2. Red X Nyan Cat

    When you hit 10mil subs. Could you do a 10mil special and do discounts on the shop.

  3. Red X Nyan Cat

    When you hit 10mil subs. Could you do a 10mil special and do discounts on the shop.

  4. Cesar Calel


  5. hola soy Luismanuel

    Yes penny duende and santamike

  6. Nicholas Conoscenti

    I am binge watching all brawl talks with Ryan. We will miss you

  7. hola soy Luismanuel

    And D4-rill

  8. hola soy Luismanuel

    Um yeah coronel ruffs

  9. Jacky Leex

    Oh yeah is back in 2021 :)


    Les falto a colt anciano :( supercell :c

  11. hola soy Luismanuel

    Omaigat starr park

  12. Isa belle



    Nooooo 8bit

  14. hola soy Luismanuel

    No porque mr.p no deja entrar a tick te odio mrp

  15. Sergio Oxon

    Estube viendo todas las Brawl talks y solo en una Ryan faltó :,(

  16. Sergio Oxon

    Suerte Ryan 😔

  17. ꓚ꤀ɾⱱ꤀ Gმⰿꤕɾ 2

    super cell! has a problem when you open the brawl stars is on the black screen and does not open the game! my God! fix this problem!

  18. Sergio Oxon

    Adiós Ryan 😔

  19. Sergio Oxon

    XD siempre recordare a Ryan cantando

  20. Sergio Oxon

    Siempre me recordare de Ryan disfrazado de Bibi XD

  21. Sergio Oxon

    Siempre recordare está actualización dónde conocimos starr park junto a Ryan :,)

  22. Sergio Oxon

    Suerte en todo Ryan que te la pases bien en tu nuevo puesto en supercell :,)

  23. Socorro francis Salvatierra reymer

    goodbye to a world ryan

  24. Sergio Oxon

    Hay Ryan heres el mejor

  25. Sergio Oxon

    Ryan heres el mejor. :,)

  26. Sergio Oxon

    Que tristeza me da al saber que Ryan ya no estará en las braw talks 😔

  27. Sergio Oxon

    A me recuerdo de este momento como que si fuera hayer xD

  28. Sergio Oxon

    Ryan siempre te quere 😔

  29. Sherry Shepherd

    Yo Brawl stars is about to reach 10 mil

  30. Sergio Oxon

    Siempre recordare este bello momento con Ryan :,)

  31. Sergio Oxon

    Las Brawl talks ya no serán lo mismo sin tu Ryan 😔

  32. Sergio Oxon

    Que bien que hayas recibido un nuevo puesto en supercell, Ryan siempre te recordare 😔

  33. Sergio Oxon

    Que recuerdos de Ryan 😔

  34. Sergio Oxon

    Ryan heres el mejor

  35. Sergio Oxon

    Siempre te recordare Ryan 😔

  36. Sergio Oxon

    Siempre te recordare Ryan 😔

  37. LinM - Roblox

    On my recommendation

  38. A guy who Plays stuff


  39. Dariel Cruz

    el primo: no usa portavasos barley: C A G A S T E

  40. Giullia Ferreira Medeiros

    🤩 Wow

  41. pascal

    Maybe is animation so cool with lost saga wild west:v

  42. Landon Keyes

    Did you guys see the penguin get scolded and then dropped on the ground at the end as if dead I just have to say Mr. P is behind it all.......

  43. Normalx

    Can we respect how they pulled in the Shelly with the gene

  44. Arthur games

    Ryan nós te amamos muito ❤️😘

  45. Abdul Abdel

    What is collete even looking at