This Fishing Channel is full of Tips and Tricks to help you improve your bass fishing. With 7 world records (including the Spotted Bass World Record) and more than 70 bass over 10 lbs to their credit, Matt and Tim share new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to help you become the best bass fisherman you can be!

From ponds, to streams, to the best lakes in the country, we'll show you the techniques to catch the biggest bass of your life! Swimbaits, jigs, and topwater are our specialty but there is nothing we won't try to catch a monster bass!

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  1. Monsoon Khan

    Barking more telling less

  2. Jensen Keahey

    Great information hopefully I get that ten pounder Tomorrow got a six and half today but the ten is kinda skittish and your information in this video I think helped me put the final piece to the puzzle

  3. Luke Winstrom

    $50 in tungsten is a small price to pay for a Falcon Lake 30 lb. 🎒 slow dragging structure.

  4. DIY Allied

    Who clicked this video the second they saw that thumbnail?

  5. Chris Rittenburg

    Boat flips on big bass = break offs

  6. RookieHookSets LT

    Tough day for you guys is a great day for the rest of us 😂🎣

  7. CatcherOfBass

    Trying to get back into fishing. So I’ll stick with a cheap combo cause I’ve never had problems with them in the past.

  8. Joey Phillips

    The fish would have went crazy right before that storm came threw

  9. Jason Sterba

    In it to win it, right there...Indeed.

  10. BankFishingLife


  11. Tim Davis

    Are the slx rods as good as the fury rods?

  12. mike FromOH

    That rise and dunk works pretty well especially for summer cranking. Fall and early they may prefer suspending baits. This you are doing is my favorite type of fishing, irregardless of fish size.

  13. mburke1211

    You guys continue to provide world class bass fishing content. I’m almost speechless. Great stuff.

  14. Ryan Jones

    4/19/21 btw

  15. Ryan Jones

    I absolutely love y’all’s videos! I was just sitting having dinner with my family. Look up and holy shit!! There’s Matt Allen sitting next to me having dinner with his family.I was blown AWAY. Told you I love your videos. Thanks for y’all helping me look at things differently.

    1. Ryan Jones

      Yea would love to chat with you. I literally watch y’all’s videos everyday. Got me a Yak and been trying to get out there as much as possible. If you ever need a co Angler or a damn good steak let me know. I’m your local butcher.

    2. TacticalBassin

      Ha! I'm really glad you said something... It was nice to meet you Ryan. Next time we'll talk before the crew is already headed out the door.

  16. frogpond 33

    all of thoes dead trees are melaleuca

  17. Dan Dorris


  18. Ed Osorio

    Awesome video gentlemen 🤙...good to see you fishing 🎣 in Texas ...Im south in Mission an 1 hr and 20 minutes away 😁🤙 Keep making these videos! 🎣

  19. Korey D

    What is that bow and arrow trick when you get snagged?

  20. mike FromOH

    It may take you a minute but hope you get up to Lake Erie and St Clair eventually.

  21. Antny

    I was cringing counting the weights till I seen big mamma. Worth every penny!

  22. l44va

    I bet you’re missing Clearlake right now.

  23. Robert Hall

    If only they would hit my jigs like that!

  24. Diezelordie !

    I thrash small mouth in pa on a small river with a fin football dirty jig trimmed like Matt Allen taught me. Color old school! Trailer baby rage craw or bug! Try it. It works! Thanks Matt and Tim!!!!!!

  25. sj10 11

    Enjoy y’all’s content out of most KGup fishing videos.

  26. From the Bank Bassin

    The Big Worm..yes...

  27. DeoVindice

    What about in crappy mucky dark/brown/cedar water? I’m stuck with that anywhere I can fish within a reasonable driving distance

  28. Xavoman mojemos el anzuelo

    Hi guys, nice video from falcón lake,, thanks for share, A quesrion, how.many sinkers and hooks you lost in that lake?

  29. Dontblink29

    Never seen people give up so quick on the stuck lure, especially in a boat. We have that problem a lot at our lake but I guess where we come from we have pride in getting our rig back and not just leaving it behind like trash.

    1. TacticalBassin

      It had nothing to do with getting them or not getting them, we weren't willing to push the fish off the spot by sitting over them 🎣

  30. Izzy

    Just caught a 6 pound bass today on a whopper plopper :)

  31. Daniel Mascota

    Very good explanation!!! Thanks a lot! Greetings from Brazil!!!

  32. Joshua Greene

    Go ahead and upgrade that line. Tackle Warehouse has lots of great options!


    I bet that spot has a mini bass pro shop down there 🎣

  34. J J

    What shorts you got on Tim?

  35. On the Real Fishing

    Mmmmm, Fruit Loops! First thing I saw. =)

  36. Gustavo Maciel

    Does Coop live by Falcon Lake.

  37. JohnGfishing

    That was awesome guys! Those Zoom baits sure do catch the big ones! Loved it! Congrats on the 30 plus bag!

  38. FishingThePNW

    It's true. The secret to Tim's success is the power of Fruit Loops!

  39. Kevin Zap

    Man i wonder how much money is sitting on that rock pile

  40. Hook'n Heritage

    We got out bass fishing education from Tactical Bassin. 🎣 🎓. Thank you gentlemen. The dynamic duo always is dialed in.

  41. Shaun Roberts

    Nice 👌...

  42. Brian S

    You guys never disappoint.. the knowledge I know I have said it before.. but the knowledge of you 2 is amazing and I always learn something from every video and appreciate the videos.. for sure the best bass fishing youtube channel ..

  43. Jon Doeherty

    DEFINITELY well said!

  44. mike FromOH

    Wait, home in Tennessee? What happened to California Clear Lake? Guess I missed your move.

  45. Chris Boyd

    Thanks for sharing. Don't worry about going too long. We enjoy learning.

  46. chefjimmie1

    Great channel! I'm hooked!

  47. Quinton McDermott

    Love seeing the commitment to finish every cast even on the snags.

  48. GreenPig Hunter


  49. Born2Fish0113

    How important was 360 for this video?

  50. chefjimmie1

    Do you always fish for Bass on the bottom or is this a winter tactic? Do you use Whopper Ploppers in the spring and fall?

  51. Japanusa tackleaddict101

    You guys try the New Zillion yet?

  52. chefjimmie1

    Awesome video. I never knew how Bass would grab and hold and then reposition the bait in their mouths like that. I'm with you. I could watch underwater footage all day long. I just learned three or four things in my own techniques which I must change to catch more fish. Slowing down is the first one. Make subtle movements and wait for the fish to strike. And I usually set the hook too early also. Thanks for this video! Subbed!

  53. Shawn Lai

    I didn't make it to the end where you said it was your friend who ran up on ya. I was like why did some random guy just cruise up to you that close for? Hahah. Great video!

  54. Ernst Coetzer

    Expensive round...

  55. Dat Duong

    just hurting animals for fun.

  56. Isayedit

    Love how Matt sets the hook, you're my MCM bud, sorry not sorry

  57. Nino1991


  58. josh bentley83

    Wear Realtree while sight fishing... I promise ya. Or put on your turkey Hunting gear.

  59. Alex L

    You guys are my favorite

  60. Alex Hintenaus

    2:02... excellence in motion ✔

  61. Brian Lee

    Matt gets snagged, and then broken off. At the same time, Tim loses a big fish. Sounds like me fishing lately. Now if I could only catch giants like you guys did. 🎣👍


    Just got my first big swim bait fish ever, and it was exactly 3 pounds...

  63. SteelWarrior115

    As someone who has a huge amount of spotted bass near me, rooster tails are killer.

  64. badbrad936

    The pro he mentioned would be none other than Kevin VanDam... I marshaled him on Lake Fork, he caught some big ones on it burning that thing on windblown points it was so freaking epic

  65. Kyle Mattix

    Who's the better fisherman , Matt or Tim? Seriously, curious to know what the vote is on the channel 🤔

    1. Chris Guaydacan

      I used to think Matt, but might be too close to call? Matt’s definitely the best angler on earth explaining any detailed fishing tactic!

  66. Justin Chaffin

    When you guys snag like that with braid, how do you keep the braid line from digging into itself on the spool when you pull on the rod?

  67. Mario Ramirez

    Where are you fishing in falcon i live 15 mins away from falcon and just bought a boat

  68. Mark Morgan

    great fish from an asshole...

  69. Eric Hintermeyer

    It’s cold there. Wearing shorts. Meanwhile in Northern Wisconsin we’re getting blasted with snow. 😂

  70. iPsychlops

    You caught more fish in an hour than I have in several years. Thanks for making these videos, I'm glad I have them as a resource to learn from!

  71. N Russell

    At $5-10 per break-off... Expensive day. Dream fishing! Good job boys

  72. Adam Lebeck

    I live in the wrong area. Most days a 4lber would be best of the day. They are looking for 5 over that

  73. iPsychlops

    I live in Lakeport, I didn't know for a long time that Clearlake is a good place for fishing!

  74. Kevin Lawson

    Scuba dude gonna fill up his terminal tackle box after this dive...

  75. Jose Martinez

    It’s nice to see the transition on how to catch fish and figure out what they want

  76. Ken Mccarthy Fishing

    😢😢 OMG poor Tim losing the BIG OLD BASS,and then the come back Bass 🎉🎊🏆🏆

  77. Titus Metcalf

    What's up guys, Tim little... Matt Allen, Welcome back to Tactical Bassin🤙🤙

  78. Matthew Glading

    the look Tim gives at 6:05.

  79. Erik Burgess

    What leader knot were you guys tying?

  80. Tyler Goes Fishing

    The Underwater footage is so dope my man.