My name is Kaleb, and I overanalyze because there's always more too it. Probably, idk.

I talk a lot about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but I do like other things I swear/

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  1. couch potat

    A really underrated stand

  2. Meme Stonks

    Whoever blows up first wins

  3. RazorsPrimeEdge

    Suppresion: hate plane

  4. Meme Stonks

    Pillarmen theme tune is epic

  5. Meme Stonks

    So joseph was so good every other character is a copy of him

  6. Meme Stonks

    Wait people hate joseph

  7. BlandyBoi

    Part 6 is the only part where the villain has succeeded so far

  8. Just a Little FoxIng

    i would make a joke about za hando removing jojo from netflix, but it wasn't even on there long enough for us to even be able to see him.

  9. Jakub Kaufman

    *IMO* 1. Giorno 2. Valentine 3. Pucci 4. Johnny 5. Weather report 6. Kars 7. Gyro 8. DIO 9. Jotaro 10. Alternate Diego 11. Diavolo 12. Kira 13. Vanilla Ice 14. Diego 15. Risotto Ik, they're not stands, but characters.

  10. Sir Swellow

    Better way they could've defeated dio over heaven have jotaro become the user of all the jojo stands combined they fuse star platinum crazy diamond GER stone free tusk act 4 and soft and wet to defeat dio that would've been so cool and made more sense and all the jojo with stands would contribute to dios defeat

  11. Vollie D

    I can't wait for his backstory to get animated the journey of his strength is so satisfactory

  12. Tungsten

    Best boi has changed the "WAGA NUODIOKU NIARU"

  13. epik gaymer

    Ban from seven deadly sins can’t die

  14. Bedless chef

    Ayo my birthday is september 27. I knew jojo was a anime I would like

  15. tboss2017 gaming 2

    diavolo: * impales abbacio * josuke: imma end this whole mans career

  16. Hawa Sankoh

    Gojo simp :you:

  17. Hi I am a random guy on the internet

    Cant king crimson just time erase when he sees himself get launched because he cant take damage in time erase

  18. Kitty Hoi

    Everyone gangsta till koichi yells Echoes Act 4

  19. Ethan Stockton

    every jojo team video: PART 5 WINS any jojo video: PART 5 WINS

  20. Boopis Maximus

    No, *I* love Satoru Gojo

  21. Mangri Tenzin

    time stop would win

  22. Emkas

    I'm not that sure about killer queen here, unless those explosion s actually delete matter they are bound to release a bunch of carbon gasses, so blowing up the whole garbage patch would probably release enough to doom us all.

  23. Dababy Convertible

    Ever heard of Chariot Requiem? He has *unconsiousness, soul swapping, soul fusing, and regenerative abilities, even for its fragile state*

  24. Mr. Panda

    guys let me explain Diavolo's stand King Crimson ability so u understand easier And thats how his ability works

  25. Mr. Panda

    guys let me explain Diavolo's stand King Crimson ability so u understand easier And thats how his ability works

  26. eZ Ra

    Kars vs Merum (Idk spell) Probably will be good

  27. Memo

    i saw somewhere in an interview that if jotaro and the rest of the stardust crusaders went back in time they would see joseph with hermit purple so i think he knows what people will say next because he quite literally reads their mind.

  28. trunks rage

    cool but seiya solos

  29. Dareious _21

    Every jojo they add him in he looks younger ever jojo

  30. Kingjames Ewing

    Guldo isn't a human tho so he could be able to do it for a little more

  31. Shade 007

    Jotaro the older he is the younger he looks lol

  32. Dmitry9000YT

    What about a stand that can literally no u anything

  33. ZfighterSusanoo Playz

    Gorino nearly die Dio comes in and punch the crap out of him

  34. The Sharky Show

    Joseph would never die because of his secret technique of fighting

  35. ZfighterSusanoo Playz

    What would have happened was He stabbed him self his destiny was yo find out The Secret to the world so i don't know what the ability Read mind? Maybe

  36. MysticPowerZ

    *gentleman noises but using the "wry" font*

  37. SpoiledBrat Monster

    His stand would be named arround a tarot card because of part 3 naming stands after tarot cards

  38. 피요피요

    The World before jojo was fine, it was intact and was suffering mental disease because of his user

  39. Rain Obrien

    So I know this is jojo related but I think nipsey hussle deserves a stand

  40. Scooty

    i think kc or sp and tw are on top 5 when it’s stand vs stand

  41. SEG4

    The best thing Gold Experience can do in the world: Make you rich with butterflies.

  42. SEG4

    And where the heck is Jotaro VS DIO?

  43. Pickle Pickle


  44. for the love of DOG

    Heavens door has quiet good range, possibly more than act 4, if heavens door can hit johnny once he can get rid of his spin entirely, Rohan can beat tusk

  45. E B

    I love hxh but jotaros clapping everyone but the dark continent

  46. JoseLopez64

  47. Rex Scaler

    Araki's brain is at the level Beyond Plus Ultra. No one: Not a single soul: Hirohiko Araki: Creates stands with such complex abilities. Fun Fact: It took me 3 months to completely understand King Crimson's ability

  48. Mitre Boy

    So king crimson is like when Joseph says “I know what your gonna say next” but he predicts attacks

  49. TechnoKitty RainbowRave

    I don’t like Joseph cause he’s a nazi simp

  50. Baconfatsoilder

    A honorable mention Red Hot Chili Peppers this stand is very good for stealing like let’s say your out of money u can just use rhcp to take that and make u rich if I was the user of rhcp I prob go to New York time square sense that has a lots of electricity

  51. Iloveturtlesalways1

    Esidisi and Wamuu: Jojo we want to marry you Edit: ik the rings were supposed to release poison

  52. Eren Yeager

    What about funny valentine

  53. Eren Yeager


  54. Lord Chafe

    booooo no part 3 or 4 protagonists

  55. Eren Yeager

    Man forgot Diego brando

  56. Adnan Nadiv

    What people????

  57. Righteous Rawb

    My Rankings Joseph Jotaro Josuke Johnathan Giorno

  58. Afif Harist 2005

    The Rank 1. Risotto Nero ( Metallica ) 2. Ghiaccio ( White Album ) 3. Pesci ( Beach Boy ) 4. Prosciutto ( The Grateful Dead ) 5. Formaggio ( Little Feet ) 6. Illuso ( Man In The Mirror ) 7. Melone ( Baby Face ) Yeah 😏

  59. James Hobbs

    I need to put on my special glasses, because I cant even begin to see, the amount of BULLSHIT is in this video. Good job tho.

  60. Wizty

    when i was watching the episodes i was fr thinking that kira was going to win again josuke and them

  61. Shanghavania

    I gotta day kira Turn the entire world into a bomb Turn people into bombs

  62. Giorno Giovanna

    Thank you

  63. Jayson Lopez

    Have you tried Sonic colors DS because he was moving past Stars

  64. Ice cream gomes

    When i wasnt a jojo fan i thought this thumb was real, so when i was watching the anime i was really hyped to see king crimson requiem, and it didn't happen :(

  65. star kid randoms

    I would just count diavolo as 2 because It would not be fair

  66. Ooftage

    can rohan make other stands user forget about their stands and then just kill em?

  67. yelsewt

    you go for an attack it didnt happen thats just how it goes

  68. Troy Croney

    The best bit is the intros. I love the Moriocho radio, its awesome.

  69. Troy Croney

    The best bit is the intros. I love the Moriocho radio, its awesome.

  70. Ryland Tv

    Not true and if it was I would be out of this earth

  71. bizarre

    Why do people equal stats dosen't it defeat the whole purpose of vs battle

  72. finalname

    I hate slice of life

  73. big man

    Ugh we already have echos act 4 its called C moon idiot

  74. Tyler Clamp

    Now we need what if giorno and josuke were in part 6

  75. Not your mom.


  76. S Yes

    God, imagine if DIO OH was cannon

  77. Best me ever

    Is gojo a villain?

  78. Rin Kakyoin

    I think the rest of the joestars are, in a sense, examples of mixtures of Good and other qualities. Like Jonathan is Vanilla Good, and the others are Joseph: Good and Cleverness Jotaro: Good and Assertiveness Josuke: Good and Rage(?) Giorno: Good and Ambition etc.

  79. Affan Mostafa