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    does anyone knows the chord progression??

  2. - Mia Jeannee -

    G e n i o s son lo mas

  3. Bilal RiazZ

    Girlfriend: Who is Zayn? Me: bitch, never contact me again..

  4. Lucia Figueredo

    a r t e

  5. aleena

    this oneeee love this one so much makes me cry plus chaundhvin ka chanddd ughhh zayn I love u

  6. Syed Rahman

    130m views on youtube 1b+ on Spotify

  7. Michaela Dunova

    I can’t breath properly I- 😱 love this shit

  8. Maria Eugenia De la Rosa Sánchez

    I'm so unfuckwitable

  9. Mary Xiong

    His voice is like butter oh my... I’m so in love with this man ☺️☺️☺️

  10. Eman

  11. Carol Borges


  12. rebecca horan

    this is definitely my fav song!! <333

  13. Amna ch

    OMG!!!!!!....chandani ka chand is blended so gooooooddddddd

  14. asad k

    Sounds like a post malone song

  15. Tamy Magali


  16. Yaser Khan


  17. Tanya Poluga

    This song is amazing and so soft and smooth 🖤😘😍🔥😭I loved it🖤ily zayn

  18. Anamika Manna

    Like the way he fit those Hindi lyrics into it 😭❤❤love him

  19. aleena

    this is my favorite one it's so beautiful zayn i love you

  20. Carol Borges

    Louder Zayn, please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  21. Michaela Dunova

    Why is this so beautiful 😭😭

  22. Alma Ximena Garcia Vazquez

    Dios estoy que me desmayo de tanta canción tan hermosa 😍🤤✨

  23. Ankush Chandel

    Zayn love indians songs ❤

  24. Naty Millans

    Que difícil es elegir una favorita

  25. Zarry Zaddy

    Fun fact: if I write 20892038292029299299 your not gonna read it all cuz you're too lazy

  26. Karen Báez

    Simplemente obra de arte el y sus canciones ❤️😍🥺 Fan por siempre y para siempre 😍♥️🙏

  27. - Mia Jeannee -

    Ohhhh dioss se me cae la lagrimita de el orgullo por vos

  28. male liendro

    im in tears bye

  29. Jenn Lázaro

    Quedé loca cuando empezó a cantar en otro idioma que no era el inglés 😳!! TREMENDA OBRA DE ARTE!

  30. Sujay Shetty

    Aur kaisa hai

  31. jana rana

    i am in love with this song

  32. Prithviraj Bhattacharya

    Plz make a music video of this song.. with gigi...😍🔥

  33. Aira Lacap


  34. anne hazy

    song:do I keep the dog or do you want him when I look at him, I think of you" zayn:and we-i have a dog its clearly for liam ziam is real

  35. Laura S Tabares Rios

    THIS SONG >>>>>>>>

  36. Madhur Sreeni

    Wow Mohammad Rafi sir song in between of the English Part its so desi style (❤️from india)

  37. 【اريّاناتُور .】


  38. Peyton 06

    Fact: it is impossible for Zayn to make a bad song.

  39. J R

    I loveeee u

  40. Carol Borges

    Sweat is the twin brother of TIO 🤤

  41. Leon Amelie

    The fact that he is a father, but he is like an adult lol

  42. Prithviraj Bhattacharya

    People who disliked are the people with no sense of music at all...🧐

  43. Alma Ximena Garcia Vazquez

    Está canción es perfecta que da para todo tipo de ocasión ES ARTEEEEE✨

  44. Heloisa Santos

    Since I heard the trailer, I’m sure this would be my favorite of the entire album, after I’ve heard it all, I’m not sure anymore. The entire album is my favorite. No other artist can overcome this Perfection in album form.

  45. Akeem Malik


  46. Melissa King

    Can they make a movie

  47. Zakhwa Zakhwa Putri Savela

    ❤❤❤i ilke

  48. Bransen

    This sounds like when you walk into a dimly lit bar in a detective movie, you would hear this playing in the background

  49. Alejandra Hernández

    No les pasa q ✨💘💞❤️😻💗😍💞❤️💘✨✨Nobody Is Listening✨✨💘😻😻💗😍💞💞❤️💘💞✨💗✨😻✨💗😍💘

  50. Carol Borges

    Me after hear Sweat🤰🤰🤰🤰

  51. Tanya Poluga

    This song is amazing 🖤😘😍🔥I love u zayn and your a amazing singer and are so talented and I’m a huge fan 🖤ily bby

  52. Alma Ximena Garcia Vazquez

    Dioooos me imagino a Zayn cantándola aaaaa que hermoso eso sería como estar en el cielo 😍

  53. 3D Paloma Elizalde Hernández

    I loveee yooooou.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Roto Chophy


  55. hemant gabhane

    Mohammed Rafi Hit like For Indian Legend...

  56. - Mia Jeannee -

    Ahi diosssss me va a dar un nose que, estan nose relax se siente bien

  57. Zainab Abid

    Are you kidding me😳😳he nailed it🥺🥺

  58. 3D Paloma Elizalde Hernández

    I loveee yooooou, faaaaan.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. nat g


  60. Maria Eugenia De la Rosa Sánchez

    Me encanta el hecho de que haya tantos comentarios en español

  61. Abril Pacheco

    Soy lágrimas

  62. LybaHsn

    Urdu lyrics translation for non speakers: Are you the full moon or the sun, whoever you are, i swear to God you are beyond beautiful

  63. 3D Paloma Elizalde Hernández

    I love yooooou.❤️❤️❤️

  64. Avengers Headquarter

    When Zayn Said : Chudhari Ka Chand ho ya Aftab ho Jo bhi ho tum aaftab ho ✨ Everyone Feels Mohammed Rafi Saab ❤️ Waiting for more Urdu Lyrics in ur song Bhai 💯

  65. Dennis Morris

    no energy, no soal, just a bank balance top-up track.

  66. Lala Ramos

    Deve ser ruim não gostar do Zayn e não poder falar mal das músicas dele, porque sinceramente, são todas maravilhosas

  67. mohamed toufique

    Yes yes yes

  68. Zarry Zaddy

    How is possible I'm in love with ALL his songs😍

  69. LMAdart

    Oh, I could listen to Zayn forever

  70. 3D Paloma Elizalde Hernández

    I love yooooou.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  71. Carol Borges

    Sweat for me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. Firman Setia Nugraha

    This song's duration should be a bit longer

  73. Karla Medrano

    WHEN HE SANG "nobody is listening to me" it was so beautiful, proud of you king!

  74. Hareem Fatima


  75. Mutiara Nurul Iswandary


  76. Heloisa Santos

    the voice ... I feel good listening to it, it's like I'm on your side. I feel very happy to be a fan of her. you rocked this album, it's very very very very AMAZAYN

  77. - Mia Jeannee -

    Es tan relajante

  78. Brett Cyril Anithanam

    Damn haven't heard him like this in tooo longg...

  79. Jenn Lázaro

    Está para hacer el frutifantástico. 😳👌

  80. Maria Noel berrio