1. Nidhi D.

    Why play it with a. Nose

  2. myheartshakeu

    bts being a mood i die everytime

  3. Murat Murata

    I love you armys❤️

  4. Princess Angelica

    Who ever dislikes this video is crazy

  5. milky

    i didnt laugh i won

  6. Ankit shrivas

    When I was seeing this video specially suga & Hobi then I remembered I was also put face pack 😂😂

  7. Kazoo Corporate

    1:41 Me pretending to be frozen so my teacher doesn’t call on me

  8. Lindelwa Luswazi

    It's the "WhAT ArE YoU DoInG NoW" for me😭😂

  9. Mubashirah Saiyed

    Why dose Rm look so good 2:03

  10. 힐끔 보다


  11. Chloe Schrinel

    11:42 V LOOKS SO CUTE I CANT--

  12. hey taehyung


  13. Aastha Solanki

    Which episode clip was at0:38 can any one say to me

  14. Sayana Mathew

    Some guy: LAUGHING is the best medicine BTS: Sure, why not

  15. Blessing Bakare

    T T o

  16. Blessing Bakare

    Bery bery delioseu ~Jin 2021~

  17. Megha Singh

    It was just 0.01 sec and I lost

  18. Veroney Lazar

    V being the wiredest but wins world's second handsome.

  19. Veroney Lazar

    Army's happiness is when bts are happy

  20. Cindy Russo

    This stuff never gets old I’ll love it forever 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  21. claraa tavares

    9:28 videoo???

  22. VI12-31 TIASHA DAS

    I feel like our jin is the cutest while eating 💜💜💜💜 I will eat him 😋 he's world wide cute whlie eating

  23. Nisha Sharma

    i won this challenge

  24. slowmotion

    2:50 is comparable to child birth



  26. Jade Cosentino

    3:33 se dieron cuenta de que hay alguien atras de jungkook? es taehyung?

  27. aizy

    Can I have the link for 4:44 please

  28. Anita zk

    I LOVE U V!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  29. s h

    LOL [😂

  30. s h

    who laughed at the screen frozed lol

  31. Anastasia Ganie

    jimin you say you don't want to eat more food cuz you don't want to be fat and you eat to much food

  32. Anastasia Ganie

    jimin the short guy

  33. Soumen Roy

    to everyone watching this 7:15 don't do this in front of your mouth

  34. Micah Ennah De Asis

    Did anyone notice that theres a backround music and its sneaky snitch.

  35. Soumen Roy

    10:33 taehyung walks in heels better than anyone, and i mean anyone!

  36. nandhana nandhu

    they r the real entertainers

  37. Callisto Hoogervorst

    11:44 E A Sports.... I'm dying 🤣

  38. Callisto Hoogervorst

    10 seconds into the video and I lost already 😂💜

  39. Sanem Aksoy

    4:10 yeaaah my son

  40. Aditi Singh

    Jimin: i have gained weight, I should eat less *10 secs later* Jimin: wow food

  41. Aditi Singh

    V gets heels and dances ME with heels: *3 broken teeth, 2 broken bones and can't even walk*

  42. J-hope Jin BTS ARMYYY

    11:00😂😂😂😂😂😂 i can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Taspiya Tahrin

    Thanks for made this video. I like it so much. ❣️❣️

  44. Banana milk fandom

    Hobi needs help ° ° ° ° ° ° Meanwhile me: I also need help😂

  45. Aditi Singh

    Jin: eating jungkook: plays sad music Jin: eating with sadness

  46. Aditi Singh

    BTS acts frozen V: Imma perform a concert here

  47. kavya munot

    whats the song jk used to tease jimin

  48. Park Jane

    I love the part of 6:22 they speaking english even they don't know how🥳😎🤣that's the bts they do but they do not know what they doing🤣🤦

  49. Park Jane

    In 1:36 I'm sad for Jhope😐

  50. ][ Achu Achu []

    HOBI : Bananue BANANUE!😆😍💜

  51. Daphne Sembrano

    lol i laugh so hard when jin had a eagle pose lollllllll

  52. Daphne Sembrano

    aw man i was eating an ice cream on my mouth then jin scolded joonie lol i throwed up

  53. Harsh G K

    are you v wrote ' hii guys'


    When someone is sad please suggest this video😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Khyati Kumar, Singer

    how many of you want to become kpop artists but your parent want you to be something else 😢😢😢😢

  56. dAt BiSh!


  57. dAt BiSh!


  58. kOoKiEs bAnAnA MiLk

    Awwwwww KoOkiEs phone cover has carrots 🥕 all over it 1:38 is the time stamp

  59. cheryl

    Kaga lucu anjir Bukannya ada vidio yang lebih lucu lagi

  60. Ketzi Sandra


  61. Nicky

    J-hope and i are twins<3(we laugh at literally everything😩)

  62. Nicky


  63. Ketzi Sandra

    3:30 First Time?

  64. Dupain Cheng_32

    0:36 bruh I already lost👁️👄👁️

  65. Hannah Schade

    Can we Talk about the dancing Yoongi?! (6.10)

  66. Vixee

    I normally watch videos like this at like 2 am or something because like I literally can’t laugh or my parents would kill me haha

  67. 💞Arwa💖


  68. Ratan Maity

    V is the drama king.....cute😚😚

  69. Nagarathnamma rachapalli

    Excuse me what the name of the vedio game played by BTS?

  70. Nagarathnamma rachapalli

    What the name of the game please ?

  71. Marilyn Sunga

    I love u, this video of yours made me tear up. I even more realized how much i love these dorks.


  73. gercels playz

    Omg i lose hahaha

  74. Khalia Clare Virata💜💜💜

    Im sorry i lose this vid

  75. Satarupa Das

    In thumbnail i thought it's jeenie

  76. Wayne jefferson

    "I am a pig,oink oink😂🐷," says wwh."we got six humans and a pig,"RM says😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😂😂😂wht