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  1. Julia White

    I was playing apex day 1 and I took a break, now apex is so different

  2. Amazed M&G

    I'm just surprised that he can even control the recoil of 3x scope of the havoc

  3. The Welch Kids!

    As a loba Main I like

  4. Mr Llama

    ur the best rampart main ever

  5. SpicyMink5

    Oh god damn. I thought that having the apex predator badge (where you have to be the kill leader when you win the game) is considered cool.

  6. Almighty JT

    It was going great and fun till that bloodhound killed the mirage 😔

  7. Thick_and_ rich

    Shoots door open {THAT ILLEGAL}

  8. JustChillingTwitch

    He has 23875 crafting materials at the end and I only have 450

  9. Lax512

    @The Gaming Merchant on controller actually there is a set speed of which you can fire with the p2020 which makes it annoying because it doesn’t fire as fast.

  10. Jeremy Thompson

    I’ve had so many good experiences playing with the Mozambique in Arenas that I spent my materials and crafted the legendary lion skin for it. It’s pretty versatile, you can get decent range with it if you need to, and 45 up close if you land all 3 pellets is almost comparable to a 6 shot Wingman, except maybe a little more forgivable even because it shoots in a spread.

  11. Dylan Babcock

    So what your telling me is, to run both?


    one of my best kills was prob two weeks ago or smth when i prefired with mozambick 1 on 1 fight almost all of my shots to a guy with blue armor r99 and a pistol from a significantly big disctance- around 40-50 meters which for mozambick is a lot

  13. Nicola Manfro

    u found a bot lobby, good 4 u !

  14. KarmaLia

    I can't do this trick on console

  15. Varijo The tree

    I just realised that they nerfed a finisher....

  16. a bruh ham

    Wait merchant , that’s acc insane

  17. Asher nelson

    Did you know that a charged sentinel does 105 body shot when shot through an amped cover? I found out yesterday and then got a 191 headshot it was gross but felt fantastic

  18. JakkuWolf Insomnia

    The thing I miss most on apex is the prowler :’c

  19. Abhinand Hari

    Well I can understand triple headshot rage quits, that too in fast Succession. Must have thought u were hacking

  20. viktor ormosi marek

    Sad “30-30 shatter caps” noises

  21. Spooky Wit da drip

    We not going to talk about how fast he switched up????

  22. Baby Rocket

    This is so cool, it happened to me with bangalore 😂

  23. ExcessPing 101

    Yea this was obvious but all it made me say was, another mechanic controller players can’t use effectively

  24. David Caceres

    For the mozam she should say Mozambique here, the worst gun ever before the great buff


    Sad that she doesn’t talk about these things anymore

  26. luke beard

    I’ve got one with valk when you melee she shoots her fingers like a gun

  27. MB

    I don’t get why dataminers like to ruin the game for everyone and leak info like it’s stupid

  28. fortnitewinner 45

    Why are you playing futuristic rocket league with guns

  29. Sherizati

    How did that full shield battery take like... 0.2 seconds to activate?

  30. Snorlax

    The Octane spin stim on his finger animation happenend 2 times in a row for me yesterday. I didn't know it was rare but shessshhh.

  31. W. Lepinski

    This lobby seems to be filled with bots.

  32. Patrick S

    every single one of your videos you're playing in bot lobbies....hmmmm

  33. Thick_and_ rich

    I really love how jolly and happy you are in these videos

  34. RioWrath

    Too many people leave after losing 1 round. I literally had to win 3 rounds to win by myself against these trash dudes

  35. Lunarr Smells

    its been almost 2 weeks since she came out and i do all this stuff without the video have i mastered her for now???

  36. Nin Ja

    I honestly thought this was kinda obvious,but a question is a question

  37. Aaron M.

    And it’s always a fucking pathfinder

  38. Sleepy Miracles

    I've done that like 4 times and it is amazing everytime

  39. i like this girl

    what wattson skin was that

  40. gre vel

    this vid didn't show up in my sub feed, I noticed it 16 hours later on the main feed :(

  41. Jurre Berghuis

    Thank you for the tip i tried it out in a game and a got a 3k 😀

  42. L6 Yurim

    nice bamboozles

  43. Nicholas LaClaire

    Technically mirage has family other than his mother. He's the Nephew to both Davis and Droz from the 6-4(freelance group of pilots who fought for the milita during the war)

  44. Sli7ed p0tat0

    Octane playing titanfall2 1:24

  45. FN Dusty

    It’s like pubg mobile all over again man

  46. stkd for rice

    Valkyries voice line sound like one of the characters from rogue company