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  1. Kafir Mohallida

    It will end up just like IBM

  2. Spider player Tv


  3. ShadowMaster X

    So did i hurd that right?, If u are paying 20 bucks u get the series s for free?????? And if u stop paying then u will give them back the s series???? And series x ez cuz Playstation sucks

  4. Leivda

    Just to clarify, you don't get a xbox series s for free with xbox all access,it is a 24 month contract to pay for the console and xbox game pass and EA play membership. Also here in the UK you can get the series x with xbox all access for £29/month

  5. dumb absurd

    Very old video is see

  6. marcus bernau

    Fingerprints are from dirty unwashed hands and your hands from the red lighting definitely shows you been playing with Vaseline haha

  7. dumb absurd

    Even the series s is batter than the ps5 so we all know Wich is better it's xbox. I mean play station has been here longer than xbox, but xbox has improved faster than play station has, so xbox actually knows what their doing, updating the xbox constant. So I say xbox is the way to go. XBOX

  8. Pablo Vázquez

    My last concern is about the OnePlus color I should pick 😅

  9. angelo voorjans

    Where did you buy your sweather?

  10. MyLuckySuperegg

    I don’t understand these... ur an Xbox guy or a PS guy... nothing will change that...

  11. Sidefire

    Sorry but nobody cares about how the UI looks. I think PlayStation did great with the UI but Xbox I think looks cleaner this gen and if there’s more to the Xbox eventually it will be great.

  12. SGTcrackey666

    Ps5 obviously its all about the games.

  13. Logan Legend

    Such a difficult choice. Upgrade my PC with Nvidia or AMD's great new GPUs, or get an Xbox Series X mainly for the excellent game pass for both xbox and pc, or get the PS5 which I want mainly because I always wanted to play the new God of War and I want to play GoW Ragnarok as well. I only have the money for one thing! I wanna play Valhalla and Cyberpunk at 4k 60! I got a 4k TV and a console would make the most use out of it. Dammit. Gaming is expensive, but totally worth it!

  14. jamalahmedable

    thank you for doing so much research for providing us accurate information ☺

  15. Sidefire

    Xbox game pass ultimate

  16. James

    Does Sony have to pay these "reviewers" when they leave out Xbox features. The Series ssd can be used like RAM also.

  17. Raven Cape

    Guess what tho the ps5 is still superior

  18. Aryan Gupta

    How is one plus nord u pick in performance

  19. shadowla05

    a full buyers guide, with out actually having either of the hardware to actually test and give a better option/guide smh

  20. Aov Beast

    Xbox said the UI will be updated before launch yikes

  21. J B

    I just switched from iphone 8 to iphone 11 and i love this phone so much and im so happy with it

  22. Harun Güler

    So wait, my one year old LG OLED C8 TV won’t be able to run PS5 games in 4K?!?

  23. Nolvert Larriv

    So overall Xbox X for now is better than the ps5 but we never know till we get some gameplay?

  24. Dijon Noel

    I need a new tv before I get Either console 😩

  25. Jancho

    I’m still sticking to my Nintendo Switch :-)

    1. eggshell

      I have a switch but i want a secondary console so either one will be good for me

  26. Habib’s Crib

    Bro...we’re not gonna be looking at the fuckin UI the whole time while we’re gaming in some hard core competitive matches

  27. LegendZzFTW

    I've always been a playstation gamer so I'm going with the PS5!

  28. Sai

    It's UI... 13:00

  29. Jaguar TSK

    X box series s Is Really Good but I Rather Spend 100 more bucks For True Next Gen And That high speed ssd For Ps5 Digital

  30. Pablo

    The correct answer is: game pass

  31. Javier Escarabajal

    God of war is exclusive of ps5, desition done👌👌👌

  32. JADE.

    You just gotta decide, would you rather load your games faster or play your game smoother.

  33. Antonio Montana

    Xbox Series S has a faster CPU than the PS5

  34. AndroidsRockdude

    Why Am I watching this I’m not gonna get any anytime soon but great vid tho

  35. Mojito

    I'm just looking for a laptop that can run a heavy FL Studio project without running out of steam! It doesn't seem like it's this one :/

  36. Jerome Mason

    I haven't seen any quick resume features on ps5

  37. Andrei Cătălin Istrate

    What should i buy a PS5 or a XBOX Series X? Edit: I already had a XBOX 1 S and I kinda want to know how PS5 is.

    1. Andrei Cătălin Istrate

      @East Coastzz THX!

    2. East Coastzz

      I say go with the Xbox series X

    3. Bora Ramadan

      Xbox for power, Playstation for games and a slightly more speed, however i would take the xbox so i can play my games on the one s because i have it too, plus the gamepass is such a good value for the price with over a 100 games, dont listen to those people calling xbox player's ''xbot'' the reason they said it was because it had worse graphics and now when the new generations are out and the xbox has better graphics, they literally say ''graphics dont matter' its just hillarious. But xbox for me bud, would be the more worthy option.

  38. sunanda kunder

    It's very impressive and even scary I mean just think about eyes

  39. Son Goku

    Don't buy mag safe because apple testing market to remove charging port completely.

  40. Yanis Lak

    Will ps4 games have ray tracing on ps5 like Minecraft or Battlefield 5 ?

  41. 1 Christiann

    So what I’m hearing is PlayStation is better ok. PlayStation on top 🙇🏽‍♂️

    1. Bora Ramadan

      more people say xbox but ok, xbox is the best option but playstation is good of course, get what ur friends are getting, that would be the best option but xbox is the winner here alone.

  42. Zyroxwtf

    Seeeesh il just stay with my xbox 360

  43. IT CodeX

    Dear Daniel.... in comes of UI its 1080p it was only on test version of the consoles... and furthermore Quick Resume does not use RAM but cashed part of the drive....

  44. Rifraf905

    i would go with the ps5 cause i have a pc too and i am able to play xbox games with gamepass for PC on it.. so i buy ps5 to get ps exclusive titles

  45. Rifraf905

    do someone know if you can buy game codes from mmoga or so for ps5 and type in this code in the PS5? or will there be no such option and i need to buy all games from playstation store directly? Xbox games are available on mmoga as example.. but will there be PS5 games also?

  46. Blvck AF

    There's so much red in this video, I love it 😌🤝

  47. Marri Yun

    Am I the only one who watched this video in the pandemic??

  48. Ramon Medina

    The series s doesn't even look at that it looks funny

  49. Emotionless

    Xbox usb ports are a bummer.

  50. Srinivas Arasu

    I’m gonna stick to Xbox on this one

  51. Casanova Jackson

    Not a fan of the Frosted back

  52. Tina shayo


  53. Eli White

    Wait don’t skip *proceeds to skip*

  54. Boats

    I want to get series x but I play call of duty so well on a ps4 controller 😂 no idea what to do

    1. East Coastzz

      I’m a PS4 owner too but I’m getting the Xbox series X. You’ll get used to the controller trust me.

  55. His eyes watch the proud

    The question is whether you need a new phone and how greedy you are...

  56. deuxjohn1

    Demons souls is a ps5 exclusive...

    1. Antonio Montana

      ZeniMax and Bethesda bets all that. and MS will be buying more

  57. Antonio Montana

    36CU is 9TF not 10 the PS5 have been OC from 9 to 10. after Mark Cerny realized the 12TF xsx

  58. Miroslav Petrov

    I would choose the Xbox because it’s more powerful plus even if the ps is faster than Xbox that doesn’t make it more powerful and when you are playing games that gb per second aren’t noticeable and about the exclusives on the ps some of them are available for pc too but if they aren’t there is actually some ways to download them which is pretty neat so Xbox it is

  59. bassem

    its an ip67 and not ip68

  60. Slacker 28

    I don't really mind a 1080p UI I'd rather they use that extra gigabyte of RAM for games

  61. Jesus Vazquez

    Video starts at 13:30

  62. PonDiEndz

    Comes down to the games and the user experience for me. PS5 has my money right there. I'll probably get a Series S in a year or so if Halo finally gets finished

  63. michael andrews

    Ps5 due to revolutionary IO and SSD design, it can stream compressed data at up to 29/gb sec from ssd into gpu ram force feedback controller design and exclusives.Not interested in game subscription services either

  64. Gared Dore

    PS5 is not RDNA2

  65. Black Acura

    xbox all access isnt free if you're paying monthly for it bud

  66. Lillebror Jensen

    i take a X-BOX X next year when release MS FS 2020

  67. Guille V V

    Totally agree, Apple doesn’t like reviewers that don’t totally agree with them. I like the iPhone 12 but why couldn’t they make a 120 MHz display, the other manufacturers have been doing it for a long time now. I’m not impressed with MagSafe, their way to make us spend more $$. And the MagSafe wallet, a lot of reviewers have said it slides off when you put your phone in your pocket 🤔. Oh and no charger 🙄. Thank you!



  69. Kevin Bryant Sr.

    The S20 Ultra (Snapdragon) is better! And Spen can't be on the right because of the camera position..... But the left would definitely be inconvenient for sure.

  70. New Message

    Ps5 Ui at 4k now that's a game changer.🏁

  71. TheStagknight

    If I have HDMI 2.0 on a 4K tv for the PS5, what sort of frame rate and graphics will I get?

    1. Bora Ramadan

      in 4K it will be maxed out at 60, in 1080p u can get 120hz and in 1440p i also think u can get 120 but not sure

    2. Riyaz Uddin

      4k 60fps

  72. Ritik Patel

    Watching on my OnePlus nord .... Got this 8gb/128gb varient for INR 28,000 ≈ USD 370 from Amazon India.

  73. Asen Nakov

    You can't buy iPhone 12 for 799$ ( price for 64GB is 829$ ). If you select to buy iPhone 12 with 128 GB actually difference is 120$ not 200& as you mention!!! So this is 40$ less difference and actually not that big for a difference that you get in iPhone 12 Pro model.

  74. Mando

    Should I get the iPhone 12 pro? I have an iPhone 11 right now.

  75. Teemu Nurmi Gaming

    Wait, so can i get 120hz on PS5 if i dont have tv with 2.1 hdmi? (:

  76. gurdas singh

    In india we get 12 gb RAM and 256 gb internal storage

    1. gurdas singh

      Get the info before shooting the video dude

  77. R. B.

    I think this is the first time since the console wars begun we can say both companies are offering amazing systems. I preordered an Xbox because of gamepass and better optimization for games but that ps5 controller and wifi 6 is tempting me to want to buy a ps5 next year maybe... I feel like is no longer xbox vs sony... its now console vs pc lol

  78. tRiX mArS

    I'm switching to pc gang 😎👍

  79. Roadtrek Ralph

    Yeah this thing is going to be on a KGup video in 10 years titled Apples biggest mistakes. They keep comparing to iPhone; you don't wear cell phones! I hope Apple is looking at comments because they have time to cut their losses on this big flop.

  80. Attano C

    It's the Xbox Series X for me. Was one of the lucky ones to get my Pre-Order in at launch day From EB Games online. Had the original Xbox back in the day then the Xbox 360 then the Xbox 360 slim, Xbox One and my current console is the Xbox One X. There are a few games out there that changed gaming completely for me and one of them was Halo back on the original Xbox. Can't wait for the 10th of November to pick up my new console. 😃😁