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  1. laura Silveria

    Forty years ago today, we lost John Lennon. I was in high school at the time. Everyone was bawling.

  2. lhollwall

    Listen to Prince..."Another Lonely Christmas"

  3. lhollwall

    I think u listened to Prince's version already...which he wrote. He reclaimed it after she said some horrible things about him.

  4. mary r

    Bruuuuce and the E Street Band was an experience! Not just a concert. I always left there energized, even if it was 2:00 am getting out of the parking lot. One of the greatest feelings to experience. Back in the day, a 4 hour concert was standard for him and the band. It was not unheard of for them to play for 5 hours. I found an old ticket from a show in 1985 at the Brendan Byrne Arena (currently Meadowlands Arena, NJ) . It was 25.00.

  5. 19Jetta

    If you haven't done it yet, "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam would be a great choice

  6. EJF

    Bob Marley should be more famous for his belief in God as most his songs are about God.... 1st record I bought at 13 was Bob Marley 12inch could u be loved and I still have it...

  7. Nicole Thomas

    My favorite R & B Group ever - Boyz II Men

  8. digital movies

    Song suggestions- Tears for fears: head over heals Imperia: train to Leningrad Teena marie: Lovergirl Van halen- jump Journey:lights Tears for fears: everybody wants to rule the world A flock of seagulls: i ran so far away Hall and oats: adult education Janet jackson: pleasure principal shep pettibone mix Men at work- who can it be now

  9. mark totton

    Don't make fun of people!

  10. Zora Garvey

    People of all races, social classes, and musical interests LOVED this song back in the day. 👍😍 Phil Collins definitely did his thing on this song (and others).....

  11. Cynthia Hernandez

    You guys are awesome. Love your reactions....please listen to Selena hits!!! She was awesome! A true artist that is missed!!!!

  12. Ariel Falk

    The sound of that bass is killer.

  13. Kelly Wildi

    You might like bill hicks sometime ❤

  14. Ginger Strahan

    Please edit and correct the spelling of her name. Thank you!

  15. genierae kirkland

    Please listen to Killing Me Softly

  16. Sandra Sofiah Sexton

    Love those close harmonies, tight chords. The video presents such pleasant images.

  17. Diandrea Rogers

    This one of my favourite songs of all time!! ❤️❤️ young Tevin was in his bag with this one 🔥🔥🔥

  18. groova873tb

    Y'all should do more Mike Epps 😂😂

  19. Elizabitty213

    “Their voices are like P B & J” lmao 😜 I agree!

  20. Marvin Walker

    The lead singer for the Manhattans is Gerald Alston he did a solo album in the ‘80’s the hit from it was “Take me where you want to”, I really think you should check it out, it’s banging !!

  21. Βασίλειος Ραδος

    You should try alien ant farm - smooth criminal

  22. Kaye Panuve

    You have to listen to “Let’s Chill”. It’s Snoop Dogg’s wedding song 💕

  23. Mimi D

    Luther Vandross - Every Year, Every Christmas

  24. Jowanne Jackson

    What would really be helpful to a lot of your young viewers is having some background info on the folks you react to... As far as Damian he's Bob Marley's son and he's got 3 more sons continuing his legacy

  25. Bruce Lee

    You can tell they hella young, boppin they heads like they listening to uzi or sum... you gotta hit that 90s head bop along with the hand gestures lol

  26. Elizabitty213

    It’s like he would do anything absolutely anything for love but he won’t do that (show her his face) 🤧👏🏻🥺😍 Wow no lie I wrote this right before you guys said it! Wow 🤩 you guys are so on point! Loving your videos 🙏🏻

  27. kathy dill

    LOVE you twins!!! I'm a twin too! I have an identical twin sister, we are 64years old!!! Love watching your videos!!! Keep going!!!☺☺☺

  28. Sharise Ruffin

    Can you do New Edition NE Heartbreak plz?

  29. jo jo

    Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby. his best

  30. Detroit Sarita

    Lead singer Jack White is from southwest Detroit, a largely latinx section (my hometown). He has more street cred than Drake tbh

  31. Jacqueline Mcgraw

    Some of the best artists have came out of Scotland. ANNIE LENNOX doing a cover of a WHITER SHADE OF PALE.... GERRY RAFFERTY BAKER STREET.... FRANKIE MILLER I CAN'T CHANGE IT which was covered by RAY CHARLES......SIMPLY MINDS ALIVE AND KICKING Also the great AC/DC were the original frontman was from Scotland and the Young brothers ....bass ....lead guitar were born in Glasgow. The list could go on and on. Look up a few of our fantastic artists.xx

  32. Randi Lockett

    My 1st time hearing this song and I love it!!! There's so much feel good in it!

  33. Don McComb

    If there was ever a year to get the Christmas spirit it's this year. For more Christmas greats, check out Burl Ives, Nat King Cole, and Bing Crosby, when it comes to Christmas songs, those are the GOATS.

  34. Cristina Thueson

    This song is relevant today. Now that’s a sad comment.

  35. Amy Dubin

    I just love you guys. Reactions are incredible and reliving the magic of these songs with you. So good.

  36. ElectricDreams

    I think this is their best song

  37. Elizabeth Tennent

    Bruce!! Back in the day, he played full out then took a break and busted it out all over again. I've seen Bruce live something like 5 times. ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Robert Stern

    Eddie Murphy Raw

  39. KLB

    @TtNT You should try Take 6(A Capella Christian group) I’ll Be Home For Christmas, or Commissioned I Am Here. See if you recognize any of the Commissioned group members.

  40. Lisa Ann Barriner

    I first heard this love song when I was in grade school in the early seventies. It gave me goosebumps then, and still does. The power, the purity, the reverence, the emotion, all in one piece of beautifully written music. Idk if it won any awards, but it most certainly should have won them all. And Tim, you clocked it- because you usually only hear this kind of soul in church.

  41. M a d o n n a

    React to more Madonna!

  42. Robert Stern

    Try Genesis Mama.

  43. Robert Stern

    It’s comedy and it’s funny. People need to lighten up. Like the change of pace from music reactions to some standup reactions.

  44. Jowanne Jackson

    He's saying oh Lord not hold on

  45. Nomusa Magic

    ❤️ I'm sooooooo proud of y'all, your hard work, creativity and classy-ness!! ... Your Michigan Granny! 🙋🏾‍♀️

  46. SemiReal With Stephanie D.

    Love that harmony in my ears!!🤩🤩 Fred's tryin' out for the choir!😁😂 Great song by a great group! May peace and good will toward our fellow man prevail this Christmas. Thanks, guys.✌💙

  47. Marion Brombach

    I think it's great that you both rate the old music videos. Keep up the good work👍

  48. Mindy Guzman

    Fella's you gotta do -----Heart-Alone! ---- The sister of Heart singing Alone. Its cold mane! #TwinMom

  49. savage man 21

    remember to unplug your tree before bed.

  50. Kady Cole

    Looks great! 🎄

  51. Duchess Lynette

    Boyz II Men have always been a fantastic group. To make a great snowman ☃️ the snow can’t be too wet.

  52. Trina Hamill

    Released 1969

  53. Marisa Gettas

    First, please do ANYTIME by Brian McKnight (he's the guest vocal on this track). Second, I have the Boyz II Men holiday album on CASSETTE, and we listen to it every Christmas. These dudes could sing anything. And WANYA MORRIS is just a pure vocal beast. Man, I'm glad I grew up when R&B groups were big. You both have helped me realize that they simply don’t put out music like this anymore. Merry Christmas to you both :)

  54. Trina Hamill

    Listen to her voice boys, it’s perfect. Love you guys, music can help us move past all our issues.

  55. hotties3v3n

    "He country and he black?!" Ha ha ha ha!!"

  56. Sim2111

    Yo boy you should do the song zombie by the cranberries. Just subscribed now. Keep up the great content.

  57. bevrenee1

    You guys are sooo funny"it gave me headaches" making a snowman.LOL LOL LOL

  58. Avenger Nemesis

    The fabulous and sexy Lindsey Buckingham.. Who was so disrespectfully sacked from Fleetwood Mac. Australia ...Merry Christmas to everyone..🎄🎄

  59. bevrenee1

    Hi Kings how are you guys? We have a lot of Soul Christmas music out, but another good one for you is "Give Love On Christmas Day" Johnny Gill you WON"T be sorry!!!!!

  60. Mike Trammell

    Whole album is the best there is. Wanya slid over every track. For Boyz and DruHill, you gotta listen right. Thrilled to see this choice by the twins.

  61. Julie Mitchell

    This is the first Barry White isn't it!! SOOOO SEXY!!

  62. Albert Hicks

    If you ever seen the movie Casino that was in the seen when everyone got killed

  63. Kayla Forrester

    I always thought this song was about heroine until I came to this comments section, never saw the music video before and I wasn't ready

  64. Julie Mitchell

    Damn Mom got that house together fast!! But I miss her ceilings at the old house!!!

  65. Martha Allen

    The 90 means from 1990

  66. Livia Brooks


  67. Nickesha Barnes Allen

    "Christmas Interpretations" by Boyz II Men is one, if not, the best Christmas album ever made!

  68. Michelle McCorkle

    One Last Cry by Brian McKnight! Please check that one out!

  69. Julie Mitchell

    That Phil Collins entro never gets old!! Love love love!!

  70. Livia Brooks

    Yaaaasssss My fav boy group of ALL TIME!!!!

  71. telly santos

    i think u guys should look into TLCs Christmas Song "Sleigh Ride" 😊 merry christmas fellas

  72. Subliminal Minds

    #It's a joyous thing, let the angels sing, 'cause we're together#. Love it!

  73. John Patterson

    Try a popular Christmas song in uk Group not really know in usa probably only few will know these did original Cum on feel the Noize covered by Quiet Riot So try Slade-Merry Christmas Everybody

  74. Black Lion Heart

    Hands down my favorite Christmas song!! Always play it when decorating the tree!

  75. Tim Hill

    You guys need to check out Someday at Christmas Stevie Wonder with Andra Day

  76. sbronaugh

    Isaac Hayes "Walk On By"

  77. Ameriga Alonzo

    Love these young men. They never fail to my mood. "you ain't listening right." :)

  78. Arime Willow

    Honey, my dad wouldn't buy a color tv. I was like 7, in the 80's still moving the antenna for dad to pick up channels. Now he's 76 and still won't get rid of his VCR. The fight to get that man to buy a flat tv, lord.

  79. Reign Sanaa

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE react to God's menu by Stray kids please please please please