I'm Seth, and Berm Peak is my backyard!
We're turning my backyard into a super miniature downhill mountain bike park, and making family-friendly video content in the process.
In Berm Peak's shop, we work on bikes, build new ones, and share the love with the mountain bike community through our parts bin.
Whether you enjoy bikes, the outdoors, or simply like watching our content, we hope you'll visit Berm Peak on a regular basis.

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  1. Just4us MTB Adventures

    The opening has a Night Before Christmas ring to it! Or...A Nightmare before Christmas...

  2. DCBikes


  3. paul sharpe

    Proper sledge hammer would help with putting in rebar

  4. Yaroslav Shubin

    good poem in the into seth!!! xD

  5. zachary pearson

    How did you do that to your leg but great vid

  6. Miles Brigham

    Your not meant to fill up your water in porta pottys. The water is not drinkable LOL

  7. Thomas Walker

    This was such a video

  8. will Speight

    Wait how did Seth hurt himself

  9. MTBguam

    Get well soon, brother, awesome Halloween video. Gave you 10 thumbs up.

  10. Sorex

    Ok Seth wtf happened to your foot

  11. j b

    Sorry... couldn't get through the over productiom....:(

  12. Jeremy Pajot

    Am I the only one who doesn't know what happened to his leg?

  13. Flederratte

    I like the creativity. I just hate halloween.

  14. Saif Abdelmajeed

    This is such an amazing video oh my god 😂😂 Seth you’ve done it again! Get well soon champ! Much love ❤️

  15. R4M Dan51

    I just realised you got into a lazarbeam video 😀

  16. North Seriosa

    Dam you broke your wrist on biking same wrist also fractured

  17. Benjamin Ahonen

    I used to skate like 2-3 weeks ago but winter's coming and im hoping i get bmx for christmas

  18. F B

    Rusé comme un renard ! Et les bonbons !!!!! :-) Sly as a fox ! And the sweets !!!!! :-)

  19. Finns MTB Adventures

    Ahh I’m scared

  20. Paul Jabagat

    He's injured? Since when?

  21. Cee Dee

    Thanks 👍 wow to you the horrifying voices and the Porter family for braving the festival elements! You guys were all Grrreat! Your dad is quite the amazing rider! 👻

  22. superymario west

    Wait, when did Seth break his leg?

  23. Valveve

    So basically Eric Porter and his kids clean and fix the trial for him XD

  24. James MINOGUE

    Mmmm let me see what I feel like (inferring something small) does backflip

  25. uewepuep

    That was magnificent. And I didn't have to hear about anything 'different'

  26. Muffin Boi

    Wait what happened to your leg Seth I hope your ok

  27. Waves of The ocean

    True fans remember seths bike hacks

  28. Varck

    HAHA! Sorry, my leg is also in a moon boot! Ah Seth, guess we're gonna be out for a while hey? Hope your recovery is a swift and painless one!

  29. Bryce Mckiterick

    Make more videos

  30. Paul andro Hawinay

    How about trying a berm peak top cap its cool

  31. Ailsa Ni

    "Today we are going to be doing something a little different but kinda the same" absolutely class love it 😁👌👍

  32. matbinabadan

    When Seth is down & unrideable? He goes crazy & becomes evil! nyeaahahahahaa

  33. Preston Hastings

    This was just Seth getting someone else to clean his trails lol great video

  34. Rob Stewart

    Brilliant - best “something different but kinda the same” video in months! Happy Halloween

  35. Your Best Life

    loved it

  36. Marcus Rupietta

    So nice😝🤘

  37. Nathan McKeogh

    What happend to your leg Seth?

  38. Tom Grüber

    Pro tip for getting grips on: use break cleaner. Just spray it in and it will just go on no problem!

  39. Jakob Polden

    Child labour lol

  40. Leander's Creative Channel

    are u really hurt seth??

  41. Finlay Ashcroft

    This video was awesome!

  42. Finn P


  43. Alfie Cooper

    What happened to him

  44. EZmtb Global

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  45. SoDefCallidus

    This is some of the most wholesome content ever. Loved it so much - hope you get better soon Seth!

  46. m.pence14


  47. Mehul Verma


  48. Victor Vega

    I would’ve leave that piece of junk in the forest. Too much work for 3 dollars and 6 cents.

  49. Troy Childress

    Lopes go nom

  50. Sean Lynch

    Awesome video, editing and storyboard are incredible. I must’ve missed a couple weeks and had no clue you got injured, but I’m impressed with how well you dealt with that in this video. Do me a favor and teach those kids how to actually bunny hop while they’re there. They can hop that car easy.

  51. poop dealer

    I'm perfectly content with my $120 bike, it may break every time I ride it but I don't have $2,000 to buy something decent

  52. Ian Cockerline

    Great video as usual. I had a good laugh at you running to the piece to be branded. You're obviously a guy who is extremely clever so, it was pretty funny to see you not simply unscrew the lumber and bring it to the branding fire. To be fair I'd have probably tried at least one sprint myself.

  53. Yettus Fettus

    I would love this bike but that is never ever gonna happen

  54. Miles Brigham

    Why isn't there any more builds on berm peak!!!!!!! I WANT BUILDS

  55. Lordonez 3

    How did Seth get hurt? Can someone explain?

  56. Beginner Tutorials


  57. : 0

    Nice video

  58. Surkit

    How is Seth getting in to his voice over booth to record?

  59. Seth Eastman

    That was awesome mate

  60. seattlegrrlie

    I hear Seth almost made it across the Grand Canyon and just clipped his foot on the landing.

  61. Andrew Zhu

    Seth is speaking facts ngl

  62. Cactus Flats

    Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? And free child labor...money storytelling as always bro.

  63. dirtbikeboy66

    This video is awesome seth. You have a creative mind.

  64. KingKlong07

    Cool Halloweedio, Seth and Porter Family. Fat healing

    1. KingKlong07


  65. Seeking Forgotten knowledge

    So good!! Cheers to a speedy recovery Seth!

  66. thewesty

    You're one of those cool nerds. 🤘

  67. Jim Sec

    6:39. WTF

  68. MidnightModder

    "probably on pain killers." Isn't this how a lot of good poetry and music is made? XD

  69. Gabriel Davis

    That poem was the best thing I think I have ever heard

  70. Renswic Pwns

    What happened to the leg?

  71. Kavirrr

    i only liked the vid because of oscar at the end

  72. Chase Slagter

    How did he get hurt?

  73. Will Hassall

    One of the best videos if seen the rhymes were prime🤘🤘

  74. R. Josh

    I forgot to change my seal on my tubeless tires and I popped it, and I can't fix it, and there is snow in my local trails, and I haven't had a chance to ride a lot these summer, worst part is i enlisted in the army and I can't ride anymore next summer.

  75. Just Send It

    How long did this script take to write?!?!? It’s amazing!!

  76. Leang Hok

    Can I have a bike


    Great Job Seth! Those kids will never forget that Halloween experience.

  78. bananaman24

    To get to any bike parks for me it’s like haLf hour drive but my parents can’t drive me most of the time

  79. GaZe OpTamer

    How did you get injured?

  80. da fuk

    My guess is the Dems are in partnership with China to release the Wuhan virus.. just so they can win 2020 election. What business was Biden actually doing in China? Virus business? google Obama in Wuhan.....