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  1. Hao好

    At 1.25x speed Ariana look breathless 😂

  2. Lenys Madrid

    Yo? orgullosa de ver cuanto han crecido mis angelitoooos!!!!!

  3. Nola Mekonen

    marie kondo

  4. Kentrell Mosley

    This is what 2020 needed

  5. Gaby Soto

    Odio este cover.

  6. Charlie Lloyd

    We are missing Derek, but Daniel O’Brien is here so it’s pretty much mine😌

  7. Try Iska

    Ohmai gat😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  8. FieryPhoenix M

    This is the most beautiful thing I've heard in quite awhile! They sing beautifully together!

  9. AzukiOnion

    2:49 and 3:14 i see dem camila cabello and uh the rest of 5h

  10. liz marquez

    Shame on you MTV.....

  11. Rich Odom

    You have joined my necessary and sufficient list of James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush and Steely Dan. You are in the company of greatness. I am an old fart and a GV fan. Keep moving forward., you have my love and respect. You are awesome and worthy!

  12. Lázaro Murad

    I kinda love this new vmas because the performances are basically like a second 'official' video ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Nikia Brown

    Sid looked like he was wearing a nice lace front at the end

  14. WZRDNatalia

    8:53 I 1,000% just went to make myself a pb&j with strawberry jam 🍓 🥜 classic

  15. ells 2304


  16. Chanel l

    Noahs voice is soft and angelic but mileys voice is so strong and sharp and it just cuts through ✨

  17. falguni baunthiyal

    okay i appreciate ariana performing in heels and working out and all but the singing wasn't that nice

  18. SuperGoddamnbatman

    Grace is a word used for ... say.. ballet dancers. You have that.. but also the more important term.. Grace is a gift unearned.

  19. N R

    30th October 2020

  20. Chase Cantwell




  22. Lionel Joshua

    This year should be lady Gaga years but 😭😭😭😭😭 2020 is s***

  23. b a b y c l o u d


  24. Loyal Man

    Damn eminem..

  25. Snow glitter winter

    Women that have blond hair at Fear Factor: *Certified•Karens*

  26. Liz Lagunas

    No olviden dejar su like en todas las canciones ;)

  27. Liz Lagunas

    *Vallan a votar, es muy importante la primera y la penúltima* *En las encuestas de los billboard* *La mejor banda juvenil de la historia* *Pará qué se presenten en los GRAMMYS en la opción de otro u other escriban CNCO*

  28. Nina

    I started crying here

  29. Edelyn Tagdulang

    Daebak! 💓✨🔥

  30. The Oracle Temple of Love & Light Star Souls 22/22

    This man was on Dr Phil for sexually assaulting women as a massage therapist ! Issak still claims he’s been misunderstood .

  31. frances gibson

    love this

  32. El niño de fuego

    Amooooo 🇦🇷

  33. July VePi

    OMG, I love their voices!!

  34. cdqwe hhul U la la New song Yahaira Randy Daniel el travieso

  35. Lena ackerman

    I remember this cover came out a while ago and people just NOW are finally appreciating Miley🙄🙄

  36. Sadie Wuestewald

    The funny thing he is probably the smartest rapper in literature use.PERIODT. His lyrics are Outstanding

  37. SkylerChanel

    Firstly love the cup dollar tree/ Walmart sandwich holder lol I have them for my daughter! Love this show #FAFUCKINGSHOYARIGHTONBEEETCH!

  38. Lena ackerman

    and to think all the public shame this woman went through back in 2013... mannnnn. so crazy.

  39. Zec Tv

    Love yourself Relay #90

  40. Na Ra


  41. Ansel's Nation

    This performances as everything 😩💕

  42. VidhiJhunjhunwala_IXRose_A040

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!💜💜💜

  43. M a K X G a c h a

    Bro the second one wtf she said "I'm really insucer about this" But u want to be a P8rn star? like-

  44. Ming Ming

    Her live perf concept are insanely good

  45. Blackpink In Your Area

    Mtv could you please invite Niki from 88 rising to perform on your stage? Please I want hear she perform live on her songs Lose, La la lost you, Indigo, low-key, and switchblade

  46. Josalyn Francis

    Weekly episodes pleaseeee?

  47. Natalia Lopez

    I always improve them insurmountable this presentation I love them !!

  48. Ashley Bedell

    No you all Stupid I wouldn’t do that for water and I want to do that for money I would die for money you guys have problems like I want to stop watching this but I want to see what happe

  49. Natalia Lopez

    The best performance that night I love you so much always shining

  50. Natalia Lopez

    I love this song!!

  51. cman2379

    Oh the turntables

  52. Edmunde Marcial Lochland

    She's going about it the wrong way joining kkk, demeaning black people, but in some ways I understand her cause I'm latino and I've been there I've wished i was white straightened my curly hair wearing skinny Jean's, even thought of bleaching my skin even in a car ride once I caught myself telling my mom that white was the master race just blurted it out I even think that my ideal woman is a skinny or bbw white girl with blonde hair and maybe blue eyes but I've never been that particular about the eyes I've looked up several trans racial cases and ran across treasure's today interesting stuff

  53. Becky Cameron

    Noah- you are stunning.

  54. Nesya Bilqist


  55. breana hayes

    Wtf Noah I did not know about this

  56. Sarah Perez

    Jenelle is the definition of a woman who can birth children but can’t be a mother.

  57. Raymond Djojoseparto

    Awkward performance. Be yourself

  58. Sandra Johana Vasquez

    Ni puta idea de lo que dicen

  59. Yanen PaAr

    BTS 💜

  60. Sarah Perez

    Barbara mentions how Kieffer is dragging her down. But she couldn’t be pushing Jenelle harder towards Kieffer if she tries by the way she treats her.

  61. Official Real Py mus

    Pop smoke will never die Remix Dior in studio

  62. Msi Hmar

    I hope Alex Turner sees this

  63. Dhey Cayado

    Oct 30 2020

  64. Mirnaliz Nieves

    My Replika sent me to here