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  1. mickey p

    goes to show we learn new stuff every day.

  2. ytube777

    Would be interested on a follow up on that rollin' coal 'murakin! See ya!

  3. auburn886

    I live in Montgomery, Alabama. They build Hyundais here. Southwest doesn’t fly here, but this Captain would self destruct in our traffic. I was taught to never curse on the radio and the mic is ALWAYS hot.

  4. Leandro B N

    What happened at 8:12? Creepssss

  5. TheKingD93

    "Rolling coal" is fairly common around here in Maine especially at the county fair when they do truck pulls and see who's truck can drag the most weight.

  6. Christopher Treacy

    Doesn't look right ...called gear up.before pilot not flying then says positive rate.....

  7. Michael Bond

    I love that your video didn't turn political. A lot of the things I've seen on this turned political and your video was a huge breathe of fresh air

  8. Charles Schutz

    Rumor is that pilot is now a baggage handler.

  9. Robert Bradley

    This kind of conversation should be relegated to bar talk..And in today's environment should just be avoided all together..🤔

  10. Eric the Hiking

    This is an air trash investigation.

  11. Karen Lovett

    I'm curious as to whether the passenger's could have heard that. Probably not?

  12. Allister Denyer

    That engineer would have been fired if I had known he did that. It is obvious that is a critical strength requirement. I am not an aircraft engineer. But a correct fitting for a countersunk bolt is essential. I make sure when I do the machining that the fit is correct on mounting flange plates. That is a critical application. not only the correct size but material as well. If you work on boilers the fasteners have to be sized and x-rayed for cracks. Even the finish can affect the strength of fasteners. I have been in an aircraft fastener manufacturing company and the attention to detail is impressive. 100% checking, tensile strength testing to destruction , dimensional correctness. Even a small radius if too sharp can introduce excessive corner stress. Then fitting has to be without scratches and to the correct torque. Even the lubrication while being torqued is specified. In ships engines the stretch of the bolt is measured to ensure the correct level of torque has been applied. People do make mistakes but this was a bit obvious particularly for a senior engineer. The junior engineer I could forgive but as you say his work would be checked. I also make mistakes but try very hard to be vigilant.. I am a professional engineer and am responsible for safety and it worries me as I cannot oversee everything.

  13. Pablo BD

    <3 Aerolineas Argentinas 737 at 5:21

  14. Odd Person

    I love being sucked out

  15. veenarasika

    Good grief! Not just the foul language, but the subject matter of the rant, has no place in a professional setting. Good reminder to fellow colleagues, Mentour. What cracked me up was not this rant, but another Vas Aviation recording of a United Airlines UAL213 stuck microphone. They were very professional in the sterile descent phase of flight. Cabin callouts are heard. The ATC controller let him know several times . Then the ATC controller said in a school masterish tone, "Everybody stop talking. We have frequency problems" . That was funny

  16. UserEden

    That ex-pilot is now ranting how the "liberal" FAA and media cancelled him - LMFAO

  17. Justa Youtuber

    The Southwest Pilots just wanted to get back to Texas so they could have sex with their sisters.

  18. katie_incredible

    Rolling coal is just "guy speech" for "Honestly nobody in my life likes or respects me, and the only thing I know how to do is try to make people afraid of me."

  19. valcaron

    And the award for most based pilot goes to ...

  20. Nobilangelo Ceramalus

    An angry guy up front is not in anyone's interests.

  21. Justa Youtuber

    Rollin coal - more like a Rollin Ahole.

  22. sc1338

    I love rolling coal. I know it’s childish, but you can’t help but smile

  23. Justa Youtuber

    Hyundai Sonatas are made in Alabama. Typical clueless Trump voters.

  24. Stanley Banks

    The Airlines give passengers pamphlets and pilots procedure manuals to read as you're falling to earth.

  25. Guray Tanc

    I wonder if during sterile part of flight (below 10k) any non safety related comments such as " ah look at that beautiful lake" or "thats over there is a footbal field I played on in high school" or "Paris looks beautiful at night" or just general comments are considered illegal. I am wondering because Ive seen some videos of pilots making those possibly hurtless comments or even have suspected some manage to take a pictures with their phone. I understand its not best thing to do but woud it be a strong "no go"?

  26. Kruger Fuchs

    Doesn't that break the sterile cockpit rule

  27. taxiuniversum

    The pilot probably signed up with Southwest Airlines, because there were no jobs available at Confederate Airlines. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. Kruger Fuchs

    Pilot should behave better

  29. Stephen

    Rolling coal = B52!

  30. Tim Taylor

    As a passenger flying a late flight from Auckland to Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) approximately a one hour flight time. I was sited next to the left side window looking at the port wing and landing gear of the Air New Zealand ATR72. On landing I noted sparks coming from the port wheel I suspect being generated by the brakes. I told the cabin crew on exiting the plan. Would the cabin crew have pass this on to the Captain and would they check ? Does the crew mind passengers passing on this sort of information eg broken seat ? thank you

  31. shannon mustipher

    I remember thinking the very same thoughts last time I visited SF. I was SO READY to get outta there lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Gayland McLean

    thank you. was nice to get a follow up regarding this issue!

  33. Eric Taylor

    I know of a guy who hit a zebra just after landing. Wrecked the airplane and the zebra.

  34. Scott S

    I was surprised to hear pilots are into big diesel trucks rolling coal. I did not expect to hear that.

  35. jeep6242

    Ilyushuns are like the Harley Davison of airplanes. They are much better at making heat and noise then they are at actually accelerating lol. 😂

  36. Eric Taylor

    12:30 It's an even worse day to watch that pilot crash into the ground, killing him/herself and others.

  37. Allister Denyer

    Hi I would have been a pilot if it was not for the dreaded colour blindness rule. I have been an electronics engineer and designer for years and stuff is colour coded. It has infact been an advantage because it makes you check carefully. I could now design this out so that is was not a problems as 10% of all males are colour blind to some extent. Some colour would be ok but as Red green colour blindness is so common. Not using Red and green would eliminate this problem also using text on the screen is still a better solution. I find colour coding is full of problems in electronics because colours fade and are different between manufacturers. I notice being in Canada and a lot of stuff is made in the US. numbers are used more commonly now. motor wires have numbers on instead of colours. There are colour corecting glasses but non have been approved by the FAA yet. now I am too old. Here in Canada oddly I can fly experimental craft but this is of no real interest to me. I have a friend who has a float plane and we will probably go flying sometime. Probably going to die in that thing as they are very dangerous. Many end up fish bait. I do like your videos nice and professional. I am also a Professional engineer and we have considerable responsibility just like you. Good luck and thankyou. Keep the rubber on the runway.

  38. Michael Posford

    At what point, on an ILS approach, do you turn off the autopilot?

  39. Kev The Argonut

    Reminds me of an old rude joke about an open Mike from the cockpit to the cabin which I will clean up a lot here. The plane was just about to start descent and the co-pilot said to the pilot “what are you gonna do when we get down skip?”. The pilot responded “Well, I am gonna take a serious dump and then, you know that pretty little new cabin crew girl, well I am going to take her to my room and give her a serious good seeing to.”. Now the cabin crew and all the passengers heard this over the open mike loud and clear and the girl in question ran from the back of the plane towards the cockpit to alert the pilots they had a hot mike. Half way down, she tripped over some hand luggage and went sprawling down the aisle and landed next to a little old lady reading her magazine. Without taking her eyes off the page, the little old lady said “It’s OK love, there’s no rush, he is gonna take a dump first”...

  40. Bursting Wizard

    Man, I want to buy that guy a drink. Blue states are goddamn annoying

  41. Appalling68

    Amazing to think that there’s actually Trumpster-like numb nuts piloting commercial aircraft. Guess you find pond scum in all walks of life.

  42. Sim Gamer

    OK, it's time for me to come out from lurking and tell my opinion on this. This guy is probably a trump loving conservative... now I'm a conservative myself, but I find these kind of people to be absolutely stupid. however I must point out the only reason why this was released to the public and somebody made a big issue about it is because he had the audacity to criticize the liberal Democrat socialists who Are in power in California and also in the United States now. Had he went on a rant about conservatives and how stupid they were nothing would have been said about it in this would have never been released to the public. but you know how liberal democrats are and they're mindless cretin followers they have to make a big deal when somebody exposes Their disapproval of the liberal democrats and their mind numbingly stupid policies in California. Now as an aviation enthusiast. I do agree his hot Mike incident was terrible and she should not have been discussing anything like that until he was above 10000' and his autopilot on and should never have been discussed on the air on aviation frequencies. but it was a hot Mic and it was a stuck button and it was an accident but the idea they were going to crucify this guy because he dares not to agree with the politics and policies of the United States of America's Democratic Party is asinine and him losing his job because he dared to do that on a hot Mike which was in fact a mistake is also asinine. Now stick that in your goddam pipe, liberals and have a nice day.

  43. Greg Smith

    That pilot deserves a demotion for that ridiculously unprofessional conduct. And he needs some serious therapy for his anger. Imagine the pilot that had to fly with him and listen to his toxic rants the entire time!

  44. Lorem Ipsum

    I've always had an interest in accident investigation, not from a rubber necking view but for the process and fault finding.

  45. Michelle Stevens

    It goes to show that you can learn how to do a job but learning how to be a decent human being isn't within some people's skill set.

  46. Mark Beard

    Petter, as a training captain I’m sure you will be aware of the CRM implications of this behaviour. Not only was that pilot unprofessional and violated FAA regulations on sterile cockpit operations, he was being politically aggressive, and demeaning to a large proportion of the US population. We have no idea about the political leanings of his colleague on the flight, and how this may have impacted his or her willingness to speak up should a further safety issue arise on the flight that warrants intervention. Clearly this pilot’s colleague was not prepared to intervene in this breach of the regulations, so CRM was already compromised. I know many people will find that funny. I for one never want to be in the back with someone flying who thinks that kind of behaviour is appropriate. And that has nothing to do with my political inclination of where I live, it’s about a good, working, safety culture.

  47. Jonathan Watanabe

    Aaaaaand lemme guess this clown made a tearful, heartfelt apology online before he got grilled for this. Moron.

  48. Christina Boyle

    I have zero experience related to this issue, but find it Very hard to believe they couldn't track down exactly who this pilot is. They keep logs of every detail no? time/date/schedule etc How hard could it be to find him?

  49. Zsolt Sz

    1st of April. Intentional hot mike into cabin: "hey, what's that red button for?"

  50. Kia Sportage Is Ugly Korean Trash

    Pilot was right to slag-off Hyundais. Anyone that buys a Kia or Hyundai (Same company) are clueless, gullible morons with no sense of looks, style or class. No clue about car makes and clearly doesn't give a shit about the economy of their own country.

  51. Tradition

    The fact the one time the mic gets stuck there’s a douche rant freely going on suggests it’s not a rare and isolated incident at all. It anything it suggests this is the culture of the people that work there.

  52. Golf bravo Whiskey

    Believe me I live in the heart of those little douche bags I am in East Texas, when you see those little kids doing that it just basically means they’re into dudes instead of girls.

  53. Doug Stitt

    have a good day mentour

  54. Mateusz Płatek

    Rolling Coal became more popular lately as a way to make life harder for Electric Vehicles owners. People drive in front of EV and are "rolling coal" because they .. hate EVs? Check YT: "rolling coal tesla" for more info. Also ICE'ing electric charging stalls is on the rise among Internal Combustion Engine car owners that hate EVs... But why???

  55. Jason

    That cussing pilot has some serious anger issues. South West should take corrective measures immediately. It’s not what he said that is bad. People are entitled to their own opinions. However, imagine if this pilot were to get into a serious issue that requires a calm demeanor and positive attitude to overcome. It could result in a bad accident waiting to happen. Also “Rolling Coal” is something only dudes that need to compensate for lack of balls need to do.

  56. Jerome Thiel

    Rolling coal is one of the most idiotic things i have ever heard of, and i have been aware of this concept for years. But onto the rant, at least 50% of people agree with at least some of what the crew said on the open mic. Not that the rant should have been public, but i get where the person was coming from. Sometimes you just need to let it out, even if you are wrong. But there is a time and place for every rant, and in a cockpit is probably not the best place.

  57. Ryan M

    Not only is rolling coal a stupid, unnecessary, and dangerous thing to do, it's also technically illegal under federal law in the U.S.

  58. Adam Michaels

    Thanks for calling those people 'douche bags'. Made my day!

  59. Ken Spencer

    It would be VERY interesting if Mentour Pilor would discuss the 9/11 crashes, as there are a lot of pilots who disagree with the official report (check out Pilots for 9/11 Truth).


    Half the mechanics I know have matched bolts when one is damaged or missing and you need a replacement. The exception is boats and aircraft. The fit and rating really do matter!

  61. Matt Rogers

    “You don’t have balls unless you’re rolling coal” - what a pathetic meaningless life these douchebags must have if that’s their view of the world.

  62. Richard Smeets

    That pilot can now apply for a job at rant airlines.😁 "welcome to rant airlines. I am your Goddamn Pilot for today. Please fasten your seatbelts and shut the F up"

  63. Brown Trout

    Imagine flying in the cockpit for hours with a moron like that. Hope he gets demoted.

  64. horiamorariu

    Hi. Minute 2:45. Map. Why Romania and Bulgaria are in a highlighted contour? Thanks!

  65. John D

    I was just wondering if the FCC would get involved as well as it concerns rule part 47 CFR Part 87 "essential messages only." I would think not considering the transmissions were not willful and intentional.

  66. James Gibbs

    I am American and I had no idea what rolling coal meant.

  67. gymmani1

    Could you do a video on flight OA411 that happened in Athens in 9/08/1978 with a Boeing 747 please? You really explain things nicely. It is said that Boeing Still considers that the plane has crushed.The plane returned and landed safely to the airport, nobody was injured but any attempt on simulator to has failed since then. So it should be a very interesting story to explain!!

  68. Blue Oak

    The coal reference could have been made because California has such strict emission controls for their automobiles. Idk just a guess. Didn’t sound like he was too impressed with the West Coast. Lol

  69. MikeMcK

    Just like mentor, most people will just laugh. If it harms the image of pilots, it’s only because people had a false image to begin with. They’re just people.

  70. ulfpe

    A single former employee..

  71. jerryt87

    So everybody including Airbus knew about the problem with the throttle on the 310, but as usual nothing gets done until people die. 😖

  72. ulfpe

    Not only representing a profession, the guy is not mentally stabile this is not a good sign

  73. L Andersen

    My first thought was lousy CRM. I wouldn´t want to fly with him.

  74. Ben Wolfram

    'Stuck mic' can happen for many reasons. In this case, it was spilling mountain dew on the console and causing a momentary short.

  75. Paul

    "This will not look good on your annual performance review"

  76. AubriGryphon

    Sheesh, I'm on the headset every day for work and I'll double check the mute button before I burp...

  77. Jaywill0909

    “You’re not a man unless you’re rolling coal”????? Seriously? I mean where do these “classy” people 🙄😂 get this distorted stuff anyway? 🤦🏻😩😂😂

  78. William Jones

    Southwest Airlines, FAA and FCC could be all over this guy.

  79. Cydonius1

    Rolling coal is awesome because it pisses off liberals and SJWs. There's a vid that shows a truck going up a hill and as he passes a group of cyclists straining up the road gulping down lungfuls of fresh air, the truck rolls coal in their faces. I couldn't stop laughing for hours.

  80. Dyl Connaway

    A rant and a diesel modification associated with tiny man syndrome. It's all about feeling bigger