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    See when canelo fights a bum (29 year old yildrim) he gets him outta there in 3, when caleb fights a bum (37 year old truax), it goes for 12. This is why these guys dont have a chance against canelo. All that cherry picking will come back to bite caleb at the end.

  2. Jaime Martinez

    Not impressed, the level of opposition Caleb has faced is levels below... No man, Canelo is going to destroy Caleb Plant completely... Respect to Plant, but I feel sorry for him... Cheers

  3. David Velasco

    Canelo walking through him like a small peice of hot metal through a bar of butter

  4. 1 1

    Caleb plant weak compared to Canelo, no proper head movement canelo wins easy

  5. 3ThirtyƎ Entertainment

    I don’t think wilder works on his legs

  6. Alonso Garcia

    Is this plants last fight? Because I'm sure it did alot for his confidence, but not enough to add up to enough for chance against Canelo.

  7. UHK 14

    0:31 Imagine Ruiz using that combo against AJ

  8. Isidro Juarez

    If this is what Caleb has to offer...Just vacate the IBF belt and safe yourself from a can of whipass

  9. elliott Burgess

    I don't see nothing special from Plant to beat Canelo. Sorry but he's just another unproven sitting duck for Canelo.

  10. Moskoe83

    This dude is a decent fighter who is trying his hardest to emulate Floyd's style. But when you try to emulate one of the all time great fighters you better be a great fighter or you will just look bad doing it. Canelo gonna eat this guy up lol

  11. ScottieGang223

    Fury is NASTYYYY

    1. ScottieGang223


  12. Mario Huertas

    Buen nocaut 🥊🥊

  13. Iron_SightsnRPRscope 76

    Caleb Plant is no joke. He needs to start picking up his elbow more on the left hooks to get more ko and blood. He's been through it., Yeah he's been bored the last few fights but he can fight and box. I hope the best for him versus Canelo, he relies on power but its obviously working.

  14. Bloodyheaders

    Imagine saving up to buy tickets and then you bet your life savings on Wilder then you see him get violated and have to hear Fury and the whole stadium sing American Pie

  15. Mylene Buck

    Pacquiao is described as a freak of nature.

  16. Jack Luque

    He has no power to back up or hurt Canelo,

  17. 浅野弥助

    I like Plant but Roidnelo would crush him

  18. LeftFaceKing

    looking back at the last three punches he blocked them and countered with a punch they low key hoed him in calling the fight

  19. Marcel Ghabbar

    What a garbage corner, he’s family too

  20. ConfuciusS5

    I feel like that leaping left hook is gonna be the cause of his KO against Canelo. Drops that hand enough to counter with your own hook.

  21. Isandro Mosqueda

    Bro canelo is going to tear this fool up .

  22. Jamil Akhtar

    Its a fact Canelo will unify 168, however moving to 175 is a mistake 100%

  23. It's all Good

    Does this guys really think he can beat canelo??

  24. Christian Alexander the Great

    If wilder beefed up his legs he wouldn’t be so damn unbalanced

  25. J Marin vlogs

    Canelos next KO

  26. cx luisz

    I feel bad that canelo will have to stop him in his tracks. Hopefully dude comes back from the loss and becomes world champion again

  27. Franco Camus

    plant is a great boxer but he has no power. to make damages he has to charge with total body, and he can't make that with fighter like canelo or benavidez

  28. Tyrone Jay

    Hes being distracted by the uncomfortable shorts.

  29. Tyrone Jay

    I can clearly see hes learning from the crafts of freddy moves mastred by the legend Manny.

  30. Antonio Gallardo

    Caleb only fight with taxi drivers 😂

  31. Vinny Brig

    Easy fight for Canelo. Plant looks less skilled than Saunders...

  32. Jonathan Morris

    Plants defo getting KO’d by canelo

  33. G

    CANELO 🇲🇽🥊🇲🇽🥊🇲🇽🥊🇲🇽🥊🇲🇽🥊🇲🇽🥊🇲🇽 va por ti Caleb Plant.

  34. BENEDICT Samson

    R.I.P to slow Plants cuz Canelo will make him withered

  35. Roberto Gasúa

    Pelea como robot😆canelo en un espacio lo prende en la quijada

  36. jeffrey batobalani

    114-113 man they try to rob manny again, This americans dont want an asian to be a goat.

  37. YoungMerchant 888

    Great classic fight... Pacquiao the peoples champ Thurman has all the tools to defeat Pacman looked like his mind got the best of him this time

  38. Mike Henry

    Joe Goosen is a super troll! Can't stand that guy

  39. JazzarBizzle2006

    Credit to Luis Ortiz, you can tell he can't take that type of power from Wilder, The guys too powerful, every opponent of wilders has been on the canvas...what a gift to have!

  40. cody forezt

    Canelo knocks this guy out in 8. Beñavidez knocks this guy out in 6.

  41. markseph 27

    Keith '' at the end of the day'' Thurman

  42. yes po

    Real boxer predict who's the winner Wilder pick broner bcoz his black that's for sure and Thurman pick broner bcoz on that time his eager to fight Manny how sad bcoz he loss 🤣

  43. Ronchie Blog

    Tamsak Tamsak

  44. Ronchie Blog

    Tamsak Tamsak hahha

  45. Yeah Right

    Andy ruiz vs whyte or chisora. Ruiz for the win on both.

  46. James Maldonado

    Plant cant beat Canelo .. he looks tried /gas in this fight .. Canelo with one hand is better then Truax..

  47. VypeReaper

    Wilder’s legs look like toothpicks lol

  48. LeDeskripshun

    Thurman gained more fans bc he went at it with him. He didnt run around potshotting with judges in his pocket

  49. Lidia Gaytan

    Does any one know the name of the song ?

  50. Hector Mtz

    He the same style as canelo.. like the same robot...crazy... like the same fake high jab

  51. Levi Anthony

    All these guy's beats Bud.

  52. LeDeskripshun

    This was the most impressive. Better than even ledwaba or the morales marwuez barrera fights. Hes 40 fighting a bigger man put of his weight class as a politician family man. Fighting a guy in his prime. Undefeated. And he won soundly was never hurt

  53. Kev1n Trejillo

    So this is the guy that is tryna fight canelo (this joke right) 😂😂😂

  54. Cardoza

    No way!

  55. #mela pelan

    Canelos coming my friend

  56. Thenew Man

    Wtf where's the off-balance in the first knockdown wtf is these commentators talking about cmon man!

  57. Jose Cruz

    Los dos son buenos peliando🇺🇸🇺🇲🥊

  58. Francisco Marquez

    7:28 Caleb Plant tsss

  59. Man of War BXNG

    I can’t see him beating Canelo

  60. big chief chiefmex

    That is a bad cut noway to continue great stoppage

  61. Artificial Intelligence

    ESJ a legend for this and the bias commentary super trash s/o to Lenox for keeping it 💯

  62. Benidito Levu

    I always like to watch the trashtalk first before the actual match 🤣🤣🤣

  63. wAnthony Usher

    easy fight for canelo. plant doesn't have enough power or defense for canelo, head does not move much at all. he will be picking hisself off the ring floor vs canelo.

  64. smoked ByChile

    Damn i was kinda hoping plant would at least give Canelo a run for his money but we all know thats not gunna happen


    Whoever reads this, may the Lord God in heaven bless you and your family as well 🙏😇 Pagpalain nawa kayo ng ating Panginoong Diyos 🙏😇

  66. stbx43z

    THURMAN HAS EVERYTHING EXCEPT POWER. Pac or Thurman wont beat Crawford.