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  1. Anorak

    Genuinely curious, could Vikk not be in FaZe while simultaneously being in Sidemen?

  2. Harry Filson

    11:37 that's the most gentle rage 😂

  3. Michael

    Please bring back the seven days to die stuff!

  4. Rezanator_ _4321

    Nobody: Vik: 🎱😀🎱


    legend .

  6. Jonas Johnson

    The sidemen should make their own Esports team. Imagine

  7. jensen

    We need a special Halloween episode of Among Us, get the crew to dress up

  8. Saad Bilal

    That headset looks so big 😆

  9. no 1

    What a nerd. 🤓 Seems vik thinks sidemen isnt a business... gujrati? If Nav met the sidemen, vik would be bulied?

  10. Ryan h

    Did you borrow that headset from josh?

  11. Kyle Mccluskey7

    Oh no vik 3 videos in 1 day

  12. Hadi Faisal

    Vik please bring overwatch back

  13. Euan Campbell

    Need the sidemen to play that sidemen game !!!!

  14. Iam GameJot

    Petition for vikk to speak in an Indian language for a video If you can * If he doesn't see this put this in reddit * pealse PS. Are you a Sikh

  15. LuCiDxAFY ِ

    I wonder if vikk can speak Hindi

  16. Moses Napitupulu

    It's how you almost joined faze clan

  17. Guntash Duggal

    Why would he have to leave sidemen to join faze

  18. Diamon Johnson

    1:01:38 that “bye prick” was so cold and clean😂

  19. Lennon Shimkus

    This map is wonderful

  20. Vardhan Dhat

    The only person more boring than u is morgs

  21. Amrit Dhaliwal

    When he said bhangara 🤣🤣

  22. Mr Brainwork Aisosa

    the sidemen would bully him if he had left

  23. Yeetboi69

    The tasks should also be inverted

  24. Lochan Soni

    vikk we want more warzone content

  25. Arian Mangal

    Ngl vik’s Reddit videos are actually bangers. He gots some of the top Reddit videos along with jj. They r my top two favorite sidemen Redditers. I don’t got a fav sidemen tho

  26. zijuiy wttuy

    Jj: “it’s been so long since I’ve written anything” The subreddit gonna have fun with that one😂

  27. Chris Schmidt

    Just imagined vik signed to NRG, which btw just announced a wz team

  28. Twizz XY5


  29. LGS Warrior


  30. Justin Butler

    Vik should play Project Zomboid, It's a zombie survival game similar to 7 Days to die and I think he would enjoy it. Like if you agree.

  31. tife Akintan

    He ruins his reddit posts by laughing to early

  32. M.Danish Rauf

    Viks headphones are bigger than his head

  33. Yonny Morro

    Probably JJ s knowledge and happiness went down and bullies all the sidemen just because it s mad and sad about Vikk going to Faze but he doesn t know how to manifestate in other mode

  34. Nasir Farid

    If u join faze I’ll cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  35. Jassy Singh

    The Pack needs to reunite

  36. Fierce_Major

    KGup is gettin real comfortable with these double unstoppable ads...

  37. Robo Zech

    he is a cod master so he should have

  38. Mr Alecto

    Thanks bro for the vid, been with you for 5 years still great content. 👍

  39. loic stephan

    Vikk : "Why I almost left the sidemen..." JJ : "Hmmmmm I wonder why???"

  40. Bloodbits2002Gaming

    Why doesn’t Vik make a sidemen pro sports organisation? He’s got the money + the backing of the others might be a decent investment

  41. Sage

    I'm plate😀

  42. Akshay Hegde

    Big brain stuff

  43. James Higham

    Damn, we calling JJ a snake but Vik was nearly a snake 😥

  44. JustAnotherAsian Vlogger


  45. Mr SpooksLord

    Ayyy yoooo u are kicked from Sidemen Btw that was a JJ impression

  46. Raul Alonso


  47. Nisa Touseef

    This was jokes

  48. Alec English

    Do another 7 days to die!

  49. tyler judd

    He uses the grau all game lol

  50. Simon Johnson

    faze clan collapsing...


    00:03 It’s because you had KSI in the title

  52. iiM7mmD

    Why don’t you start your own? Like get some good players and play under the SDMN and go on tournaments 1. SDMN is already well know brand or group 2. It would be beneficial and faster to kick off

  53. Bshake

    Wow the FaZe thing was recent 👀👀

  54. Дмитрий Лебедев

    0:55 I help you setup a blog and setup it to earn money W ha ts app +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

  55. Joel D`silva


  56. Darin Taddeo

    That headset is bigger than your head vik

  57. Leandro Moura

    Only reason he would join faze is to escape jjs bullying xD

  58. Vasudev Vijay

    can we have 7 days to die or ark survival evolved, i loved that series and its getting a graphics update with the new ps5

  59. Chris Barbe


  60. Sion Davies

    14460p60 oookkaaayyy vikkstar i see you

  61. Swastik Mohapatra

    Good times

    1. zijuiy wttuy

      5:39 look above JJ

  62. Xeno ZM

    Vikk join NRG Imagine

  63. Philltime

    NGL I would spend a large sum of money to say I bought a Pokémon card from vikkstar

  64. Paradox

    We need a warzone vid

  65. Hayden Wilson

    Yes please play 7 days to die vik

  66. Mohammed Ammar

    Na man vik deserves it for sure , hes put the work in and can bigger and better himself like he said wouldnt be snaking and sidemen is more of a friend group entertainment

  67. Master Moore-Dye

    Of course you did lmao All of a sudden, another youtuber into pokemon 🤣🤣 This wouldn't have anything to with the money you can make right???

  68. Brown Iverson

    Because faze has some brown people

  69. Connor McCarthy

    I missed the old cod day like this😥

  70. AVIRAT

    sidemen are part of barmy army cricket fans club

  71. Storm Bhullar

    Vik, do u speak punjabi?

  72. Aydine Aziz


  73. Aditya Saxena

    this man almost broke the sidemen

  74. Ghouls Fury

    Damn it's been 3 years huh?

  75. kuroiii i

    omg 7 days to die series would bang <3 I missed that series lol and also you should collab with someone lol

  76. lacari0

    3:30 pretty sure they’re Scottish not geordie

  77. TuckFrump 4R3al

    Vikk literally having the best day of his life

  78. Nishan Mahesh

    hey vik, just wondering if ur a fan of paani puri??

  79. Nethanjal Tu'ulakitau

    Love your next video