Dustin Connell aka DC. Professional Angler competing on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour.

2021 MLF REDCREST Champion
2017 Bassmaster Elite Champion - Ross Barnett
2017 Bassmaster Elite Rookie of the Year

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  1. Danyan Winn

    You and mdj cutting up could be a show in itself

  2. Ginja Ninja

    The pollen in this video had me sneezing.

  3. DJ Pollard


  4. Mark H

    DC--Which head do you use when fishing a Shaky Head?

  5. Ryan B

    Man I'd love to fish with this dude one day. Even when hes negative it sounds positive lol

  6. mohunter68

    They made you leave your good luck behind in your boat. What's the deal with switching boats anyway? I mean just about all of you on the pro circuit use many of the same sponsors.

  7. Cheese Eater #134

    Great video keep Grinding 💯💪🏿

  8. Dark lord Gumba

    Should have destroyed their nitro boat

  9. H.Y.P.R Fishing

    “HE GONE” I’m cryin!!! 🤣

  10. bassakwd1

    We got ur back guy..Spring fishing can humble that arse.. You'll get em at Travis ranDy...also Easter addition of Reel Small Town... da bomb..

  11. Jeremy Erno

    Ding Ding Ding for the boys keep catching them 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Nick DeWolf

    You see them red eyes

  13. johnny weaver

    It sucks when we have days like these on water, it makes me think should I continue fishing, the answer is yes, one day I got skunked, few days later had one of the best days, so like you said "that's fishing" got to roll with punches!👍

  14. Chris Cumbest

    Awesome the way you connect with your fans.

  15. Jeremy Gilreath

    So if u got way points and u swap boats ?? What do u do I know they can be transferred, but do u save me on a card or??

    1. DC Fishing

      Save them to a card.

  16. TheJtaylor000

    I watched everyday. All I cared about was you, J-Dub, MDJ and Thrift. At the end of Monday I was shocked, disappointed and sad for you. I knew you were confidently fired up for this one. But like you said “it’s Bass fishing”. Most days you can call it on what they are going to do. But, then you get that one or two days that they flip on us and you just can’t get it figured out. Highest of highs one week and low lowest of low’s the next. It’s why we love this thing they call Bass Fishing. To get over one bad tournament you gotta get to swinging in another one. Go get’m DC.

  17. Rob McQueen

    Hey DC, This is Rob. You are very welcome for the flag. Keep up the great content!!

    1. DC Fishing

      Again, that was really awesome. Thank you so much.

  18. Richard Hancock

    We were throwing senkos at the base of the trees

  19. Richard Hancock

    Hey dc me and my son was there on sat and my son had 50lbs alone you were just in the wrong part of the lake buddy

  20. Jordan Guillory

    Mark you dead wrong for dumping ol one legged boy.. 😆😆

  21. Kayak Angler

    I like the bear 🐻

  22. James Mims

    That’s the coolest plaque ever. You know you have true fans. Bro you have no idea of how many of us common folk love what you do.

  23. Tyler Spurgeon

    MDJ said “Randy Travis” 🤔😂 “You know like Hank Aaron? Hank Williams “ 😂😂😂

  24. James Mims

    Man best wishes for the rest of the season. I know you gonna kill it.

  25. Michael Howell

    Was glad to see y’all back in my back yard again this year. I thought Jordon somewhat showed out again but Falls and especially Harris disappointed me. Kind of feel y’all were just a little late and Harris had just come off a major shad kill. I hope MLF saw enough to keep our lakes on the rotation and look forward to watching y’all fish the rest of the season, and btw DC none of the anglers can talk smack to you the rest of the year no matter what happens cause that Redcrest mic 🎤 drop is HEAVVVYY! Good luck the rest of the year.

  26. Rick Liles

    What army cleans their residence after the tournament is over?

  27. Markisuncfan

    We had nightly storms during y'alls tourney days on Falls. My home lake that I have a love/hate relationship with. Those nightly storms superglues many of the bass' mouths shut the next day. I dunno why. Still the best lake in the state in my opinion but can be the most hardheaded too.

  28. Rachel Bond

    😂 MDJ had the crocs in 4WD in the kitchen

    1. 7INEntertainment

      He's not playing.

  29. Big_Meech

    What happened at the end someone went in head first 😅😅😅

  30. joe sharp

    Group B was loaded I was lookin at score tracker second day of the tourney thinkin there ain gon b no more fish left in the dadgum lake after y’all got done

  31. preston burleson

    "have a good practice then it blows ass" is my favorite thing you said all year haha

  32. Todd Dickinson

    On to the next... This is your year DC! There's a reason for everything, and in the end you'll be on top, right where you were born to be brother. #kingofding

  33. Big_Meech


  34. Braden Fuller

    Why are you in a nitro

    1. Rowdy Broomstick


    2. N2theBlue1

      This event was fished under semi-Cup rules, not BPT rules, so everyone was in MLF sponsor boats

  35. brian christy


  36. The Pond Sniper

    Here's to the best season you've had yet 🎉🎉🎉

  37. Braden Fuller

    Nic vid

  38. Clapmando

    I'm glad I watched this. I'm going to Jordan this weekend on the kayak and hoping me and my 13 year old can get on them. He's right on the cusp of loving fishing and if he can get some he'll be hooked for life.

  39. d3adp94

    Glad to see you enjoy my home lakes!

  40. NCshooter1213

    You da man DC!! Had me tearing up. You deserve it buddy. Winning at that level ain't easy at all. Congrats buddy. Wish I could shake your hand

  41. BANDIT 1

    Why don't this young man have a job? Has everyone lost their mind? Pro fisherman? Really? It's just a waste of time and money for what? So this youngster can say " I am a pro fisherman ". Piss off

  42. Brody Durant

    Hey Dustin huge fan what reel do you like to use and what rod?

    1. Brody Durant

      @DC Fishing Thank you so much!!!

    2. DC Fishing

      favorite rods and shimano reels

  43. WildMan Gaming


  44. Evan Whitaker

    DC you a fool 😂 that baseball segment...Man I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time

  45. steve moyers

    16:20 I thought you launched that lure to space

  46. Ryan Cook

    Died laughing in the first two mins for sure!!!

  47. Darren A

    Dc gotta question, When you go to a new lake that you’ve never been to, How do you pick and choose if you’re gonna fish upper or lower end of a lake? I understand upper end warms up faster. Just curious on how you look at it

  48. Colton Potter

    That’s all some man one day I hope I’m fishing against you

  49. Mike Bailey

    DC, next year when you come to Grand lake in Oklahoma I will pay for you, MDJ and Jacobs dinner just to hang out with you guys for awhile. You got to be the funniest and best anglers out there. Ding!

  50. Scott Clark

    Great video all 3 those lakes are within an hour of my house,grew up camping and fishing Jordan the most,good luck buddy

  51. Brad Bowman

    Keep on Hammering Down. Can’t win them all.

  52. Brad Bowman

    What flipping reel do you recommend?

  53. Yao Saeteurn

    How do the score get tallied? I thought it was usually 5 biggest fish in the live well?

  54. Kou Vang

    U doing better than your boy JW on practice

  55. James Hartwell

    I could watch DC Fishing all day !!! Dam, I think I just did.

  56. Big Dave Outdoors

    Get this man some more subs! Love his personality. "They Bitin!"

  57. Chris Seymour

    All time worst Baseball historian fishing live on MLF! lmao

  58. Kris Meese

    Awesome very inspiring and truly amazing wishing you the very best and I hope too meet you on the lake sometime soon. God bless the stewards of bass fishing.

  59. Logan Whitley

    I didn't pat my pockets the other evening. Made the mistake of leaving that fresh can in the truck. Make the bottom of that trolling motor look like caterpillar the new sponsor. #DING

  60. Dylan

    I have a 2 day tournament on lake Jordan this weekend hopefully I can do good

  61. 02 Yota

    Wish y’all coulda came in first of may when falls really puts out

  62. Nick DeWolf

    How don't you have 500k subscribers??? Some of the best content out there

  63. Cody Pippitt

    We need some DC merch

    1. DC Fishing


  64. Steven Bernard

    I watched J Wheels yesterday make the cut in the last 15 minutes. Unreal . You done stung all your fish. Lol

    1. DC Fishing

      nah, those fish just moved out.

  65. Troy Harper

    Good Luck DC 💯💯🎣🎣

  66. J Raughton

    What trailer is that on your chatterbait I know it’s not googan 👀

  67. Logan Snoddy

    God has great things in mind for this guy

  68. Randy Mcgee

    Wow you are the Bomb I love watching you Boys Doing it in the videos.keep it up.

  69. Cheese Eater #134

    I got to give it to your Hell of a Angle Learn so much every video you’re one of a kind keep Grinding 💯💪🏿 You a beast with a jerk bait

  70. Rowdy Broomstick

    I've put a Hot pocket in countertop toaster oven, that's dang good!

  71. Big_Meech

    I swear DC got THE MOST POWERFUL HOOKSET in the game 😅🤙🏾

  72. Uri Orlov

    That add is going to pop in my head now while fishing fingers. High pitched voice “Hot Pocket!”

  73. Rowdy Broomstick

    I want a lowrance elite FS active target for my front graph and guy's say I won't be able to get lowrance on the phone if I have problems. What's your thoughts on that? Numerous people say Garmin has the best customer service in the industry.

  74. Michael Willis

    You a dang fish catching machine brother.I noticed that boat is tremendously stable as you walk around and set the hook. Hardly makes a ripple on the water. Great job and great video.

  75. Chris Cumbest

    Plan B go to plan B. 🤣

    1. DC Fishing

      I need a plan H

  76. Kayak Angler

    good luck

  77. Chris Davidson

    Hey dc lojo wants you on his podcast

  78. JoeHathcher

    My favorite fisherman love the videos brother keep smashing them!

  79. Hunter Merrell

    I have been catching bass on bed in Alabama