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  1. mpalfadel2008

    Domestic Terrorists need to be dealt with Don’t appease fascists or terrorists, they can’t be trusted and they always ask for more Cheers

  2. C Marty

    So pedofiles get less time in prison that this lady. 🤦‍♀️ unreal!

  3. JustSayNoToTV

    I am wondering what did Mr. Sibrian do to his son to make him become a murderer? We need more information. Please stop putting out half ass information. Complete the stories please.

  4. David The Mechanic

    I think everyone who is involved in this Riot should be charged with murder

  5. Steven S

    The best advice for anyone that went inside and say that they didn’t. Just hope you don’t get spotted in a video or picture on the internet cause you might be fucked at that point. Cause the internet doesn’t forgive. Haha!

  6. Marv Kwia

    Kicking your legs up into the air jumping around showing there body does not give the same as the football payers hitting running and tackling having bruising there body. Sorry I dont think you deserve the same pay. Even the mascot has to put on hot outfit sweating.

  7. Arnaud Nicolau

    it s not supposed to replace the driver..... or the brain of j-walkers

  8. SuperUber1101

    Sunday will be a game changer. Lots of arrests.

  9. CJlAB9H

    You must be looking at road and be attentive on the road to avoid hitting pedestrians

  10. Ahmad Wilkerson

    Why no one saying anything about the 3 he holding up that rep terrorist group proud boys

  11. S. Charles Lutsch

    "RotsOfRuck"! What a Disgrace!

  12. Oh Snap!!!

    Don't drop the soap.

  13. Fulu Ilaoa

    Don’t you just love the peace sign being thrown up, with a broken window at the Capitol?

  14. Peter Booth

    Nothing says “I am fighting government oppression” like taking a private plane to Washington to attack the capitol in the middle of a work week.

  15. Duane R. Kraft J.r.

    The cut off is higher lol what you mean it was only 40k last time I just watched the video thinking it was the other one lol you wrong G

  16. James Dandy

    What makes a young man do something like this?

  17. drummerist

    why didnt he tell his parents not to wear masks cuz it's all a hoax?

  18. RT Carter

    Wow, they finally uncovered the extensive election fraud. Cought her. Case closed.

  19. James Tiberius

    Nice gamer chair

  20. T-Bone Perkins

    Patriot woman, proud of them all for protesting an illegitimate government. All you paid Trolls don’t matter and you never will!

  21. stu plant

    Where are the real charges. This criminal damage and trespass shit is bollocks. Get the treason and sedition charges out - fear of God. Who cares he served in the military. So did i and I don't trash government houses

  22. Slytherin Reviews

    She did enter the capital there is photos and videos of in the capital itself, Jenna Ryan better hope to god that she doesn’t.... oh wait she did lose her job and the podcast is now being looked into at being taken down

  23. Fashion WithCora

    Took a private plane!?! Lock her up!

  24. Yeahaboutthat Though

    Big dummy.

  25. Guardian

    Happy to hear that 😁

  26. Matt Adams

    Great attention for your business!

  27. Immaculate_intentions

    Lol kiss that realtor license goodbye

  28. Gerard Vinet

    When people are considered inside , we must say fully inside , so I recommend that U should go for a eye sight examination !!!!!

  29. Ladykat

    She also made a video on her private plane before she left to Washington with her friends stating what her intent was! I watched it.

  30. db morton

    Should be deported to the libertarian's paradise of Somalia, because 'freedumb'.

  31. Jeremy

    And yet no charges for the burning, looting, and murdering in cities across the US last year. Where is the equity in the justice system? Did she burn, loot, or murder? No. She’s a hero in my view.

  32. Nada Radiant

    meh, automatic.

  33. Real Talk


  34. Walter H Villalta

    15 minutes of fame came and went, 10 years in prison will feel a lot longer.

  35. No More TRUMP'S

    Jail will do Her good

  36. M arg

    I'm not shocked one bit so many of these rioters are coming out to be from texas. They are so damn racist around here. I learned that when I moved here at 15, they pass their racism and ignorance to their children, that's the saddest part

  37. marita dean


  38. Ann Williams

    Loves the uneducated,you prove your president right

  39. txmoney

    TRAITOR. Shame.

  40. Chris Cunningham

    It’s like watching Bevis and butthead all the clowns being arrested

    1. Vince de Simone

      And a touch of Southpark

  41. B_xyo _

    Or pay attention

  42. Bob Dollar 937

    A person can be a High Functioning Pillar of the community, however if their Common Sense or filter to avoid Bad Decisions did not develop they will make Bad Decisions like all the White Collar Professionals in the United States National Capitol Breaking And Entering Incident, the president and the National Congressional and Senatorial Members that supported them.

  43. Be Grateful

    Trump lied and his cult bought it! “Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.” - Nazi propaganda chief Dr Joseph Goebbels

  44. Mike Hatch

    What's Frisco ? Is that a neo marxist organization ?

  45. Bob Job

    Being that stupide is beyond white proviledge!!!!


    She wrote on Twitter that "they" were coming for the rest of us. That's a direct threat and she needs to go away for a while. She won't be doing anything else anyway.

  47. No More TRUMP'S

    She had blow horn given Direction on where exactly to storm the inside of the Capitol building

  48. simon scowled

    Bro she's so rich she took a private jet

  49. xbulsara

    They all look alike.

  50. David S

    Retired Lt. Col. in the Air Force. Guess I’ll have to be a little more judicious with my gratitude for vets... "TY for your service... unless you’re an anti-American, trumpanzee anarchist."

  51. Walter H Villalta

    These people are trading 15 minutes of fame for 10 years in Federal prison and for what? Donald J Trump, a person who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

  52. Rezyn Rogue

    Nobody's 💩 smells like roses.

  53. L N

    They just lie though everything, of course their is an image of her inside.

  54. Truth Hurts

    Good, Those Domestic Terrorists aka #45 supporters deserve prison for life.

  55. Jim McLean

    Now do you see why being an Anti-masker, is just plain dumb ?

  56. Ladykat

    What a dumba..!

  57. Armando B. Castenelli

    Yes yes yes... Lock her up!!!

  58. Hopsta

    All the domestic terrorists must be charged and imprisoned for section, including the ones who were only " insert excuse here. "...

  59. AsterlawAsterix

    People lie, even Ryan. Such a shame

  60. Nicky Matthews

    "Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up" sounds appropriate, somehow.

  61. Seal 1977

    Haha....conspiratorial loon

  62. carlos alvarez

    Ayee she got a gamer chair lmao

  63. bigesmalls41

    Was the Judge one of those "Trump appointed" Judges? 🤔

  64. Bill Machler

    Life is hard! It's a lot harder when you're stupid!

  65. v s

    looks like a white party #racist

  66. Brian Nicole

    All serial killers that we see here in America they don’t have criminal past

  67. Greg Parks

    It shows you the mentality of so many trump supporters. She is flashing the peace sign in front of the damage from an attempted coup of our government!!

  68. Tear drops and maga

    Wow round of applause! 👏 Everything from military, law enforcement, lawyers, simps, elected officials and now radio host. Man you people are stupid! Remember that day January 6th because its an albatross you gotta wear around your neck for the rest of your lives. In the history books it will read a bunch of morons with viking hats and anti Jewish t-shirts attempted to thwart their own democracy. You will not be known as patriots! What a pathetic position to be in! Bury your heads in the sand forever please lmao!😂😂😂😂

  69. Kate Beck

    She deserves to be punished for her action.

  70. Michael Pitts

    Aww, gee, that's too bad. 😂

  71. No More TRUMP'S

    CONMAN-servative talk radio host, You mean.

  72. security base

    😂😂😂LOL Good!!!! For MRS Private Jet Girl!!! She Really Taught She Was Gonna Get Away With It LOL😂😂😂

  73. James Dandy

    This riot has managed to turn the country upside down. It makes me wonder how well I know my fellow countrymen

  74. Radiant Holyman

    Capitol Rioters ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fox has killed democracy

  75. Paul Ziegler

    Bahaaaaa lock her up!!

  76. stretchwith

    Hitler's corpse is doing zoomies with excitement over this Nazi takeover.

  77. OnlyUseLogic

    Standing in front of damage windows with a big smile. There is no telling what the radical right is capable of on the 20th. The radical right already left 6 dead from the capital riots.

  78. Bryan 510

    It’s better than nothing

  79. Bork Bork Bork

    I love how they use service to say he deserves leniency. NO. That service should make the repercussions WORSE. Give him a felony and take his guns away!

  80. Brandon Marsh