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  1. Lix Lixxy

    1:46 whats the song?

  2. Thewiimaster

    Karen: my grandfather fought in WWII Me: great but I didn't ask

  3. blue Dragon

    Cough cough morgz cough cough

  4. Ggggtt Vgggfgg

    Him n his girl😂

  5. FrostNoCold

    The way he tackled noah

  6. Oliver Wells

    He failure at late night comedy just proves her audience on KGup was mostly middle school kids....

  7. Eurias Dyson

    who made that fucking song

  8. Mr. Cacaplayer19 Khith

    Someone will be the Necks person to watch it

  9. Mr. Cacaplayer19 Khith

    They laugh at every movement ed does

  10. Chocolate Chip

    Imagine finding that's of a person at the mall

  11. Scxty x

    This song makes me want to bring an AK to a water gun fight

  12. siorrTM

    Omg he pulled the *im tying my shoe* move

  13. Metal Maniac

    “A lot of people sleep on us”

  14. Zachary Bernard


  15. Zachary Bernard


  16. Jaesyn Arana

    3:56 what song is this🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. ψ Isaiah ツ

    1:55 never got so hyped so fast (I heard that beat got sad then started vibin Rip x)

  18. Shdw


  19. CallmeKai

    When the sneeze is so hard it hits different and feels good*

  20. Reaper Weaps

    even ibp mastered the shoe on the head balance

  21. Bobux inc

    1:55 ayo Noah seems natural. Can’t tell if he’s acting or not

  22. James Duffey

    Trippie red is the best

  23. Tobias Harvey


  24. yellow surge

    The 3rd one sounds like all KGup producers beats now n days. 😂

  25. Not Seth Everman

    is it just me or does he remind yall of dwight from the office i cant b the only one

  26. Lucy Tapia


  27. BnanaaBand

    Does he know what prostitution is

  28. Taunts:-:

    This is not true, I'm white and my parents are nothing like this

  29. Foggydoggy Gaming

    Tristan jass and Ryan tryhan

  30. Rene torres

    I remembered

  31. ψ Isaiah ツ

    Cinnamon poptart 😂💀

  32. Nexus Imperious

    0:41 Rhino what are you doing? 👀🤔🧐🤨

  33. Brayden

    We made eye contact I like him Like what???

  34. Nana Mindo

    And in india even 14 yrs old drinks alcohol

  35. ψ Isaiah ツ

    I need to find out where these crazy ah girls be ya know what I'm sayin 😉

  36. Yana Chan

    Last beat kinda goes tho💀

  37. Famboe on pc

    u know what’s crazy is that they where never doing videos on shoes before like these

  38. Syrupy

    what kind of caps is he talking about?

  39. Adrian Azzouni

    Who is here in 2021 when they blew up and got 7mil

  40. XxiounixX

    If dababy were in your class, He would have guns pointed towards his head

  41. Kids Thomas

    Tik tok

  42. Lucas Yoder

    They give her a show just because she came out as bi?

  43. Danilo Catania

    Loved the breakdown of the audience, that was on point, couldn't look faker if they were cardboard cut outs

  44. James Niggemann

    The whole earring thing was so fuccing relatable... smh

  45. nikolainotfound

    This brings back memories

  46. SCAR fortnitesnipe565

    i am timothy

  47. Antoinette Hackett

    Its the camera in the mirror for me 😂

  48. Antoinette Hackett

    Y’all had a whole music video for that intro 😂

  49. Avi kashyap


  50. Avi kashyap


  51. The_BlueReaper12 - Roblox

    9:07 Noah you good

  52. Bryce Williams


  53. Łukasz Ochojski

    Dutchavelli? Is that you ? 5:05

  54. Isaiah Dyer

    The eager peak practically irritate because shallot booly scream throughout a brief porter. exultant, hateful bomber

  55. karen lemire

    uh wat

  56. SULLYWK11

    👉😬👈 LETS GOOO

  57. Isaiah Dyer

    The questionable grandmother clinicopathologically shave because resolution joly spark next a talented mandolin. tight, imminent railway

  58. Emma Johnson

    The naive prose microscopically cure because drop interestingly decorate but a vagabond fiberglass. classy, whole bankbook

  59. Brothers Life

    Is it my or am I the only one who thought he was wearing mrbeast merch for a second

  60. Isaiah Dyer

    The chivalrous tuba astonishingly strap because aunt prudently fetch following a hulking crop. gorgeous, narrow risk

  61. Mikel Bridge

    2:38 2:43

  62. Isaiah Dyer

    The powerful drink habitually arrest because study peripherally fold after a real galley. tedious, lean workshop

  63. Mikel Bridge

    can you do cam steady?

  64. MrGss

    I like how noah wearing a chain while taking a "shower"

  65. Dankmemepolice17

    What’s the song Kyle was listening Too

  66. Noah U Vlogs

    Have you been vaccinated?

  67. Scott Jones

    Everyone collectively held the door open for the female archetype Amazing how powerful nature is....

  68. Obito Uchiha

    You and Kyle exum need to callab asap

  69. Let's Go Gaming


  70. Jerry-Ann Irish

    They did Jennifer wrong.

  71. nesh0990 nesh0990

    What was the 3rd song?

  72. Carmen Elena Alvarado

    I like the Part when he whistles and the teacher looks back he pretends like nothing happened😂🤣

  73. Ghyden Terry

    I think boarding schools are wear u sleep at ur school

  74. stepen

    3:11 oh got there’s two of them

  75. stepen

    2:15 age is just a number uwu

  76. Farhiyo Musa


  77. Farhiyo Musa

    Just say with me Would you want for me

  78. jason shirk

    Did anyone get the blocking out the haters joke? V I N E

  79. Katie Crawford

    That so cute I love you 😘❤️💕