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  1. odinmp5

    And Guess whos kids Will vote liberal for the rest of their lives after this fiasco.

  2. Kelly Struthers

    Dad of the year!!!!! POS.

  3. Danie Brink

    What is it they keep saying? .. oh yeah .. "LOCK HER UP!"

  4. chrisose

    Candidate for QAnon Father of the Year.

  5. Ronald Giroux

    I swear this bovine looks like she’s wondering if she’s at the right address!

  6. External Influences 1111


  7. odinmp5

    Orange jumpsuit for her , please.

  8. Lynn Rollins

    You Big Dummy

  9. Bear G

    They to be charged with treason..and throw the key away...and they are on the no fly list...lmfao...she is just a lunatic..like the rest...moron...lol

  10. M Bush

    Who the F is he to demand to see anything in the capital chambers? Goose head layed a goose egg with him. LOSER

  11. Lynn Rollins

    Yoooo i thought she said she wasnt there

  12. L2 LOVE

    One needs to watch Jenna Ryan's life coaching videos on her KGup channel 'SelfLoveU' to understand the double-speak, entitlement, white female privileged ego, denial, scapegoating, and manipulation here. She broke some federal laws and is playing 'dumb-bimbo-I-dunno' to get out of it now. Actions speak louder than words, girl.

  13. Linda Moore

    Now she wants people to help her with legal fees ummmmm no

  14. Linda Moore

    Stupid is as stupid does!!!!

  15. Salty Stones

    Typical Trump supporters behavior

  16. epincion

    All urged on in (huge) part by Fox News or should I say Fox Entertainment since they are not a News organisation

  17. David Mathews

    Excellent. Get ‘em ALL.

  18. Mike Moffitt


  19. Darth Black and Mild

    Lock them up! Lock them up!

  20. raul martinez

    Has plenty of money flying in private jet living a great life by the sound of it. Talk about white privilege. She is a traitor to democracy deserves prison. What an embarrassment to our country and the state of Texas.

  21. Captain Einsicht

    This reminds me of the indian shopkeeper in gta V who always shot me in the back with a shotgun after i robbed him

  22. Juan Maravilla

    Welcome to North Korea of America

  23. RayNLA

    “I have erase everything” NSA...Hold my headset

  24. Nessa Perez

    Omg 😭😭😭 I remember one day I was inside my car after I turned it off ..with windows up Man it got hot so fast and started to think about the children left inside cars ..its horrible ..rip🙏🙏😭

  25. first last

    building regulations drag out rebuilding when so many need done at once. I doubt our forefathers complained about slow disaster recovery like this after a year had passed

  26. Pifarra Gallardo


  27. TheSousCHEF TheSousCHEF

    The cow was there to collect this month's supply of cows milk

  28. Mitch Connor


  29. B McGuyver

    Apparently cardio is not part of his "militia" training.

  30. Ron Remillard

    The fact that you were “trying to get into the capital“ calls into question the value of your legal education. Your alma mater must be very proud of you.

  31. Maria Padilla Marques

    Indict her and serve your time! Far from peaceful, hank God she taped herself as she participated in this insurgence!

  32. Julio Hernandez

    Shut up go to Jail

  33. Arthur Hollingsworth

    Why he gotta represent Texas we all ain’t like this

  34. Jane Peterson

    If they charged into the capital building then they needed to be charged.

  35. Stanley Porter

    Well all I can say is we'll see you in about 18 months if you're lucky oh, if not we'll see you whenever they let you out. But I hope the next time you see the Capitol building you make sure you can legally enter it. By the way I saw your tearful plea for pardon from the president. How did that work out? Well you're going to prison so obviously it didn't!

  36. Jose Laureano

    Put em all in there! Let them experience what it is to be in a cage

  37. John Inedmond

    I think Trump sees his duty as to destroy as many American lives as possible and to destroy our country. It is the only thing he has been successful at. 400,000 Americans dead, more than died in WW2. He cares less about his mob of followers that he would about crap stuck on his shoe. Trump cares about 2 things: money and Donald Trump. So glad he is gone.

  38. Tricia Theophile

    We do not care either Jenna. Take your arrest and shut the hell upppppp. Again we do give a damn.

  39. Quasimime

    Why use the term “alleged”?

  40. Carlos DeLorenzo

    Zip ties? Off with his head! Riots, burning, looting, and murder all summer long but now you clowns are concerned?

  41. Charle Anastasia

    Guess Dear Leader Isn't going to save you.... shocked?

  42. andrew100z

    Agreed, any family member that turns you in is not better than some China brainwashed slug. Terrible thing to do to a family member. THis is worse than NAZZI germany. Kick these kids out to a foster home and let them get abused for a few years. then they will know what it is like. SNitchez

    1. Josh

      Or just dont threaten to shoot your kids. That seems simple enough

  43. ken rudge

    Political Nut job

  44. Charle Anastasia

    This is EXACTLY why gun control is necessary.

  45. Renee DaSinger

    don't matter what false narrative the media comes up with WE KNOW.. the leftists are still a communist violent mob.

  46. edy smith

    Sad this is how most of the REPUBLICAN party thinks right now

  47. Gerardo Silva

    Father of the decade folks

  48. Howard Dyer

    What Nut Job threatens his own kids

  49. Aleco Glenz

    No fly ban

  50. Rob N


  51. Mark Armour

    Domestic terrorism and threats to kill. Should be life without parole.

  52. Teena Brunk

    He should be locked up for complete insanity. His children should be protected from him in perpetuity. Seems like he’s a coward trying to erase his misdeeds. Your in the next generation of technology what you do is recorded.

  53. Poe

    I noticed all the females who stormed the Capitol are ugly.

  54. ThunderDog97

    Don't worry guys... tRump said he is going to pardon all of you..... in 2 weeks! Same time he signs his healthcare bill. 😁



  56. edy smith

    I guess you're a traditor

  57. Charle Anastasia

    Boo hoo hoo. She lost her business and Trump ignored her pleas for a pardon. Reality Bites lady. You try to overthrow the government, you're an enemy of the state.

  58. eli imperio


  59. Gato 008

    Myb she CD hv use tht jet, for smthg more positive, or She CD hv. went somewhere 🌴🌴🌼🌴to chill, instead..of mix up herself in that MESS..... SMH 🤦🤦👁️ 🕊️🕊️

  60. Angela Trahan

    As someone who, like a lot of us, now has tension in the family over Donald Trump, I just can't help but keep asking, "SERIOUSLY?! HIM!? Over the absolute loves of your life?! Then go. Go." It's disgusting to watch.

  61. Dan Johnson

    Such a gross person. Look at all that opulence.

  62. Always Been Great

    Dont put words in his "mouth",because He uses it for something else and not enough room for words.🌈

  63. OfficialDungeons

    That’s pathetic.

  64. Philip Scott

    The ‘private jet’ I saw in another photo had propellers. Visible propellers.

  65. alex Caballero

    That's what happens when you smoke water down kool aid 😂😂😂😂

  66. Courtney Fox


  67. jose doe

    Semper fi.

  68. B. W

    And .....Trump don't care about his supporters bcoz they are nothing but pawns for him.

  69. Credale Mabry

    What do it make him then 🤔 looks as if he got his family living in fear for yrs

  70. Ian Slade

    Why does it say September 13, 2021 in the upper left corner of the video chat?

  71. Rage Ready Gaming

    Why haven't they charged joe biden for stealing the election oh yeah that's right they sold the election to china they are just as guilty

  72. Elise Vautour

    A private jet. Messed up Texan Princess. Go directly to jail. Glad you have no fear or take a bullet for the cause.... Bye Bye.

  73. Carol Cornell

    Awww I like cows ....where she come from. ?

  74. Outlawstar49

    Some probably already flew to Mexico lol

  75. Billy Klineerson

    Treason life in federal prison

  76. Jay Turner

    Why are professional workers being arrested at the capitol riots, but jobless antifa addicts are burning cities down?

  77. Elise Vautour


  78. Ydud Hxurkr

    All kids hahahahahabababababhaha

  79. wesbecool

    So the best "Patriots" threaten their kids? These idiots. . .smdh.

  80. Carlos DeLorenzo

    All you clowns that buy into this 1933 Nazi Reichstag false flag attack are the willfully ignorant.