"Hardcore Mode" Minecraft enthusiast who survived in a world for over 5 years. I stream over at www.twitch.tv/philza

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  1. Lord Peppa


  2. G Lombard

    "hey guys I just bought a house" *stares*

  3. Jacob Rios

    do you guys also see the diamod at 24:00

  4. captain doggo


  5. MoonWolf Games

    Also tell wilbur to search up koalas lmao

    1. MoonWolf Games

      And tommy lmao baby koalas litterally EAT their moms DIARRHEA and they litteraly have so many diseases bcuz of their poo

  6. Felix Rasmussen

    Phil how did you put up with that

  7. George

    2:58 lol pase it at that moment look at philz face cam

  8. Nore Anderbring

    7:22 duck

  9. -Unknown Bacon Detected-

    “If I lose my hardcore world in this...” I bet that in , like, a few years there’ll be people saying “That didn’t age well” and “he couldn’t have been more right” Remember me when people do that

  10. Lycon Solo's

    Anyone else remember Graser10 and StacyPlays playing this like two/three years ago?

  11. MoonWolf Games

    Now we know a way how to make him mad lmao next time wilbur has a media share someone plz send him a vid of an ant eater eating ants XDDDD

  12. Vanilla _Claps_you

    Wait you can put prop 4 with proj 3?

  13. Elliot Phantomhive

    I can HEAR his smug smile

  14. ꧁ItsAshX ꧂

    Oh wtf- HE STARTED KGup 14 YEARS AGO-

  15. ꧁ItsAshX ꧂

    Philza Has his Best Day Now

  16. good potato

    “Or getting killed in a really stupid fucking way” *This is a good time to consider whether or not your drive failing is considered a dumb death*

  17. Josiah Stewart

    Eating sand or soil, this potentially leads to gastric pain and bleeding. Consuming clay, which may cause constipation. Ingesting paint, could put a person at risk for contracting lead poisoning. Eating metal objects, this could lead to bowel perforation.

    1. Josiah Stewart


  18. Carnocreeper

    What about axolotols

  19. Mr.BrickyBaconHair

    The new currency: Amethyst

  20. Cody Gradis

    Just a casual philza intro: Hey guys, I just bought a house.

  21. Squiggly Fizz

    14:54 lmao

  22. ttv.go6eto


  23. ItzAzya

    This is the origins mode as a ghost but with a twist on it

  24. Hing 38

    xD I use to shovel sand into my mouth in the sand pit when I was 4

  25. Eve Pick

    i like how christen is getting on with is and phil is just freaking out

  26. Azlynn Hartley

    I remember Philza said that badlands is a rare biome to find along with 2 other and I remember my server on my Xbox the spawn was terrible because it was in a ravine with no wood to craft a pickaxe to get out (thankfully I put on bounce chest in case of a bad spawn location and it had a pickaxe in it) and when I got out of the ravine pass a small forest was a badlands biome and after a few Minecraft days I was hunting for food and RIGHT next to the badlands and not to far from spawn was a woodland mansion! My reaction on finding both was me falling to the ground laughing so Phil is you wanna check out the seed I’ll give it to you so you can check it out for yourself

  27. declan chedzey

    eyyyyy you have bubble tea on your sound-track

  28. RepWasTaken

    Post more videos on this

  29. EndR1x

    Ph1lza, I know I am very late and you're propably not going to see this comment, but I just wanna say that you are absoloutely amazing and I'm also sorry that it ended so badly. But, what can I say, you are the best Minecraft player that has ever lived and you've inspired me so much for my Minecraft world. ❤️❤️❤️👍

  30. ThatOne

    Moral of the story: never trust baby zombies

  31. João Oliveira

    liked and subscrived ;) all because of your 5 year HCworld death hahahah big hug keep going :)


    Phil pls put some content from origin smp

  33. Lillie

    nobody: Tommy: PHILLLLL WHATS A MUGGLE????


    what is this mod called

  35. big E

    My friend when he first started minecraft he spond on a badlands

  36. Kcat Plays

    That moment when your kryptonite is people being nice to you.... Phil would be the best and yet worst superhero ever! Love ya Dadza!

  37. The Good Side


  38. s p i k e y.

    I was already scared of normal caves

  39. v:

    Phil always gets bullied by kids 😀

  40. I like Waffles

    I bet you, that at least 1/3 of all of the comments are “Omg Megalovania”

  41. Paul Short

    Alternate title: Philza flies for 5 hours to find a tall cactus.

  42. Bokuto’sBooty

    2:24 We ain’t gonna say anything about this?

  43. Koti and Tiko


  44. davejai1

    R.I.P Matthew

  45. closetojuubee

    now he is a dad of over 2 million kids

  46. dontmindmejustadork :P

    i just noticed why did chat start spamming mumza?

  47. closetojuubee

    we need a thousand likes on this man

  48. Suckle My toes

    I love how in the start phil was trying to stop Wilbur from blowing up l’manberg but then in the next war he joined techno in the chaos

  49. EndriaTheEnderman

    When Phil zoomed in on his face my phone vibrated 😂

  50. WodahStoNsi

    Megalovania 1:45

  51. bossorque —

    Philza the luckiest minecraft player on earth

  52. The Toxic War Gamer

    17:34 a new boss scream can be heard and honestly it is terrifying.

  53. Quentin reeves

    Dude I thought you were talking about football not soccer and I was like what

  54. Ana Krstić

    Willbur is weird

  55. ImQuack

    Bets 7:38 minutes of my life

  56. zeejax

    aw.... "500 is actually impossible"... now he has like over 20k :)))) i love that

  57. Aadit Bajaj

    Imagine that he wakes up and finds his world deleted 😳

  58. Blue Blade

    5:57 says the guy with the skin of a Bleach Charater

  59. Juan Nicolas


  60. Amaya Takahashi

    *Someone clip the part where Philza finds sand. If no one else does I will*

  61. Lettucekisses

    Was there more?

  62. withwillin but on pc

    Is the black sword a texture pack or something?

  63. KaidMusic3

    Phil. i had a survival world that lasted 4 WHOLE years on Minecraft PS4 edition. it had ended due to phantoms :(

  64. Drago 20v

    It doesn't taste good when you don't peel the cheese, because it ends up being too much cheese.

  65. biank guadarrama

    I use to think that they where cute but this argument made me hate them and think they're ugly

  66. CarlPlayz__ YT


  67. Su kure muum

    Why am i watching your old videos.

  68. Steinar Nydal

    Im so god at civ

  69. AsteroidPig

    neither him or anyone in the twitch chat recognizes the megalovania at 1:45

  70. Holly Brown

    Me watching this in 2021...I was 3 when philza made this...I just realised I have been watching philza since hardcore season 1...9 years ago...I was 6/7 years old😂

  71. Su kure muum

    oMg iTs tEcHnoBlaDes fReiND

  72. Bolo de cenoura

    I miss old bedrock fog

  73. Xander Karafantis

    Phil mate ur awesome

  74. BOLT Shalom NG

    I find it funny that looking back at this, this was a busted team lol

  75. gamer_kid

    Dang he is so insirering

  76. sarah aslam

    I was wrong phil! Thank you for destroying that coral reef <3

  77. Ryan Elder

    How does Phil have that stuff for netherite armor like the blue stuff it’s cool

  78. Thin Man

    1:45 Philza plays megalovania

  79. Doomnibbler

    ni ce

  80. GO Niclas

    im so sorry that your friend died, but i hope you have good now. I hope you feel better ( - :