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  1. Leah B

    Wow! Teenage memories.

  2. Xantavia Wain

    Wow, Kelly Anne is not aging well at all :O Most of the others did though.

  3. TheHighGuard UK

    Jean-Luc Picard and Q together again, a match made in Star Trek heaven!!! Cant wait to see these two extraordinary, amazing and wonderful characters interacting again.

  4. Artem Bentsionov

    De Lancie did play a demon in The Librarians, who Q in all but name

  5. Gordon Johnston

    Sorry will the first season was so unsatisfyingly awful and made zero sense.

  6. Brad AmeerBeg

    Whose that guy with the purple beard?

  7. Liza Ford

    Senior edition 😂😂😂😂

  8. Liza Ford

    Not gonna be lie don't remember most of the players 🤣

  9. Liberty NC

    Burton missed the memo to wear thick framed nerd glasses. No, you cannot unsee this.

  10. Liza Ford

    Wish they put this on og MTV

  11. Milton Monnin

    They really know when you love them Miss Cher, no land mammal is like them on earth . They paint you know , its not a simple trick even if its exploited . its an amazing thing to see . A baby elephant will bond with a human for life and become so depressed as an adult it could literally die if you leave or die .

  12. Sam M

    I am so very glad that I never have to be on ZOOM calls where some ex coworker asks me about some stuff I did at work 25 years ago.

  13. Milton Monnin

    The baby elephants in Thailand are soooooo cute, so smart . They need companionship , the elephants mourn their dead for decades . Cher your the best !

  14. Ailsa Ni

    Like to activate.

  15. 「CELLO KID」

    Scott Bakula really is an amazing human being. He overflows with kindness and also is a great actor, my favorite one right now

  16. domiciliphile

    Very much looking forward to seeing more of Captain Burnham!

  17. William Overton

    Dr McCoy was my favorite character in the original by far. That's how a lot of people would be.

  18. William Overton

    That was hilarious when she snitched on him giving her contraband

  19. William Overton

    The brawler Kara also looked really funny in my head

  20. William Overton

    Yes he (Wesley)will come up in fact the certificate force is in the same city as the embassy and the officers made ATs volunteer to try for an appeal

  21. William Overton

    When it comes to rewrites. I already saw the original in my imagination. I like admin takes a lot. Editor's stuff you know.

  22. Kym Busby

    I was waiting for Sir Patrick to say "Shut Up Wesley!"

  23. William Overton

    The funny thing is characters laugh in a lot of these scenes

  24. William Overton

    I also laughed about the gorilla and bear

  25. William Overton

    And when the alpha was recruited

  26. William Overton

    I thought the green shirt and thornskull were funny.

  27. Victor S

    If fans truly want to support the show, sign up and stream it ! I’m sure a lot of us would have wished to have seen Coral Veronica Rachel Shane Landon MJ Brad and the Miz etc you gotta admit this is a still a very impressive cast and I’m happy we get to see these faces to compete and do the show again ! It been too long for many .

  28. William Overton

    Or when the wheelchair woman saw them all being jackasses

  29. William Overton

    I also thought it was funny when the assistant two defers to the journalists and the admiral cuts him off

  30. William Overton

    For example the scene I laughed at was when the rabi flipped out on the black guy

  31. Stephen Schlaack

    John Billingsly OP

  32. William Overton

    Lower decks surprised me once or twice.

  33. William Overton

    My sense of humor is not of this world. I wonder if anyone laughs with me about what I find funny

  34. Norman Beaulieu

    Wow Star Trek really went the WOKE crap really fast. Also 2021 is nothing like it was in 1951. That’s insulting. Wil no matter how hard your week ass tried your not going to bring your hate into Star Trek

  35. Izwar Rahman Adam

    I think mcfadden beside brent spiner, because i didn’t know at first

  36. Purefoldnz

    STD is not Star Trek.

  37. Purefoldnz

    Brent looks rough

  38. Samantha Hayton

    So excited to see Mark and Derrick back on a challenge wish they never left and glad that Darrell is on it but I hope it picks up because to be honest this was so disappointing for me. Looking forward in seeing if Ruthie is still a beast cuz she was back in the day but so far not so much. Hope that people actually start trying to win this money for real and actually do and finish the challenge. There are other OG'S that I would have love to seen come back like Colin for instance mainly because I had a crush on him. I really was hoping that Kenny and Evan were gonna be allowed to be on it since it is on another network but I guess not :(

  39. Mr Johnny Gaming bear

    God and Jesus love all

  40. Mark Anthony

    also the DMX song ... :(

  41. Mark Anthony

    jemmye going to work on a challenge is hilarious lol

  42. Rional Gaming

    oh god.. please come up with something fucking new besides control 2.0

  43. Jesse Thoe

    "This is why you have a star trek panel featuring 4 white guys. We are aware of it." ... "We are super aware of it star trek fans, and I apologize." - You sound like you're going out of your way to *make* this an issue - it isn't. A panel with with all white guys, intentional or not, is not a crime.

  44. Jacob McCain

    I really love Ace, so genuine, so much heart. Fighting for the right reasons. Why did he have to go home first? I’m angry!

  45. Sheyla Whitehurst

    I am fan before it was the challenge.. but when I heard TJ say he picked the best of the best of the best for this game.. I was really confused ...

  46. Maria Nieto

    TJ getting excited over the elimination, tells you how much the new seasons suck, now he always looks so tired with the new competitors.

  47. Jacob McCain

    This is about to be good as hell! I’m thinking Derrick, Darrell, and Mark are gonna be THE guys to beat, but idk the guy in blue, Laterrian looks ferocious!

  48. Alex Wright

    It’s so funny seeing all them struggle on something that would be a cake walk for the people currently playing. I love seeing how things change

  49. Caesar Plasencia

    rebuilding the Federation. I like it!

  50. Jonathan Soko

    66k views 6 days later? This is undeniable proof that you are RUINING star trek. We love trek, we hate what you have done. Btw dont pull that "oh u hate women" crap, Janeway is my personal second favorite captain, trek has ALWAYS had incredible women on their shows, what youre doing is absolute garbage and this is more proof. Stop destroying the best sci fi franchise, STOP

  51. ransom182

    The Admiral uni is very pope like.

  52. Guy Serle

    This and Strange New Worlds are the two I can't wait for. Sorry Discovery and Picard, you have a LONG way to go before I'll start to enjoy you again

  53. Arkeeny

    Discord! They are bringing Discord into Star Trek! >x^D (Yeah yeah I know just being rythmically sarcastic)

  54. Jenni FooFoo

    Too bad the Paramount+ app sucks.

  55. LeVar Anthony

    So, is the giant Orange Rock guy a Silicon Base Lifeform?

  56. BOBXFILES2374a

    Great interviews. Live long and prosper!

  57. Person Person

    Shit.... here we go again 🤡🤡 qcards where are we at

  58. sweethomebama girl

    40 never looked so good jisela



  60. Gavan Baxley

    How could you not make this season about rebuilding the federation...

  61. Spaceflightengineer

    All indications are that this show's premise as shown in STD season 2, is the first time that what the original Trek was about has been captured since TOS ended. Chemistry has returned. ...can't hardly wait.

  62. The Jester

    How sad. So out of ideas they have to drag a 30 year old character out of the scap heap to try and sell a season. Star trek is so so dead.

  63. S W

    It's a wonderful cast, much love! I have to say, Tawny gives off 100% Mariner energy here that I swear she's doing the interview in character 🤣

  64. Thomas A

    I really feel like a tv show shouldn't have a frame rate so slow that I can see it with my bare eyes wtf is this? Lol

  65. Apollo Jack


  66. kim isola

    Wow did they really just put it on KGup after they released it on a paid app. WTF! I would of never paid for it!

  67. Adrian Van Leeuwen

    If Janeway is coming back as a hologram, it would be nice to see the Doctor showing up (as a backup hologram) or maybe Q shows up again to mix words with Janeway.

  68. Moira Rehm

    I want to see Neelix again, I hope he is in it 😭

  69. sBeDs

    ok, but when does Wesley return??? XD

    1. Ailsa Ni

      Oh THAT'S where the meme is from. All this time, and I never knew.

  70. Ryan Guerra

    That beginning intro gave me chills. I grew up watch these guy. Love they are back.

  71. 2 Os 2 Syllables

    You can't have the "Best of the Best" without Bananas

    1. CloroxDoll

      They can and they did and it's better than any season he has ever been on.

  72. AngryAtheist

    Is there not ONE Star Trek actor who has ever said "Hell no" to a dumbass idea???

  73. stang393

    Whoever voted down must be a Borg

  74. Steven Valencia

    There are a couple of competitors on this season who dont deserve to be on this all-stars season there are a couple who arent legends or all-stars

  75. noemi lopez

    What ever happened to Jodi?

  76. Lo Kitnkaboodle

    I love Derrick fr fr

  77. Mush Man

    Oh, cool, another beloved character to ruin

  78. noemi lopez

    Where’s Tanya? That girl was crazy was she not available? I think CT should be there. I have always wanted CT and Mark go at it 😀

    1. W Jack

      You mean Tonya. 😒

  79. Carl Grogan