My name is Eddy Burback and I make content. Whenever I go to sleep I wake up as a small Vietnamese boy and live his life. Then I go to sleep and wake up as me again.

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  1. Oscar ordonez

    Petition for eddy to grow a mustache

  2. NUT

    13:30 These guys sound like if you got the mountain goats to record comedy songs in the style of bo burnham, it slaps

  3. Sadie Adler

    I’m embarrassed to share a name with her 😭

  4. stephen H

    Protest the war dress like it's 1984

  5. No Sound

    This is so inspiring. I'm gonna now stand on my chair.

  6. Ailsa Ni

    it would be perfect.

  7. Great_Western 2020

    KGup kids just restrict some videos for kids. So if any adults or teenagers want to see Se nostalgic stuff to discuss, they won't do it

  8. jadeistrying

    I just imagine young John mulaney watching this exact thing

  9. Subak Dubu

    As a identical twin I have to say I’m also creeped out by some of them if they dress the Same , have the same hairstyle, or even worse do everything together ... that’s so scary ... talking at the same time oh god As a identical twin myself it’s so scary , horrible if my sister suddenly dressed and behaved like me I would leave the city and never speak to her again

  10. Misu

    Why isn't anyone taking about the fact that there is such a thing as a TWIN CONVENTION??

  11. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

    What if I hate skinny jeans AND think all of this is cringey?

  12. Jason P

    Gen Z = Zoomers

  13. Takeshi Kovacs

    Why do you always ignore John Oliver :(

  14. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

    I think you'll need to be on the platform more than once every month or 3. Just sayin.

  15. Nemesis Dylan

    Bruh, each generation has their “golden age”. Once it’s over, just accept that the younger generation is uprising

  16. Abraham Ben-dayan

    Conspiracy theory: I think they purposely announced best picture wrong for views and media attention (since the Oscars are slowly becoming irrelevant)

    1. Ailsa Ni

      Had to dislike cause of the raycon ad

  17. Ian Mccombie

    Get ready for the red wave everyone😒it should be here any minute now😒 just a couple more elections..😩

  18. Frito The PlayStation 2

    How the fuck did this argument start?

  19. roman

    'primal passion' sound like the new red lipstick from covergirl made to last 1000000000 kisses and a divorce and a half

  20. Countdakills jr

    14:01 i had a stroke because of how bad that was

  21. vicwaju

    rip ghost ray jay <\3

  22. Shelter Two

    I don’t get why twins wear the same clothes after the age of 5.

  23. SarahABeara

    Lmfao the Ace Ventura weapons clip is from Santa Clarita. For those who don’t know, Santa Clarita had a sheriff that made a short video where he walks in front of a police cruiser cocking a shot gun and says “there will be no smoking dope in Santa Clarita”

  24. Libo

    1997 gang repin

  25. Garf Garfson

    More proof that vegans are evil...

  26. Jay Moth

    Conan O'Brien and Craig Ferguson are hands down the funniest talk show hosts and the only US talk shows I would watch.

  27. Sean Flynn

    Mac Miller Nipsey Hussle Travis Scott Pusha T and Cardi B were all nominated for album of the year in 2018 Cardi b won over Swimming Astroworld Daytona and Victory lap some of all of those artists best work and they all got beat out by Cardi B

  28. Parker Beall

    Did anyone else notice how his sister cracked a raw egg into the smoothie at the beginning of the movie.

  29. Ascender


  30. Lemonhead Comics

    Never said better...

  31. Parker the Shark

    Good children's content focuses on entertaining your children first, and teaching them valuable lessons second. Logan's content focuses on selling things to children first, and using the bare minimum amount of bright colours and moving shapes to "entertain" them second. And teach lessons never

  32. hannah whitson

    Wait, is Laura, Laura Jill Miller?! As in Kari in Digimon, Juniper Lee, and many more characters from our childhoods. I hate how obvious you could tell it was her from her voice but her face just rounds it all out.

  33. Lookielookie mywookie

    S-so will the c-cavity insert h-himself into to tommy the tooth the c-c-child?

    1. Lookielookie mywookie

      Also brush brush as going to see his friend paste, will paste put its cream on the dogs brush?

  34. Tacolover123

    💯 love Conan

  35. Alexandrea Ciardella

    My old high school drama teacher was a judge for one of the movie awards shows. She said that if she let us see who was nominated or if she let us see the film they sent her, she would be kicked out of the judging group.

  36. JSPR shots

    I don't know what impact shitty youtube content has on children but I know that it's not good, show them some quality content five then some actual taste

  37. Zack Mitchell

    I was hoping for a lot more talk regarding Kimmel’s political spews since he’s the fucking king of pushing political beliefs on TV

  38. Zack Mitchell

    I was hoping for a lot more talk regarding Kimmel’s political spews since he’s the fucking king of pushing political beliefs on TV

  39. Elizabrine Animations

    I had the dare program in school and we had the ability to ask the officer questions About if not all the questions weren’t about drugs or D.A.R.E

  40. Brandon Govreau

    I have a theory that could come true what if in the future there won't be many rich people because the younger Generations were not taught by the older Generations how to become rich

  41. 1by1

    i read this as why are awkward shows so awkward lol

  42. Elle B

    When the American voting system was established, there was the debate between only the uppity folks voting or everyone voting, the same thing is happening here. Now we have the electoral college as a compromise. I think an equivalent of an electoral college in award show voting would be a nice solution (don’t get me wrong, the actual electoral college sucks and has actual important consequences, unlike at these award shows)

  43. Starx

    Eddy jurback

  44. Starx


  45. Starx

    There’s a pandemic!?

  46. Blaze Escamilla

    Both are cringe

  47. Cian Ennis

    Omg i've watched this movie like only a couple years back

  48. Cayden Jones

    Yea uhh sling tv has stuff like live TV and watch party like prime

  49. AlisonChains13

    My heart seriously breaks for Ryan (of Ryan's toy world)

  50. Madeline Cook

    I would pay $17 to talk to Gus and Eddy.

  51. Waffles

    This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how much of a piece of shit Butch Hartman is.

  52. Adam McHardie

    i can't watch any of the late night hosts its late night hate on Trump. All the same jokes and politics and its awful. Trump is gone and now ratings are crashing and have no one to hate on. Good riddance.

  53. Adam Haspel

    YAY! it got to the first result of the first page!

  54. JMC Masetriks

    The drama

  55. Sad hawk

    you need 2 mics to do asmr, your joke doesnt even work

  56. Gale Isn’t cool

    I liked the voting the kids choice awards had. Like someone else picks the nominees and we all voted for it like that entertained the fuck out of little baby 8 year old me. Like i used to get excited for the awards cause “oh my god i gotta vote rn” and all my friends would be like “what movie did you vote for i voted for this” and i just remember it being so exciting. And the ads for it were exciting. It was just exciting. Nothing is exciting ab any other award show. It just exists and its like theres no fun to it, i can just google the results tomorrow instead of wasting like 2 hours of my time i can use to watch funny tik toks or something

  57. Emma Grace

    2:43 - they told us that same thing, but it never happened.

  58. Deranged Oven

    Wow your 23 I thought you were like, 35

  59. Mezrah Masada

    Eddy: “Fuck you you piece of shit” Eddy 20 sec later: “Thank you for joining my cult”

  60. Joselyn Mensah

    why is it that when he said text eddy with a y, my brain immediately though: 'eddiey'

  61. Zir Jaeger

    10:45 What if... hear me out babe... the hair got hard too? *guitar solo*

  62. Rafael Acosta

    I cant help but think how brilliant it is introduce a narrative and watch as we divide ourselves between gender, race, and age. Fight each other peasants!

  63. Redloxer25

    What happened to gus and eddy videos other than the podcast

  64. Jess The Awfully Hideous Mess

    8:33 Tbh I'm surprised Brent didn't put the 'I have' board up

  65. LetsCrashThisParade

    @The whole cable part: Wait till he finds out what it's like outside of the US and how they try their hardest to make it IMPOSSIBLE to watch the Oscars in Australia

  66. Carmen Mercedes

    I'm genz I wear skinny jeans I wear a side part some days So could we all just shut up and realize that one day a millennial like these could be president?

  67. Luke Staten

    La La Land is still best picture of 2017 IMO

  68. Jackson Riley

    13:09 or ya know *people* could go away

  69. T. G. Hyper Library Science Student

    Oh God I had no memory of this until I heard the theme song and it all came flooding back.

  70. Gracie Bee

    I'm older than you?????

  71. edgarho007

    Fuck... I liked the memes ad. But being fair. I never saw it until now haha so maybe I just like looking at old memes

  72. YobanashiMemory

    I was waiting for him to get slimed at the end of his Raycon speech

  73. PaulSauce

    At first I read it as "Why are awkward shows so awkward?" and I was really confused

  74. louis pellissier

    youtube doesnt give problems for the "gory" scene, other channels making a review of this movie have it. Maybe bc the blood is green

  75. anonymous lizard

    Okay, to be completely honest with you, I absolutely loved kinectamles and kinect adventures.

  76. Talia Godfrey

    So when will EddyFlix Max+ be out?

  77. fingers

    The marker ad was actually animated by a very popular animation TikToker. Maybe they were trying to appeal to kids with a popular creator

  78. G - Oats

    You know what adverts are worse than any of these? Well, i pers- RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS IS A FREE TO PLAY MMO RPG- -onally belive it is *any* of the Raid: Shadow legends adds

  79. SayWa

    I was born in 2000 and I got called an old millennial the other day by my friend’s 10 year old sister. I just about had an aneurysm