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  1. ASP Elite

    0:42 thats just a tie fighter

  2. Tete Johnson

    Came across this and instantly became a subscriber and added Tuvalu to my list of places I will travel to. Thank you.

  3. Noneof Urbusiness

    You guys are frigin nuts! But still awesome! Wheres the bathroom. Gives new meaning to "waking up on the wrong side of bed"

  4. Voxey iwnl

    This is the definition of Bros being bros

  5. Troop160

    Bless YesTheory, and the people they touch. Life... It's short my friends.

  6. Meghan Brummett

    I’ll be like ‘’ima walk 🚶‍♂️who wants to join”

  7. Joethebro

    Man gave you a full meal without a drink that’s tuff

  8. Sage Alexander

    The guy that developed the islands, I am vibing on his attitude and life.

  9. Duncan Elliott

    I'm 59 years old. I think if I had 24 hours to live, I would like to have skateboard lessons by skating pro.

  10. Mahi Patel

    now I wanna watch national treasure-

  11. Scott Cantrell

    The doctor would have been great in politics lol

  12. Rafa

    Went 8 days once. Felt great. Felt 'electric.' Only broke the fast because tongue was turning white and face started looking 'gray.'

  13. Lisa Hammond

    Wow great video!

  14. Abe Flint

    Wow! Yes theory!!! Deer Amar, after following you guys for sometime you guys really bring a smile to my face every time I watch you guys. After such a docu i couldn’t imagine that you where going through what so many others are going through. You guys are the best!

  15. xIMxAxMONKEYx

    13+dys half out half in the hospital, i had MRSA after an insane infection and became septic and lost 50-70 pounds, didint ever weigh, in less than a month

    1. xIMxAxMONKEYx

      i say plus beacuse i dont remember the date after 2 weeks

  16. Aidan W

    Start of the video: everyone has a crush. 2 minutes in: NOBODY HAS CRUSHES!?!!?!?!?!?

  17. Sarah Evers

    can’t believe it

  18. Up Syndrome Dog

    Brilliant vid I love all your videos

  19. Andrew

    Anyone else get the feeling that the girl they brought liked that blonde YesTheory guy

  20. EvanturesTV

    Rewatching for the 5th time .. so good 👏

  21. JohnnyO34

    You guy's are so inspiring. I'm 44yo and I'm not even diabetic but I have a chronic ulcer on the bottom of my foot. 7 years in and 5 surgeries I can't beat it. It's a drain on my life. I can't "go for a walk", I can't put weight on it. I've gained a lot of weight since 2014. I'm beyond frustrated but there's nothing I can do about it. Vids like this are inspiring to me. 😊🙏

  22. Martian

    It waa just to grab our attention....

  23. Eugene Abreut

    There’s no way I would be that happy as that guy was when they first got in the fan. I would be like Yup taliban is going to get me lol

  24. dankdungeon

    The ultra colt luckily murder because fireman distally sip to a somber grenade. majestic, cultured desire

  25. mary keel

    I bet Tuvalu doesn’t have covid😌


    11:00 had a pair flying that drone

  27. Ddd Fff

    the dream? travel the world by car

  28. Nude Matter

    honestly reading the website he would be a perfect fit lol

  29. Tucker Pearce

    How can people watch these and not be subscribed? Well done Amar, love the positive attitude.

  30. steve b

    SAY YES!

  31. Nude Matter

    hahaha I love Amman sooo much

  32. Show Me 417 -Amy Castaneda, Realtor

    dammit now I want to go to Turkey

  33. Nude Matter

    you guys never seen to inspire me, literally gave me chills within seconds of the video. one day I will go on an adventure with u guys I know it

  34. Akshar Sinha

    Lmfaoooo look at 4:15

  35. Dominoes37

    We should get a hook up with some afghani restaurants. Im down for that rice thing they were eating. Imagine smoking pot and earing Afgani food in Colorado.

  36. Nude Matter

    im soooobbingggg im incredible proud of Ammar

  37. Amanda Bishop


  38. James Paul De Vera

    So much atrocious doings by the Chinese Government to other nationalities. 🤔😠

  39. A V

    Have to admit watching you guys cliff jumping into the icy cold water gave ME an adrenaline rush! The human body and human mind are capable of some really amazing things!

  40. SeñorHotdogs

    I kinda wanna do this

  41. liz trainer

    What a great speech . So touching.

  42. Sana Ganjoo


  43. Zoe Vlarck

    I wish i was part of it.

  44. Tammi Smith

    Amazing 🤩 I ‘d love to vacation there.

  45. Juan Hernandez

    The grateful gratis shell metrically imagine because honey metabolically heap down a shiny team. gabby, inquisitive pizza

  46. Cindy B

    this is so awesome! I love the triplets and the older brother haha but.. so sad that Matt is not sure of having his own kid... sayang ang genes at talents ni Matt that cannot be pass on to his own kids someday haha

    1. Cindy B

      Wow I strongly believe that Thomas will be a very awesome Dad. Hopefully Lexie and him will be forever. Theyre a perfect match. :)

  47. aempy

    I'm crying.

  48. Ann Schwarz

    asdfghjkl; That's all you need to remember! That's called the Home Row. Keep your fingers on the Home Row then just go up or down to the top or bottom row to reach for other letters nearby. Then...your typing!!! I am 60 years old and learned in high school from an 80 year typing teacher who timed how many words we could type per minute. Once you use all your fingers...its easy!!! You're a wonderful guy and Id love to introduce you to my 24 year old gorgeous niece if you're single. She has an adventurous and emotional spirit like you. You would not be disappointed. PM me if curious.

  49. Cindy B

    who is here the day before the start of Ramadan 2021? I am not a Muslim but I love what Ammar explained the purpose of Ramadan. God bless you my beloved Muslims brothers and sisters. I love you all.

  50. Sarah Deaver-Newman

    I would love to go and rehabilitate baby monkeys who are rescued from pet trade and get them ready to return to the wild!!!😍

  51. barack osama

    so you didn't took a shower for 4 days? ok there was a pool... but still😂

  52. Tylersgames

    I am Canadian and I know that most Canadian”s are very nice

  53. DaFive HD

    Your awesome

  54. Deborah Whyte

    This airport looks like a luxury hotel🤯🤯🤯

  55. Keegan Vanluven

    All I'm gonna say is.... lightning

  56. Daniel Yyy408

    Can I just say. WHO CARES!

  57. Charlotte Murphy

    4:06 is that Hero Fiennes Tiffin???????

  58. DOGGMAN .s

    who saw the actor ????? wtf

  59. Matt O'Loughlin

    Bruh for the past 4 weeks I’ve been haunted with that guy on the thumbnail on my recommended

  60. John Smith

    Where is this place located? Do they do overnight camping tour's?

  61. Soggy Gamer

    Something seems fishy about two dudes on a train with cameras and battery’s and 20+ hours not moving. And drones flying. Ya know. It’s hard to keep a GoPro on for 2 hours on battery alone.

  62. Nude Matter

    im in the 58 second and already have chills all over my body and a tear waiting to fall out of my left eye. LOS AMOOOO

  63. RevollutionZ

    Ammar you and I share the same of getting of the highest point and jumping and I'm happy that you achieved it after what you went through. I've always loved heights since I was a kid and wished I could fly just like you. Ive only sky dived once and It was the day before I turned 18 and was a great start to the year 2019 but it was the greatest experience of my life and I enjoyed every single second of and the feeling of freedom was amazing and I wish I could do it again!

  64. Nude Matter

    come to the carnival of colombia!!! I will take you out and u guys will have the BEST time of your lives!! people are AMAZING

  65. Cindy B

    wow I remember watching Cynthia Paneuf she is from Canada, winter olympics.

  66. nieooj gotoy

    They : we're literally alone on this train. Driver of the train : am i joke to u

  67. 903bloodjinn

    he could do better her style needs work these mom jeans were killing me

  68. tomgrant29

    Great video, but you couldn't pay me to live there. Just a disgusting abomination against nature

  69. lennon leblanc

    Yes theory should do something like bring people over varying cultures together to go on a trip, and prove that no matter where you come from, love and happiness is universal. But on a side note, So like who else wants to plan a trip to this lovely place an have a real experience at life?

  70. GenderQueerYo Sean Diaz

    This is my dream!

  71. A V

    Wow. He is a real miracle!

  72. Trenton Vogel

    Don’t use the Lord’s name in vein- Shouldn’t cuss- Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life!

  73. F00M

    I came and this is what I see? *:(*

  74. DirrtyGaming

    honestly if you had the groceries in hand when asking, alot more people probably would have said yes

  75. Asianboyyy117

    this is awesome. i have no words. i know there are many things in the background and internally you probably had to deal with that we never will see. congrats man!

    1. Asianboyyy117

      also wat shoes are u wearing for the halo jump

  76. The_Slayer1047

    I want to go skydiving get a solo skydiving license, and eventually perform a HALO

  77. Sarah Deaver-Newman


  78. lyc0h

    This is a weirdo kink but i really would love to do this without the fear of dying during a real childbirth. I am a trully assumed masoschist. This, with the ant of the south america tribe, are my deepest kink. I don't know if they do this in France. I need to do this.

  79. Keagan Foster

    Hi YES THEORY I stumbled across your videos couple days ago & i cant stop watching your videos. You guys are truly an inspiration & love and adore what you guys do. I get to travel the world through you guys, keep doing what yiu guys do & wish you all the best.

  80. WindsorEssexrocks

    Though I’ve been slowly exploring all the yes theory adventures, this vid was the one I shared with several friends and family members. Exploring places no one was allowed into through the connections of your guide, Baderkahn and his contagious laugh, it just needed to be shared. Got an ad to seek discomfort merch and was browsing the site when Lexi expressed the difference between male and female travellers. I couldn’t clap loud enough and I’m glad she raised your awareness. I wish I could have gone the places I wanted when I first lived in Europe but I was too scared. She’s inspirational thank you for sharing. Lookin forward to my merch! 😻