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  1. Alberto Garcia

    Yo Crawford how comfortable is that gaming chair? I’m looking to buy one Lol

  2. Minahil Ali

    1:55 lol

  3. Lyndsey Flores

    Me being sad knowing my bf lives 29 hours away but seeing them be so cute makes my heart flutter 🥺❤️

  4. Jada Harris

    she did not miss in any of these , well done crawf

  5. Jada Harris

    okay but why is no one talking about how she looked good in every ... single ... outfit .... 🤩

  6. Tina Miller

    Purple dress she should wear for her birthday

  7. Rissa Faith

    im sooooo surprised he actually did really good!! nezza looks good in literally everything but holy shit! im straight but damnnnn nezza!!!!😍😍

  8. Hannah Mae

    crawford is nezza's hypeman. how it should be.

  9. Hannah Mae

    I've never seen a video like this and I'm in love

  10. Kelly Boling

    This was so cute! I love his reactions! ♥️

  11. Rocio Casas

    The long sleeve dress 👗 or the last dress 👗 btw y'all soooooooooooooo cute together💓❤️💕💗💖💞❣️😍

  12. Lindsey Fernandes

    Crawfff do the wap dance. I know it's old but do it with, Nezz

    1. Lindsey Fernandes

      Pick her outfit lol

  13. Quiana Goshow

    Nezza should pick outfits for Crawford

  14. itsmaria

    "bar mitzfah.... mcdonalds..." LMFAO

  15. Harmoni Phillips31

    I love❤️❤️ on the last dress when nezza say r u ready an ad popped up and said the exact same thing lol but the next ad is what got me it was Australian new someone edited that someone won big from an app but the news had a big sign that said lotto on it 😂😂

  16. Fae Winter

    She looks great in EVERYTHING 🙌

  17. Thaly Roger

    Crawford I see youuuu👀😏

  18. bianca maria

    Crawford is soo kyuute. I'm so glad he shaved this moustache tho. He and nezza look so good together 🔥💃🕺

  19. Hannah Oas

    I love them together

  20. jamie highins

    pt 2 should be a video where nezza picks out her fave outfits for Crawford to wear (as in outfits nezza has worn and thinks are really good, just for shits and giggles) and the friends have to judge who wore it better. I thought of this bc I misread the title as "recreating my gfs outfits" lmao

  21. Silma Lalaite

    I loved the truffle dress

  22. Nadhirah Zulkafli

    love you crawford

  23. Angel Faamausili

    Okay but next time can you please give us a warning or something before the video. Got my makeup ruined and everything 😭😭😍😍

  24. Gia Pham


  25. Jasmine

    i got the first set because oh my gosh it was beautiful, crawf you literally did amazing

  26. Anthony Garcia

    Nezza: "I could be in this all night long" Crawford: "honestly I feel you wouldn't be in it that long" That's right crawf!!! I see you boy lol This video was cute bro good job. Love y'all

  27. S R

    your whole family is stunning omg

  28. Nichi Hoar

    Maroon, black, white, long sleeve in that order for dresses!

  29. tay

    i love how much crawford loves nezza🥺🥺🥺🥺

  30. Keely Puff

    Damn why can't I be as pretty as Nezza??? She looks absolutely gorgeous in everything!!

  31. Cathy Andino

    Nezza such a cutie love her ! Also wth Crawford did you shave :000

  32. julianna frank

    you did so goooddd!!!

  33. Sophie- Jane

    Can Nezza do this and pick out Crawfords outfits

  34. Maria Mescolin

    Bro she look good in everything holy shit u go sis

  35. Ann Tanner

    Love the outfits. Great job Crawford

  36. leah b.

    wear the long sleeved one for your birthday! and crawford actually has good taste

  37. Stephanie Foofy


  38. Brenda Carlos Aranda

    Y’all make me feel like a third wheeler 😭😭😭 Love you both 💕💕💕

  39. britney padarath

    "Where am i guna wear this", is like everyone's conversation right now😂😭

  40. Ariel Paulissen

    The black dress with a red lip 💞

  41. your everyday idiot

    i’m OBSESSED with the long sleeve dress she looks so good in it

  42. Indi Carter

    Oh it’s a *CaM e ra* Also your family is like crazy haha

  43. peachy mara

    she looks so good wow

  44. peachy mara

    bro nezza is so pretty

  45. Desy

    I love a interracial couple 💞

  46. Jaretzy Deleon

    she looks so good yess NEZZA

  47. Lore Costa

    oh my so cuteeee

  48. Nuha Adams 14


  49. Maria Mella

    So cute

  50. Tulip 16

    Black or Purple dress. All good though. (:

  51. Ally Jean

    I love the black dress and the beige ish dress

  52. Hayley Dobbs

    Way to go Crawford!! Nezza, you are gorgeous and look good in anything but I think you should wear the long sleeve dress for your bday! 🎉

  53. Eliz :D

    I won’t lie I was shocked at how good the outfits were

  54. Emily Y

    Bar mitzvah...McDonald’s...BOA Steakhouse...

  55. Ragad Nuaimi

    I loved the first outfit 👏👏👏♥️

  56. Victoria Sky

    Either the last one or the black one for her birthday dress

  57. jamie follese

    Fav the white on her omg beautiful

  58. Fan_of_ gyu

    I’m a new subscriber and I already in love with your channel 💜✨cuteeeee couple

  59. vania calista

    why is this family sooooooo sweet and warm I"M CRYIN

  60. Melissa Mark

    You guys are soooooo cute you did very good on the styles I love everything new sub😍❤👍👍

  61. Naomi Smith

    Honestly, this is such a beautiful family and your girlfriend fits right in! ❤️ Rooting for the both of you! 🙌🏻

  62. Bxbbles

    Crawford low key looks like Johnny Depp

  63. Antonia Wilkins

    She should wear the purple dress, she really suits it. :)

  64. Azla Ahmed

    i think she should wear the white corset dress (the first dress) on her birthday, it looked the most beautiful on her <3

  65. Sophia Hake

    How old are your siblings?

  66. Liz

    I take everything bad I said about Nezza being with Crawford. He actually grows on you and it’s incredible sweet to her like my Boyfriend is to me so I approve. Great Video .

  67. 1128 Vargas

    The black one

  68. abby ꧁꧂

    the fact that nezz actually wore one of these dresses on her birthday

  69. Sandee

    i like the white dress too🤍

  70. Carmen Coco

    I love me some nezford

  71. Dulce Jimenez

    nezza looked so good in everything 😍😍

  72. JustKay143

    I dont usually comment but DAYYUMM - you did a great job & Nezza's parents did a great job too. Whew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Caitlind Brown

    Whaaaat your younger sister is stunning! 😍 I love her short hair!

  74. Caitlind Brown

    The last dress 😍 they all looked amazing but the purple one for her birthday for sure !!!

  75. kaaybee

    Literally the first guy who i’ve seen who got sponsored by oh polly 😂 LOVE THAT STORE

  76. britzpepper710

    im not even gon lie, i caught myself grinning like an idiot throughout this video

  77. TheMiZzSaM4nTHa

    The last one!!

  78. Allison Jade

    i would like to hire crawf the style icon pls. i need #help

  79. The Vegan Christian

    Crawford you did very good... And you were right... Nezza looked great in all of them... I like the white dress the best... I'm fur shur gettin some dems dresses...Lol...

  80. The Vegan Christian

    4:54 I think Nezzas eyebrow twitched when she saw this top...Lol...