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  1. selbyfan2305

    This was kind of how I felt about the Dr Pepper shake from Wahataburger. Granted, I got it on a really busy afternoon in the drive thru so maybe it wasn't made perfectly but the addition of the dairy made it taste more like a light generic cherry cola shake than a Dr Pepper shake.

  2. harpy

    when is doing doing a steak episode so when they say "the steaks are small" they're both lying and telling the truth

  3. Abigail Widrick

    You guys should do a tiny food fight in honor of Brie! You can prepare dishes with Brie ( the cheese) and have her pick her favorite dish :)

  4. Claire Frank

    I really love the kitchen backsplash, the color combo is very pretty :)

  5. Naw_imgood 03

    All I’m looking at is how ADORABLE she is with long curled hair😍😍

  6. Danae Wright

    have y'all tried trader joe's gluten free stuff?? that'd be a fun video 😂

  7. Naw_imgood 03

    I know someone already said the Ned thing but my wifeeeeeeeeee

  8. Joseph Rogers

    “I’m glad the company paid for Blueberries for personal use!”, Isn’t the company, literally, just them, I mean...

  9. Abby Rose Harrison

    Kristin whisking the eggs reminded me so much of my uni roommate 😂😂 I was getting flashbacks

  10. Captain

    much much much love from your friendly neighborhood non-binary communist <3 I'm not out to everyone in my life, and your courage is, in fact, inspiring.

  11. Echo

    Yay Brie!!!! 💕💕

  12. Captain

    Kristen's wife in the Alabama shirt:.... Me: fuck Alabama. Me: still from Alabama. Kirsten's wife: *still in the Alabama UNIVERSITY shirt* Me: if it wasn't for that university, my parents wouldn't have met, and I would not have been born. god I wish I had never been born. " p.s. much love to Kirsten's wife (Bri? is it Bri? Idk and am sorry), I really appreciate her evident lack of hatred for my birthplace. clearly, I'm not as cool about it, but that is only due to my horrible experience growing up there. there are, in fact, good people in AL (my brother being one. he is the best person on earth. disagree? I will fight you. I will bite you.)

  13. faeriesmak

    I love Little Food Fight! So fun! Brie is the best judge as well. I hope that you will keep her on as judge even when you can leave your COVID bubble!

  14. Sami B

    You shouldn’t flip them until the bubbles start popping! I think that’s your problem😅

  15. Whitneyleigh392

    Brie running out while Kristin turned on the stove was a big mood. She is smart and I would have ran too. :D

  16. Sami B

    “She doesn’t look like much, but she tastes good.”

  17. James

    You do you, no one can tell you how to live. If Kristen is happy then YEAH!! If Brie is happy then YEAH!!

  18. ekta mohite

    I know its shot before brie told us she was brie but seeing her as her old self does not feel right now.

  19. Aventurine ARTZ

    Love these agents of chaos, just 3 queens

  20. Aliza Lipman

    Possum By Night!

  21. jennp

    Loved the video - but I’ve never seen someone mix for sooooooo longggggggg 🤣😂

  22. hmmm

    Ok but now I want to make Dr Pepper pancakes

  23. blueamm11

    I love watching Kristen and Jen attempt to cook. One of the most entertaining things on youtube.

  24. Amy Ouderkirk

    I can't remember if you two made a Spaghetti sauce yet or not. If not, that's my suggestion for the next little food fight!!

  25. Christina Ball

    Congrats! Now the big question.... will you have a vow renewal so Brie can be her true self in your wedding photos...AND wear a great dress?

  26. breathelectric56

    “Fall is a semantical distinction” LOL 🤣 You guys are so much fun :P

  27. Kathi A

    Eeeee Kristen looks so cute in the hello kitty fit 🥺🖤🥰😻

  28. MrsArielMoore

    I forgot it was calles anything but lil food fight. I prefer it now

  29. sarah carrier

    It's like watching myself on TV without feeling anxious about it.

  30. Seana Epley

    Could you try sushi rolls? That would be fun!

  31. Cat Palmer

    Anyone else catch the typo at around 5.33? Or have I just spent too much of my life proofreading things?

  32. Kiran K.

    "no spoilers!" brie is SO funny y'all i’m dfhgvadlhfcashfdkabd

  33. Tania

    Brie is so brave. She sees you freak yourselves out turning on the stove, but still eats the pancakes.

  34. Layza Sierra

    The editing is pure gold.

  35. Kane Sainsbury

    Such a joy and relief from a blue day during lockdown no.3 here! Thanks y'all, love to Brie x

  36. Maddie Perett

    Kristin I must know your shade of lipstick!! Deets please

  37. Testsubject115

    At least Jen showed the blueberries so they can be put as a tax write off / business expense 👀

  38. Cara Howell

    Kristin you look so cute girl, I love your dress!

  39. Honey

    creating content and managing a brand is incredibly under valued. i constantly feel like i’m swimming up stream. 😓 like i’m literally trying to help people make more money and i feel the least valued.

  40. supergi184

    I love how Brie is willing to try all the random culinary concoctions that come from this series. She is a better friend and wife than I ever will be 😂.

    1. Kyo O'Connor

      Yeah, I don't know if I could be that brave tbh. Lucky Kitchen and Jorn to have a judge who's willing to try anything!

  41. Shiloh James

    "Oh no there is pieces of corn in this!" I died 😂😂😂😂

  42. Kavi Weaver

    "she don't look like much, but she taste great" 😂 ... 👁️👄👁️

  43. Yandolito

    So is Brie a normal human name in the US or is Brie just a big fan of Brie and wanted to be named after the best cheese? 🤔

  44. Joey Ross

    Love you guys! You guy’s are so awesome

  45. Alisha Nielson

    House of farts is actually how I refer to my home. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  46. Metzgar

    Was it hard to call Brie, Brian as you all knew about the transition but she was not yet ready to share? I hope this is not a rude question.

  47. Angela Scott

    Now i want pancakes 😅 Might have breakfast for dinner tonight

  48. I Boop Your Nose

    Omg, that dress is sooo pretty. I love the length and cut too! Also, yummmm pancakes 🤗

  49. Melissa Vice

    jorn: DR PEPPER PANCAKES!! me, drinking dr pepper and visibly vibrating: ...continue.

  50. Jillian Rose

    Kristin! Your outfit is FANTASTIC! you look amazing and I love it!

  51. anonymously anonymous

    Yayy. Loves it ♡ ⚘⚘

  52. Isabelle Dionne

    Delicious !

  53. toangaseti

    Kitchen...there is supposed to be corn in the corn bread mix. I would suggest using corn meal next time because you do not have corn chunks in your batter.

  54. Mckinzey H.

    This just made my day!!!

  55. bruffato

    I love how they always say "Tiny cooking competition" and after saying it, they say they don't have the rights lol

  56. Whitney Reynolds

    as I heard someone say once, pancakes are like husbands - you throw the first one out

    1. Whitney Reynolds

      I guess here you have your pancake become your wife? I gotta get in the kitcen and do some experiments

  57. Lynsay Golis

    it is so fun hanging out with you guys!😍 House of Farts! House of Farts! 🤣

  58. parejeda

    Kristin's outfit is so cute! Does anyone know where it's from?

    1. I Boop Your Nose

      I really want to know where it's from too 😍

  59. Karma Loe

    I need more Kitchen & Jorn in my life.

  60. Landon Smelker

    Omg y'all there's a typo. “Cooking time with Krisitn!” 🤣

  61. Jennifer Mastergeorge

    Entertaining as always

  62. xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx

    I want to see a incredibly chaotic little food fight but it's brie vs kristen. I want to see how intense it gets. Ugh you guys bring so much joy. I binge watch your videos twice a week and they can never get old. Thank you for such hard work

  63. James-Kieren Myles

    Brie standing at the door panicking while these two try to cook is something I imagine happens more often than we see

  64. Yeshaya Amichai

    "Where you fight the food and the food wins." hahahaha

  65. Victoria Lafond

    I love how anticlimactic Brie’s taste tests are.

  66. Crystal Sweets

    Kristens outfit is cute😍 i like the opening in the front

  67. marina_sky

    Now I really want some pancakes! Also was really happy to see another video from you all!

  68. Cheii017

    Brie just casually looking in the doorway as her wife just may have caught on fire... *EVERYTHING IS SAFE* That's when you know... it wasn't safe for a moment but it's okay now. XD

  69. Francesca DeLisle

    Hear me out okay.... once quarantine is over Jen and Kristen do without a recipe with the Try Guys

  70. Isabella Jessup

    Every time I hear brie's dead name, my brain bleeps it out. This must've been filmed a while back though because they're talking about fall 😅

  71. manu GrassGras

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  72. Laura

    Little Food Fight is a much catchier name for this than tiny cooking competition!

  73. Julia Stanley

    lmfao everytime yall said brian my brain went "BRIE"

    1. Kathie Crocker

      Mine too.

  74. Supernova Cruisin

    This video is reminding me why I don’t cook 😂😂

  75. Jessica Sponseller

    I feel like every time they say formally tiny cooking competition, they mean "actually tiny cooking competition but buzzfeed sucks eggs through straws."

  76. Emma Hansson

    Hi from Sweden! 🇸🇪

  77. Ella Bella

    As someone who has been struggling to be alone in a covid world, I LOVE when you guys release new videos. Seriously the best part of the day!

  78. L H

    2:11 Kristen drumming on her chest is a mood (o^^)o (o^^)o

  79. Angela Tuttle

    I'm so happy for her living her truest self!

  80. Darian Padyk

    this is the best part of my week