The creative brain drippings of animator and all around awkward dork, Rebecca Parham!

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  1. Aiden Rhine

    "Wonder Why Noone Is Visiting" *Proceeds To Show Clip Of The Reason* "It Is A Mystery"

  2. _ UwU _

    i miss my taste and smell

  3. andiagra AndiAgra

    Rebbecca has gone full Joker laughing

  4. Legopikmin Game Dungeon

    That Squidward photo.

  5. Legopikmin Game Dungeon

    You've probably stolen a few hearts yeah...

  6. Hadi Naqvi

    Jaco waa pretending to be Spider-Man

  7. Legopikmin Game Dungeon

    Mine was SEGA Genesis too, followed by Gamecube. And now I own everything.

  8. Legopikmin Game Dungeon

    I am sad I missed the ghost story shirt.

  9. EIectric Airways

    Becca: “water is wet” Me: Actually, water ISN’T wet.

  10. Natasha Romanova

    Bill is just a dorito

  11. Natasha Romanova

    It not mable

  12. Egor Vazhenin

    Yag adnik

  13. Jemma Briggs

    Have you realised her Number plate is “EXPLNR” wich spells “explainer”?

  14. madestmadhatter

    I mean... You kinda have to eat the flan at that point.

  15. Tristen Miles

    Adam... I SWEAR OF GOD! (1 like - 1 SHUT UP FOR ADAM)

  16. Jemma Briggs

    “Keeping my distance” “Released 2017” oh god, little did she know...3 years later..

  17. Faira Dee

    I wish this was on Spotify, this is my new favorite song

  18. Malachi Hodge

    I’d hug you right now, but

  19. Gacha Potato01

    My mom when the house ain’t clean and comes batching into my room 6:45

  20. That. Weirdo

    I made you a Disney character if ya don’t mind! :)

  21. Sour Lemon

    I absolutely suck. You're a lot better than me. I would like to be able to draw, but my drawings are garbage.

  22. CamGeoDiamond

    4:54 then im still good

  23. Crystaline Broadcasting

    I thought I was the only one that had specific lines to get into different voices

  24. Darrel Marchell Wibowo

    Poor jack

  25. Candace Hovland

    Same here boy same here same here girl singing I didn't mean to call you boy first time so I'm sorry but you're definitely not stupid You're the smartest thing I ever saw and I'm not a girl I am a 13-year-old watching your videos and you know what screw it I am at the right age to swear but seriously you are not stupid whoever thinks that deserve the burning hell for older and going to menstrual style and mental asylum and stabbed herself preparedly and also burn busters you are not stupid I think you're smart and you told me a lot of things and also it happens to me too And I hate it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thanks for Alice listening to my comment You're the best I believe actually I know you're the best thank you and I hope you would do good in your life thank you bye.

  26. Jackie Cooper

    Your the best |●▪●| 🌏🌐🗺🍼😂🐧🦔😁🖤

  27. ican Animate

    My weird hobie is for some reason sinking ships oddly enough.

  28. ꧁ ღ An Awkward Crybaby ღ ꧂

    Happy birthday, Becca! 🥳🎁🎉🎊🎈🎂

  29. Shivang Kashyap

    you are so cool I love this song

  30. Horrible

    This Happens To Me Too >:[

  31. ·*Charlie Squirrel*·

    The ICONIC errors in thr video remind me when I scream at school when I get tagged in a game- Also, RIP Geffeory Thr Giraffe. I actually ordered ROBUX on Roblox with my Aunt's Credit Card and I said "It's not stealing if she doesnt know.~" But, unexpectedly, my aunt's credit card is connected to my grandmas phone, so my grandma found out-

  32. Shark puppet show

    Today is your birthday 🥳🙂🙂

  33. Pysco Bug & Chat Blanc

    I am now worried for jack ._.

  34. Jackthebatman 12

    R u a ravenclaw

  35. w a v e ra v e

    Becca: this drawling is bad Me: have you seen my sprawling of people

  36. Kalicosu

    I love that animate rebeca just releases Satan in to the world

  37. Kimberly Conner

    It happens to me and and . . . IT MAKES ME FEEL ANGRY

  38. Matthew Ambrisco

    winta wounda babies

  39. Goodness Grace

    Wadup T-Shirt reference!

  40. Llarah Seitz

    I have a rule.... Every bad thing I tell my self I tell myself 5-10 good things about me and my life.

  41. Allison Halladay

    Wait does she have the cough cough?

  42. wall-e quijano

    oscar is my name oh God 🤣

  43. Dilawar Singh


  44. Devlin Forest

    it is her b--day today happy b-day

  45. Bob the chunky chicken

    Wow what a epik video love it

  46. Its Slimetime

    What do you use to make these animations? I wanna become an animator!

  47. Brooke Hess


  48. David Vogt

    I've watched a few of your videos recently, but "BAND!" made me cackle out loud so much, and for so long, that I finally subscribed. Congratulations, that got me. That got me so good.

  49. Ivler Diaz

    I have news my two teeth has to GROW

  50. SARG Studio

    I was born in 2008 but I still somehow know what dial-up is. Damn I feel old

  51. Isabella Boswell


  52. solomon schuster


  53. Its Slimetime

    Just take a moment to admire her intro- My LiTtLe OoDaLaLiEs 🙏❤️ love your videos

  54. Echoflower333

    Ha.... hahaha hahahahaha this is true

  55. Frogism Education


  56. Aiden Laguna

    i know all the animater james,adom,jaiden

  57. Alexi Hamilton

    I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer! But I'm Gen Z and I watched it for the first time in 3rd grade so it's probably because I formed a sort of attachment to the story/characters to help me get through my traumatic childhood (thanks Dad). Don't worry I see a trauma therapist that specializes in my particular brand of weird, so it's all fine now (mostly). *inset awkward yet genuine laughter from me here*

  58. Galactic_Potato12

    If you like the play Sweeney Todd, you HAVE to watch the Office episode S7 E3: Andy’s Play.

  59. Cami UwU

    yo si fuera esas chicas saltaria xd re loca xd

    1. el hotel de scout

      FELICIDADES! Encontraste un comentario español

  60. Alexi Hamilton

    I'm a theatre kid too, and I was singing before I could talk. Before I even said my first word, I was sing-babbling to my stuffed animals in my crib. Also, my first word was me saying "hi" to a cute waiter so we knew I was gonna be the flirty type from a YOUNG age. Lol.

  61. Iris Dragon Tamer


  62. Daniel Beason

    I thought you ment they made fun of you

  63. Amethyst lynx

    Dress code in video : no animal ears Me : excuse me School : oh dear

  64. I t z _ Animal Lover

    Who else loves to rewatch the intro? Or am I just weird-

  65. Jake Hitchcock

    I still come back and watch this video 6 years later, it's still dead accurate

  66. Blaze_playz


  67. PixelPuppy_175

    1:00 “ I WANNA BE A GHOST STORY!!” Never gets old!

  68. Christine Rahming

    ESPN for frocks

  69. Christine Rahming


  70. Daniel Beason

    Old anamation

  71. JonEscano

    0:45 *exists* Me an idiot: IS tHeRE GoNNa bE A GrIFFinDoR VeRsIOn?

  72. Octane sans


  73. Octane sans


  74. jessica balon


  75. Joe Perrault


  76. ShadowMoonlight_Gaming GAMES

    Dolls! edit from 1 month later: I only just saw the vid that explains the answer

  77. Christine Dawson

    Do you have covid 19

  78. ShadowMoonlight_Gaming GAMES


  79. Eliza Hislop

    My mom is a theatre teacher (not like this one at all) so I am a bit of a theatre kid too!

  80. DaYz

    Close range, so I got blood on my jeens.