1. SidewaysTM

    Shout out to _Sabrina Claudio_ ,for bringing me here.

  2. Grace Philip

    So so good 💜💜

  3. Lucilla

    This lady never fails to make me cry.......

  4. Vale Arnold


  5. Paola Murphy

    2021 ✅ 2022 2023 2024 2025

  6. A B

    not me pretending to be heartbroken so i can relate 🙄🤚

  7. Satan Drives a UFO

    Horrible song

  8. Maria jose Salgado rivera

    Aquí los que amamos a olivia la conocemos desde Bizarbak y estamos orgullosa por ella!😍

  9. Mya Marie

    honestly I love her so much

  10. Satori Tendou

    On the radio as I was driving away from a guys house in the middle of the night this came on and I jammed out because the sex wasn't good and this song was better than straight sex confirmed.

  11. Gabriel Carrasco

    not me feeling this song when i dont have a boyfriend and i cant drive

  12. Sour Lemons

    I didn’t realize this was Olivia rodrigo

  13. Raeesah Patel

    People who just thought through their lives in the space of this song 👇

  14. Gabriel Carrasco

    i cant drive, and i dont have a boyfriend or anything but im trying to relate😭😭😭

  15. floxryal

    if people make a dance of this 💀

  16. Gaby Kajmakoski

    30M views omg 7 days ago it was 6.5

  17. Samia. 26

    Im back again...

  18. The zumitos

    Sigo sin saber cómo está canción se volvió tan famosa en tan poco tiempo xD

  19. Raeesah Patel

    When I get my drivers license I’m only listening to this 😃

  20. Raeesah Patel

    Being able to get a drivers license is basically freedom for us, this is why we need it so much. To escape from reality. Escape to YOUR own world. Doze off and just daydream.

    1. Ms Gurl

      No. I refuse to let you bait me into getting a driver's license It's working....

  21. Jared Marx

    what a feel

  22. Hi Youtube

    I can’t stop listening to this song, it’s just to good :)

  23. Kylee s

    Note crying because my ex left me for a blonde cheerleader 😭

  24. HopeFantasicALLY

    This is soooo sad. And I am still too young to drive. I csn partially relate

  25. Fawaz Al farsi


  26. Steffy Steffy

    why am I crying so much listening this song for the first time even though everything is fine with my boyfriend ??

  27. Ariana Grobbelaar

    She’s soo pretty and her vocals .... Wow! Just wOw! I can’t believe that she is only 17 and her song is 2nd on trending! Loving the song soo much! This song definitely hits different

  28. Ana Livia Da Silva Livia

    Cadê os brasileiros que viram a história do tiktok????

  29. Temidara Olujomoye

    When you know the story behind this song the song hit different 🤍😭😭😭

  30. Raeesah Patel

    ✨Heather✨ but it’s own song 👍🏻

  31. Evie Toborg

    hey alivia great song super good um one question... his address?


    tem que vir ao Brasil moet Brasilië toe kom

  33. valentina aravena


  34. Victoria Arcos Vicente

    I’m here again

    1. I murdered the family dog Family dog


  35. Sophia Thompson

    It’s like the bridge and the the rhythm just touch my heart

  36. Jose Calix

    What a beautiful voice!!! 😍

  37. Amina Hood


  38. Cotton Chef

    THIS IS TALENT just wanted you to know u can keep scrolling now go on

  39. jacob noah

    The guarded cup significantly offer because granddaughter emotionally glow towards a luxuriant grease. rhetorical, plastic digestion


    here before 1 billion

  41. bambislilsiss 109

    I can't even express how much I love this song in words......IT'S AMAZING 💓💓 and hits hard so it's just a perfect song 💓

  42. Dan Constien

    Are friends

  43. Diya Murthi

    even tho i can’t relate to this it still breaks my heart, she put her soul into this

  44. Karla Espinoza

    esta canción es una obsesión😍

  45. Hailie Jocelynn01

    I wanna like this song but I have a feeling it’s about Sabrina and Sabrina is a fuckin goddess so ima stay loyal to Sabrina🌇💛

  46. khloe may


  47. LiamG

    Such a shame tik tok has already ruined this song

  48. Anika

    and I'm back again.

  49. Addison Raee


  50. Fran R

    Why this song has a lot of Views??

    1. I murdered the family dog Family dog

      Cause its amazing

  51. Georgie Perez

    Did anyone else realize that she is wearing the EXACT same pants(when it's purple) from when ricky (character) was wearing in hsmtmts.Oe was it just me?

  52. Henas Nabih

    I found this song from tiktok and i love it soo bad!!

  53. Kenzie c

    the lyrics that hurt the most are “and i just can’t imagine how you could be so okay, now that i’m gone” because everybody talks about how much they need you in their life, but the second it’s broken it’s overZ

  54. x. nataly_

    this message is to dixie d’amelio.... ma’am this is what a song sounds like, take notes

  55. Fernanda guadalupe Isiordia cervantes


  56. Henley Cook

    anyone agree that this better than lie lie lie by joshua bassett???? idk

  57. fernanda manfredi

    that´s SO perfect

  58. fernanda manfredi

    q musica pft pqp

  59. blumkinpie

    Good song, but I've learned never to trust what a 17 year old girl says that drives her parents mercedes so I'm hoping this song isnt true

  60. Dara Daniella

    no, i don't have a boyfriend or someone to think about while listening to this song and i also don't have a driver's license, but i'm here everyday crying for this song

  61. OneOfMillions

    What bro. 1 week and 27 million views?! 😳🙏🏼 Come on I expect at least 1 like on my comment 🥺 Give me a “it’s a hug for you” like Let’s wait and watch how it turns out. I will check in one week how many people gave me a hug 🙌🏼

    1. Eliana T

      Its a hug for u 💖💖💖💖

  62. Bogi Őri

    Who is there before 50 million?

  63. Samantha Drews

    Ok but not crying felt like my own power move 😪❤️🥰

  64. Elana Stephens

    This song probably hits the majority of single people harder than a person who has actually experienced a break up-

  65. Rebecca Clare

    How does this have some many views

  66. KEILY Torres

    I wish I was heart broken so I could feel this song the 100%

  67. blumkinpie

    I'm convinced at least 1 million of these views are from me

  68. Dolly Cardenas

    hi lol I'm back for the 6264829th time this day😃🤚🏼

  69. Elana Stephens

    I’m friggin crying over someone who doesn’t exist.

  70. SugarZaddy Suna

    my friend called olive rodego

  71. Sophie Kurowski

    1: Can't even drive 2: Don't even have a bf 3: Have been crying for like 3 hours cause this song is freakin amazing

  72. miacytron *


  73. Khmer Hot News & Entertainment

    Sorry but 1 M view is mine.. 😍❤️

  74. Cuqui Galleta

    os juro que la mitad de las reproducciones son mías

  75. Alex C

    So am I the only one she can’t stop rewatching this 😁🖐🏽

  76. Taylor Smith-Chandler

    Please checkout my cover of this gorgeous song on my channel!!💙💙💙

  77. Purity

    Wasn’t she just 12???

  78. sara

    Imagine you and your boy bestfriend listen to this together, perfect time to say to him that you liked him since start of middle school

  79. Francisca Kim

    most gen z kids: single since birth also gen z kids: obsessed with a breakup song lol

  80. saniya Gupta

    i rlly underestimated this song and im sorry. it's very good