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  2. Mr.bouncehouse 404

    she needs carmax

  3. Astro n Error

    3:45 AHIIYITE

  4. Johnlonne Murphy

    I used headphones but did I he he he

  5. Zackary Riley

    *Starts winding music box AFTER the puppet came out and is on its way*

  6. Killa Cam Witdabam

    The Og 💯❤️ you deserve everything you’ve achieved. You’ve grinded for years and have is nothing but consistency and good content blessings to you

  7. Tariq Fields

    If this man don't look around and stop just trying to open doors over and over til something different happens

  8. Mia Latish

    This episode was hilarious 😂

  9. antwone terell

    Berleezy finish uncharted

  10. Kool A inf

    He got time but this one of the shortest ones

  11. Saucy Highlights

    the anxiety watching these videos is unamtched lmaooo

  12. keekz

    Berlin was tryna get his gold back in blood

  13. freyja g

    One day I just want the kind of love like this bro loves Chiaki 💘 wholesome af

  14. Rado Montana

    Truth : *Nerrisa is dead, Faith is alive.* First thing saw headless Faith, it was Nerrisa. Nerissa who is alive right now it wasn't Nerissa, it was Faith. She use glamour for disguised as Nerissa, so Faith is *alive* , while Nerrisa is *dead* . That's my real thinking though.

  15. Sean Cruz

    Damn, my boy Berlin got trapped by Astolfo too and he ain’t even watch the show 😂

  16. Goldy Gold

    Rico did his thing at the end! GG!

  17. Shadoz シ

    this dude is easily my favorite youtuber mann he makes my day better

  18. Amina Brown

    See I that was the lie it made more sense

  19. Jayleezy

    *Clementine Will Remember That*

  20. Zackary Riley

    we need mama eezy on more videos bro

  21. Christian Wanjiku

    Bro don't even go to the gym no more

  22. Machozeuzzz Z

    you have to wear gold armor so that the piglins dont attack..... you had iron and diamond armor on the whole playthrough bru

  23. Walker Family

    Iberlezzy Can you play five night of freddy again but you got to complete the the game

  24. CJ

    He was def right about cyberpunk 🤣🤣

  25. VioletKalico

    Clementine in Season 2: Scared of losing an arm Clementine in Season 4: Literally missing a leg

  26. Jay J

    This dude rlly just danced to soulja boy only to find out the music wasn't on lmaooo

  27. A R C H I E

    Watched this blazed and just wtf? 🤣🤣

  28. carlos lima

    Wow, Rock!!!! WOW!!!! He had Berlin in comfortable, and went straight for the kill.

  29. Alucard

    Bro the song hit different

  30. Its Pradah

    What type of mount do you got your camera sitting on? That actually looks interesting. Thats must need, I Appreciate Bru <3

  31. Jay The Realest

    We all know what were here for LMAO.

  32. Dillan. A

    Berleezy, U gotta finish little nightmares 2, when ever your not busy

  33. Arianna Reyes

    3:15 you're a fuckin king bruh😭

  34. carlos lima

    One of the my favorite KGuprs. ❤️❤️

  35. LukePls

    30:54 ikr LOL

  36. the banana beast

    you sleeping on Minecraft

  37. Perks 4535

    I luv u beer

  38. Woodley Romulus

    20:55 Watch Berlin’s face as Mondo cusses.

  39. Drifty DK

    When they was on that DROPOUT DIESEL, i was actually feelin the vibes fr✨

  40. Dierre YPC

    Berleezy bring back urbs : sims in the city make it a series plz🙏🏽

  41. James Allen

    free t smoke nem

  42. INSTA_JJ 101

    Byeee this series is tooo funny

  43. Goofy Nely

    When ed was practicing dancing before he went in the club and he played his 50/51 song i was mad hyped

  44. David Guerrero

    S/o to whoever made that dope ass intro.

  45. Jayleezy

    I wanna have some cheez-its

  46. Randy Mervilus

    Can you make a new video today at 1:00 clock pm today

  47. Taelor Meeks

    Yeahhhhhh berlinnn🖤💯

  48. NaesukieGames

    its alaskan bull worm for meee LOL

  49. Donkuriosin

    No entiendo lo que dice, pero disfruto los videos de este man

  50. MEIKO


  51. Hayabusa_ Gold

    Bro that kill at 33:35 was INSANE

  52. Tiffani Hoyte

    sean at the end was so fine jesus

  53. PureENT TM

    They should automatically assume that Mark and Berleezy are the impostors if they are agreeing with each other the entire game. 😂

  54. TheGringMan

    Berlin a legend for hitting it so hard

  55. Trevor B. Yokkanan

    6:15 mins both LJ and Edmond are feeling unpleasant in their surroundings, Berlin cant figure out why, when there's a big puddle of dog piss right by his feet lol

  56. N u m i

    i still love nagito lmao

  57. n

    here at 666k views😭


    bro he moving his head like hixen could really see him irl

  59. Ari Posa


  60. TreyAlmighty 1st

    Osmosis Jones lol

  61. Nyla K.


  62. Oreo bandito

    41:36 of course, it wouldve grown back cuz he digested himself

  63. Jay The Realest

    It's 2 years and I'm still laughing that he killed everyone

  64. Emily Lane

    Can’t wait for him to continue this series ❤️

  65. PulseSenseii

    And just like that he's gone again

    1. Kalofa Bread

      its only been three days 😂

  66. GT

    12:38 *Switch the Colors* 🤧

  67. jfxbk

    Yet he has not chakit it in 9 mouths

  68. Paige

    Did anyone else catch the confederate flag at 32:09?

  69. I’m Kyle

    me: sees it’s been 3 days since Berlin’s last upload my inner thoughts: uh oh we’re restarting this cycle again

  70. faze baby

    I didn't know i was a baddie 🤣😂

  71. Zylex

    Berlin's face turning instantly at 8:50 was so hilarious 😂

  72. Gigi Slays


  73. Sassy Drew

    I'm liking how Berleezy so smoothly synced these Danganronpa and Zero Escape osts to fit the mood

  74. Dave _

    I think that you would like a poem DMX wrote called "the industry".

  75. TTitan OG

    Is it just me or I thing that they will lose the fight

  76. Basic Hazard満


  77. LiL Livvy

    one thing about berlin his go too song is always trapped in the closet part 1

  78. Gyroscopic Zeppeli

    Quezon dude is a psycho

  79. Gyroscopic Zeppeli

    Was ln2 music playing?

  80. yourdemon