This channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round. Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.


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  1. Grand Master Autist Wizard

    ska kids, i mean, what are they picking up?

  2. Sydney Hanby-Howard

    HE PUTs Tea In mILK

  3. Get Schwifty

    Amagin him hitting a hole or a rock on that thing

  4. Bass Cars53

    Hearing him swear is unnatural 💀😂

  5. J4V

    You should make a breakfast machine like the one in pee wee

  6. BlueBerryLoops

    "It looks like a pizza cutter"😂


    I thought you said it was easy?

  8. Rimuru Tempest

    Here in Britain we can do whatever the fack we want if we have the money and connections(friends, family, friends of family)

  9. Mike P

    Sturdy shed, not solid

  10. Hayden my fav 2021 E63s

    Wonder what his neighbors think of this: They look up from there news paper. Then the look back down. They don't even care. There used to it.

  11. DjTittieMilk

    "are those freakin sharks, with freakin lazer beams attached, to their freakin heads?!" -Dr.Evil

  12. Rik

    guys, he wears a tie. that's his thing. it's just a button down t-shirt not a 3 piece suit

  13. Reich spawN

    not too shabby for a plumber indeed. \,,/

  14. Reich spawN

    This is really kool found you googling russian screw drive wondering why they didn't pursue it? bargain!

  15. Charles Timmins

    How did this get 844 👎 ?

  16. enigma cars

    License to grill!!

  17. Skyline Av services

    Youve got to much sponsors. Was expecting better tbh

  18. PantsuBlob

    fake obviously you should've needed to cut off your wring finger to use the hidden blade

  19. Marco’s Ways

    You know collin i love the build but Where did you get such ridiculus powerd motor and esc from i can't find it no where just not to be found anywhere i would love to build this whit your basic tools video i am going to but i first wanted to find the parts before i get too exited when i do want to build it and i can't you know what i mean i love your content i wish i could fit one of those huge 360 swings in my backyard just amazing

  20. Jacob Waisner

    qq Colin how many of those shirts do u have

  21. László Nagy

    Soviets already invented it in the late 70's

  22. Dale A

    Iron man's pillow

  23. Gunthorpe model Railway

    These are like the ones in Johnny English 🤣 awesome 😎

  24. László Nagy

    I lmao when he thew the brick in it 😂

  25. Gunthorpe model Railway

    Colinfurze , in today’s video we are going to be building a bank robbery tool 🤣

  26. Duky Devil !

    Metal caprisun

  27. Stephen Windsor

    Bloody Nutter!! Well done mate!

  28. Антон Телушков

    Кайфую от того как он делает все основательно. На века !

  29. tony c

    This is brilliant!! Reminds me of Candid Camera if you remember it.

  30. William Klein

    Dad of the year

  31. luke Butler

    Good place to hide from the police

  32. Isaac MacKenzie

    You need to make the tri-toon boat from Waterworld.

  33. 8lackbeard

    Imagine having a nap in that basement, and the tide comes in further than usual

  34. Jigsaurman Playz

    I’m surprised it was water proof

  35. Stick Ninja

    He scratched the floor

  36. daniellew598 RBLX

    Looks like a llama of some sort

  37. Thesadmules

    Drift trike dealership : How many drift trikes do you need Colin: how many do you have

  38. Billy Bones

    RIP top gear

  39. Alec Slade

    The old chisel y thing it's called a pecker

  40. robin vanderwaeren

    you better eat that chicken

  41. Magnus

    How empty the shed looked back then

  42. Meme softer

    But can it fit a predator 212?

  43. Number8of10

    Why do I feel like this was pretty safe in comparison to some of his other gadgets?

  44. jaded

    next, make old pickup run on wood gas

  45. Nathan Does Air Traffic Controlling

    POV: you are here to check out Colin's voice from the Mr Bean: Diamonds Are a Bean's Best Friend

  46. King Freddie

    it needs a up and down mode

  47. Mars' Gaming

    I’ll make a shed Colin I agree

  48. Austrianer

    Next time build a fully auto nuclear powered magma gun

  49. SrSagittarius


  50. Ben F

    Your surname in German is all about gasification!

  51. 808catboy

    afaik this a rocket bicycle

  52. ShadesOfMist

    in german it means colin farts ;)))

  53. Algo Neuland

    add air balloons a water filtration system and a fishing rod and you can forever live on sea

  54. Max Baldwin

    Not the e30.😖

  55. あぐり真斗

    ey this was in gundam

    1. あぐり真斗

      looks just like it

  56. Random User

    The fbi fear him😶

  57. Florida Man


  58. Cristofor Cojocaru

    6:35 when the trebuchet is sus

  59. Protato007

    6:32 , every time i see that girl i like.


    Yes yes yes yes yes

  61. Binary Wizard

    I haven't watched hid vid 1 yr

  62. treshan ojha

    You are a geneous

  63. Bliksem

    Why are you flogging a dead horse, Collin? The new Bond film died from terminal wokeness before it was even released.

  64. Бендер Сгибатель

    Нахуя я это смотрю? Я ведь даже не играл в секиро

  65. Gary booting_co_uk

    Colin Furze - the man with the golden pun !!!!

  66. sovereign

    This is real life iron man.. wooow

  67. AlphaDuckBot

    Imagen Being a child just Rining Your mates door Bell he doest awnser so you open his letter box to look through

  68. FroDoe Media

    Your fucking savage man✔️

  69. N. C.

    I wish I become this kind of dad.

  70. King Freddie

    We need a diving bored

  71. JP Wright

    My fav part is the always the fake hand

  72. ghiman chorf

    Dream be like: is for me? 🥺 👉👈

  73. ghiman chorf

    Dream be like: Me want now!!

  74. magnus lazib

    you sould make the ultimate military vehicle

  75. installtekz dotcom

    I would have it on reverse and get up there without any effort

  76. Yami Omo

    HAHAHAHA im in america and we can make potatoe cannons ... that shoot 5 lbs of steal 2 miles and register them for like 20 bucks.